Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Book Review: The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon

updated review: The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon
wrote first review Jan 2015: I have read many books about how the tree is selected and how it gets from point A to point B.
Very fascinating details along the way.

Based on the NJ nuns that donated a tree to the NY Rockefeller center for the holidays.
As told from the gardener of Rockefeller Center he must search for and find just the right tree every year to display.
One day from the air he learns of the Nunnery and how it came to be as he finds a really good tree. Love hearing of the different species of trees as my family is in the nursery business.
Loved hearing of the journey as I had read about a similar journey from the west coast=a tree for America. Love the history how the tree is selected as I am from a nursery family. We just recently removed our 30 yr old CO blue spruces as the branches were too damaged to save.
Pictures along the way help tell the story.
I received this book from Open Road Media in exchange for my honest review.

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