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Books read Jun 30

At the Mediterranean Table: 50 Easy and Delicious Chicken Recipes for Everyday Cooking
Starts out with a bit about the Mediterranean lifestyle of food and how healthy it is these days.
Each recipe comes with servings, cook time and ingredient list and directions.  Found some of the recipes call for too much butter and know we could make it even healthier.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information. Book is also broken up into sections depending on how much time you have to make a meal.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food
Lots of information on late gardening and very descriptive list of plants you can grow in colder weather.
Each plant has a list of helpful information to help you decide what you want to grow.
Color photos are included. Frost charts and other strategies are discussed.
Resources and other very useful information, a good read!

Super Shred Diet Recipes Ready In 30 Minutes: 74 Mouthwatering Main Courses, Stews & Smoothie Recipes Inside!
Interested in this for what I hope will be how to speed up your metabolism.
Few pictures, no nutritional information and only concentrates on calories.
Book is in no order, goes from beef to fish to chicken to fish, etc...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Granola! The Ultimate Recipe Guide
Like the layout of this recipe book as it has prep, cook and ready times, servings and then list of healthy ingredients.
No pictures and no nutritional information but the ingredients are healthy. Great directions on how to combine the dishes.

Logan And The Magic Fish
Colorful children's book about Logan and he lives in Pacific NW and is heading out to take the canoe on his fishing trip.
He does catch a magic fish and gives him 3 wishes and then releases him... he heads home. Some things do happen...
He misunderstands the fish and heads back to have a talk with him as he explains what he said and what happened....

Low Carb Quick Breads: 50 Recipes of Muffins, Biscuits, & Other Delicious Pastries (Gluten-Free Snacks)
Not sure what to expect with a low carb bread but thought i'd give this book a try.
Like how there are categories with each having 10 recipes each.
Servings size, ingredients list and how to prepare the breads is included. Also for nutritional information there is a listing for calories and carb. I'm really more interested in fat and sodium contents.
Not sure I even know what some of the ingredients are, never mind finding them in a store-i've never made low carb food.
Free ebook gift is offered.

Pie Cookbook: 25 Fantastic Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie (Pie Cookbook Book, Pie recipes, Pies)
Recipes are some like my mother and mother in law had. not really measurements, just a feeling of how much to use.
if dough is sticky add more flour. if too dry, add more liquid. i prefer, especially when making pies to have a healthier option by using olive oil and not butter or shortening.
Rather lacking in ingredient list. Didn't make it very far with this book.

The winter people by Ehle, John
Always interested in reading about nw carolina-the Appalachians. Collie lives with her son Jonathan.
She sees a girl about 13 and her father and a pig. They were not dressed for the winter.
The community and the rest of her family live not far away. The man calls out and he gets closer...he just wants a bit of warmth for them.
She allows them into her house and learns about them.
The traveler clockmaker, Waylan Jackson wants to do his trade there with his daughter.  His wife had died and he's on his way to TN to open a store.
They start drinking and he takes to the creek after she shaves him to soap himself up. Other family members think the father has arrived back there...
Her family has put aside a bit of room at the store so he can work his trade...
Her brothers help them out by taking Waylan  hunting to find out what kind of a guy he is and if he's good enough for their sister. They talk of martial things also.
Christmas holiday celebrations are detailed and although not like one we had they have enough of what they need-no extravaganzas.
Things heat up when the father of the baby shows up, some violence....She's got a choice to make....
Loved hearing of the 1940's and being able to survive and the nature all around them.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The realms of gold by Drabble Margaret
Story of a woman who after leaving her husband had tried different means to cope, drinking, pills, etc.
She should've socialized more...with her lectures she is able to travel a lot and carry on as if she's not married at all...
Like her career choice but not sure how she was able to do it with children and being married. so many struggles.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mediterranean Diet: 150 Recipes to Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Great (Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Diet For Beginners, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Weight Loss)
This book starts out with recipes from different categories. There are no pictures and no nutritional information but the ingredients are from a Med diet plan. Also no servings size so you might actually eat more of these dishes than intended.
Found a few we'll be trying as we eat Med all the time now. Chapters on breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to make.
I found some ingredients I'd never use due to high fat content so not sure how they made it into the Med diet book.
Bacon? Again, not sure why this is even included-too much salt and fat.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Companion to the Alps by Merrick_ Hugh
So much history about the area, not only films but paintings and what they are about and who did them.
Feel like with the descriptions that I'm walking along with the narrator as he walks along lakes and hamlets describing what is above.
Besides the mountains there is so much more to do there.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A shepherd watches, a shepherd sings by Irigaray_ Louis - Taylor_ Theodore
Interesting story of how a boy became a shepherd. Learned so much about the band of sheep he was in charge with and how he
came to sing while doing his job. Have seen how the border dogs corral the sheep in person and it's so cool to hear that they understand each other.
Ring of bells also gives the dogs a clue as to who is astray.  Interesting facts about sheep and how they survive and live with one another, their habits, etc.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Cookie Recipes from Scratch (Grama G's Top Homemade Recipes From Scratch Book 6)
Book starts right in with the recipes, which do not have pictures nor nutritional information and the ingredients use shortening and unhealthy choices.
Was hoping to find a really good healthy cookie book.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Little Pup Collection
Three different books. Because I love you is first, cute.
Second which I really like is I love my ABC's and the reason is the pictures and what the letters stand for. It's geared towards children and not animal lovers.
Quietly reading is my favorite pastime!
Next book is sweet dreams little Pup, another cute short story for the kids.
Each book has highlighted words that you can do other games with the child while reading-get them to use their brains and imaginations.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Mediterranean Diet: The Mediterranean Diet For Beginners: Start Your Ideal 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Plan To Lose Weight and Live An Healthy Lifestyle (Mediterranean ... Mediterranean Cookbook, Weight Loss,)
Starts out with why it's so much more healthier to change to a Med diet. We have 2 years ago and our blood work shows we have improved. It's now easier to stick to the new lifestyle. We are there for one another.
Next is what benefits you will get from the Med diet.  Has charts of the food they want you eat from the different categories.
Meal plans are provided. Good useful information.  There are also recipes, no nutritional information or pictures.
Q&A is located at the end.  Also a small section on vegan eating.
Other works by the author are listed at the end.

Sun, Sun: The Joy of a Summer Day at the Beach ... A stunningly illustrated, fun and delightful rhyming book for Kids 2-6 (perfect for bedtime and early reading)
Children's rhyming book about how the summer has finally arrived after the long cold winter months.
The children sort through the garage and gather the beach things...
They each find one thing they especially like about the beach.    
Beautiful scenes.

How To Save Money On Groceries (Back To Basics: Recipes For the Savvy Shopper Book 1)
Back to basics means making it yourself so you know what is really in the food you are eating. Starts out with recipes for breads, bread machine recipes are included.
Very good directions and some use healthy ingredients. No nutritional information and just a handful of pictures. Next are chapter in Beverages, cold and flu remedies using natural ingredients would definitely save on the grocery bill as they are very expensive.
Next is dairy and we make our own yogurt.  Next are sauces/marinades and seasoning mixes which I copied a few to try as I must have over 50 spices we use from our pantry. Lots of other categories but you also have to have the time to do all these things to make it work for you.
Found quite a few products I'd like to try that are healthy.
Substitution section is very good resource.

Peril on Long's Peak: Rocky Mountain National Park Adventures with the Parkers,  by Mike Graff
Story of a family who head to the CO national park and how the weather finds them.
This is the first of this series where the family explores a new national park. I'll have to get more of these as I may not get to them all.
Each of the members write a journal or other form of notes about animals, fauna, flowers, sea level height, temperature and other important facts.
Love tips about elevation hiking. Learned so much on this audio book, along with snow knees.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Sweet Breath of Memory by Ariella Cohen
Sounded like a good story line. Book starts out with Cate Saunders and she's relocating to a town outside of Boston. She just has to get away from where she lived with John. He's gone now thanks to the war in Iraq and he was all she had, except his grandmother. The money from the government will keep her in the nursing home.
Cate decides to pursue being a home health aide and they accepted
 to train her before she can do home health aid services. She comes into town and others although they don't know about her pick up some signals and know what she needs, whether it be a new friend or an apartment or what food to eat.
After a bit she's become friends with many of the women in town who lost husbands who also served in the wars: WW2, WW1, Korean war and a survivor of the Holocaust. When the contest is announced she starts thinking of linking them all together, including her story and how they each have kept the community going while the men served.
Struggles and hardships are talked about and she gets the others to allow her to talk to them about their experiences. She hopes to win the $25,000 prize.
Lots of pieces from surving German war and how she did it, with the family diamonds mixes in with the tale of how Cate's husband lost his life in the Iraq war-as she gets clues and others help her track down others involved to get to the bottom...besides the emails of things not right she finds photos of a boy that she hopes to find some day.
Love the paying it forward and how the vendors at the fair make sure each child can afford a gift for their parents. Give more than you receive=love this!
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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