Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Book Review: Want Me Cowboy

Want me Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne
First I've read of this series: This is Marietta, part of the Copper Mountain Rodeo Romance Series.
Starts out with Luke Wilder and he's been around a while over the years and in rodeos.
He doesn't quite want to be in town but once the circuit arrives for the rodeo he's gonna feel better.
Others in town keep thinking he's someone else, happened a few times already..
He wonders if they confuse him with his brother. His mother had told him to keep a low profile. Things just go downhill from there.
Story also follows Tanner McTavish who runs her own bull operation. She breeds them and travels to rodeos for the guys to ride in the competitions.
Enjoy learning all about the bull rider group as I don't follow that association. She has her own troubles, now that she's gotten her education under her belt.
Like bantering between Tanner and Luke, quick comical at times!  They are each twins and the commiserate with one another especially when things get even worse for him.
She's so conscious of her looks and know her twin is so much better looking. Steamy red hot fire, sex scenes. Just when things are going well, before the bull ride, her sister comes home...
So many misunderstandings arise when Tucker shows up and you wonder if he can even ride with all the turmoil. Thought some of the language was a bit crude.
Received this book from an author friend in exchange for my honest review.

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