Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: Maggie's Rainbow

Maggie's Rainbow: A Cord of Three Strands, Book 2  by Lydia Moen
I have read book #1 a string of pearls and enjoyed the book so it's a series with the same characters.
This book starts out with Maggie and she's had to call 911 as she hears intruders and glass breaking downstairs. After climbing into the closet the chief of police announces he's there and tells her things about the muffins she has fed him to make her realize he's the good guy.
Misunderstandings all around as her grandson Josh is back from Germany where the military has patched him up. He and his friend are there. Hank is a mess and he gets in a bit of trouble while there. The others have tried to help him but are not sure it's for the best that he remain there....
What I like about this book is the sense of community-love the idea of the gift shop and who is to help/volunteer.
Lots of new places to visit along with the characters. Very descriptive, so detailed you feel as if you are there.
Like all the different ages of the characters and the different struggles they each have and how Al has the right answer for them all, as if by magic the scriptures appear with the appropriate message.
Refreshing way of analyzing the problems, writing them down. Book is rich and plentiful with God's scriptures throughout the hard times.
Love the meaning of the rainbow, strong bond of the three cords, and the twist at the end as we often go on surprise journeys, not telling the other where the end result will be... Can't wait for the next from the three authors.
Wish they had put the recipe for peanut butter goodies in the book.
I received this book from The Book Club Network( in exchange for my honest review

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