Thursday, November 17, 2016

Books read Nov 17

60 Easy-To-Knit Pattern Stitches Leisure Arts, Inc. 
I have made one of many sampler squares from the patterns in this book.
They were easy to follow and the results were great.
I would highly recommend this to anyone from beginner to intermediate to Advanced because the stitches can be done by any level because there are 60 squares you can select and choose which pattern do you want to learn how to make.
Great resource book

Instant Pot Desserts Recipes: Delicious and Healthy Desserts that Will Make Your Life Sweeter by Glenn, Mira
Have and use and love our instant pot so when the dessert book came out I had to get it, plan to try many of the recipes.
Love the intro as it states there are some with lower amounts of sugar-just right for us and to use your creative minds when selecting ingredients-experiment.
Each recipe includes a color photo, ingredient list along with instructions on how to make the dish.
Love details on how to even release the pressure as there are many methods. No nutritional information but most of the ingredients are a healthy choice.
Some recipes include time to prep and make along with servings.
Brownie cake would be a good choice for us but carrot cake wins hands down.
Bread pudding, wow haven't had that in  years!

50 Quick and Easy Recipes For Breakfast – Including Pancake Recipes, Waffle Recipes and Crepes Recipes (Breakfast Ideas - The Breakfast Recipes Cookbook Collection 2)
Short intro and then onto the recipes. Each recipe includes the title, list of ingredients, and how to make the dish.
There are no photos and no nutritional information.
Available are pancakes, waffles and crepes recipes. Didn't see any that called out to me-we'd have to substitute the ingredients for healthier choice.
Some also have toppings suggestions.

The Magic Sleigh Bell
Story starts out with Travis and his sister Natalie and they are raking leaves when they find an object. They claim it's one of the bells from Santa's sleigh from last year.
Jim, the dad is looking for work and in no mood to celebrate the holidays. Susan tries to keep the kids busy and out of trouble.
While the parents are at an adult party the kids decide to follow tradition and put the decorations up throughout the house....the mess when the parents come home and they punish the kids til dinner is ready...
Travis decides he's never gonna get banished to his room again...
Story also follows Dasher and others at the North Pole and how they will take a spin around to try to find that bell...
Things get a bit out of hand but Natalie may have the answer...
Great story, really scary at times...

Finding You at Christmas by Kristin Wallace
Janie had helped raise the other siblings. Then she realized she needed a life and gets help from Brianne who will set her up with a date.
Bianca helped with the makeup and short slinky mini dress. On her way there she passes where her mother lost her life, her car dies, her phone is home and the biker pulls over to help and all she can think about is a murderer.
I recently discovered the magic of dancing and the part where they have a stolen dance is magic to me, hits me hard deep inside.  Her father is to remarry soon and Janie will move into her own apartment and help with the new minister as she's the church secretary....
She helps with play rehearsals and he's back earlier than expected to the town where his new job will be.
Catastrophes occur and she keeps blaming herself...Like the book for many reasons: the locale and how they celebrate Christmas, a good story and true detailed feelings. Easy book to read. Descriptions are so detailed I can picture myself just walking into the scenes.
Excerpts from various other works by the author.
This book was given to me on InstaFreebie.

Thanksgiving On a Dime
With the holiday just around the corner I'm hoping to find just one or two more recipes to serve that others will enjoy.
Like this book for many reasons: it tells you how to get things ready on a time table so you won't be inundated with having too many things to do the day the meal will be served.
Even has a day to do table laundry! Lots of tips on how to avoid disasters and how to fix them in time.
Love the section on transporting food to the family event and what to do with leftovers.
No pictures and no nutritional information but you should be almost able to substitute for a healthier choice-if you want, on some recipes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 "SOUP": 25 Recipes - Chinese,Moroccan, Italian,Thai, French, Jamaican & More
Short intro along with history of soup. Recipes start out with title and brief summary of the soup. Ingredients mostly healthy choices
and then the detailed directions. There are no nutritional information and no pictures.
Loaded potato soup would be our choice using low sodium, low fat ingredients or chicken soup as that's how we make it without soy sauce..
Dishes from all over the world.

 November 2016 Book Fun Magazine: Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada: Cover Interview
Have enjoyed the previous months of this magazine as they tell you what new publications are due out and a brief summary of the books.
WOW 220 pages, gotta be the longest magazine so far.Love reading of the Thanksgiving traditions and memories from the editor-how priceless!
Loved interview with an author of whose book I will be receiving soon-so much insight into the author and her world.
Few other books I wanted to request from the Review Club but at over 400 pages and holiday baking there's no way I could offer my time to that one-this time.
Great Christmas book ideas and also a getaway to Australia-what a treasure-I've yet to request any of the books but something about the picture makes me want to read them.
Hardships some authors have opened up to us about and how they struggle but realize God has their backs with even everyday problems we all face. So inspirational.
Articles from contributors are inspiring and good reads along with things to be thankful for as it's Thanksgiving time and the autumn pages are beautiful.
We are getting ready to go to an amusement type park in a few weeks so reading about the state fair hit just the right spot!
So many good reads upcoming and I've jotted down the names of the ones that interest me from the things read in this magazine.
Enjoyed seeing recipes in this magazine also-great addition.
Really looking forward to reading Cheri's books after reading the interview in the magazine.
Took me several days to read because I wanted to read every article. Very enjoyable.

 Holiday Baking: Favorite Quick and Easy Sweet Treat Recipes
Short intro and then the recipes.
Each recipe includes: servings, prep and cook times, ingredient list and very detailed instructions on how to make them.
No nutritional information and you might be able to substitute some ingredients for a healthier option.
Kiss sugar cookie would probably be the ones I make this year from this book.
Candy and fudge sections also. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with helpful charts.

Casserole Cooking: 60 + Casserole Meals, Casseroles For Breakfast, Casserole Cookbook, Casseroles Quick And Easy, Wheat Free Diet,Heart Healthy Diet, Gluten ... cookbook-casseroles quick and easy Book 51
This ebook offers another ebook of superfoods as a gift.
Has labels that will direct you to which are best ones to use for certain allergies. There are code letters to guide you.
Each recipe comes with a color photo along with healthy ingredients. Also instructions but no nutritional information.
Book not only lists soups to make but breakfast items.
Glazed meatloaf would be our choice as we can get lowest fat content in the meat itself.
Very few recipes have a nutritional information snapshot but sat. fat is over 6 grams which we'd never be able to eat. Something fishy about just a few have this label as it's listed in grams for serving size.
Many different types of meat/poultry dishes along with desserts.
Many other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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