Sunday, January 1, 2017

Books read Dec 2016

Family tree by Susan Wiggs
Have enjoyed other works by this author and know this one will be another good one.
Starts out with Annie and Martin and he's just left for work. They had an argument about the bison but she gave in. She had so much advice from her grandmother that really made life matter.
They run their own cooking show...CJ is there to do an interview about her grandmother's cookbook. She had stated there's one key ingredient in each dish. Loved hearing about this as I put together two cookbooks for my mother in law in 2000s.
Martin does the cooking on the show and Annie produces it.  On her way to tell him they are expecting she finds him with the female co host....
Story also follows Fletcher who lives in VT with his son. Teddy watches The Key Ingredient because he knows who is producing it and glad she doesn't appear in front of the screen...he had a crush on her when she lived in town...
Chapters go back in time and forward to the present making all the pieces of the puzzle fit.
Love the area and maple syrup process as we've seen it, experienced it for ourselves just last year. So much to learn. Author makes you feel like you are there with detailed descriptions of the food served. It makes your mouth water!
Love history of the town, so New England and details of the therapy. So many struggles for them all over the years and nothing goes as planned.
Love technical culinary interjections, priceless!   Loved everything I learned from this book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

National park explorers. Books 1-6 by Sara Gilbert
Love this collection of audio books as it not only describes several of the most popular national parks but
also has a bit of history and things that live in the parks and what they are really known for. Pictures are described also. Activities for children to do to help explain what happened in the areas that the book focuses on.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The guitar, an introduction to the instrument by Thomas A Hill
Book starts out with glossary of words relating to the string instruments.
All about the parts of the guitar and lots of resources at the end to help you achieve leaning about the guitar. 
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Season of joy, favorite stories and poems for Christmas  by Arico_ Diane
Good stories of the meaning of Christmas with stories for children so they can understand.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Diet Cookbook & Diet Guide, A Practical Beginner's Guide And Delicious Recipes For Healthy Living And Rapid Weight Loss!
Lots of information about the Mediterranean way of life and how you can benefit from it.
Tells you what to stay away from and what you should be eating. One chapter gives you a list of things to keep on hand.
Has some recipes for dips and other items but no nutritional information is available and I find some of the food is not really the type of food that should be listed-maybe a light version or a substitute for something healthier. No pictures.

Christmas Stories : The Snowman: Christmas books for kids Bedtime stories for children (Children's Picture Book - Bedtime stories for children 2)
Colorful children's story about a snowman, the life of one who changes as the weather gets warmer.
Starts out with a snowflake and then children come to roll a ball into a bigger size to make the snowman.
The snowman does not think he is good. He learns differently as time goes on.

Appetizing lasagna. Cookbook: 25 diverse recipes.
Starts out explaining about the 4 different types of lasagna.
I'm intrigued by the dessert ones and chocolate! Recipes start out with basic meat lasagna and the ingredients are healthy.
Color photos, prep and cook times, servings and list of ingredients, and directions how to prepare and bake.
No nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for a healthier choice.
Free ebook is included 10 extra recipes.

A Christmas Gift: Winter Romance (Four Seasons Set Book 1)
Story of a teen Holly who's grown up next door to Caleb who's now part of a wolf club.
The block throws a Christmas party that everyone enjoys. The kids used to play together but when they got to be 10 they moved in different groups.
She helps him pick out his girlfriends Christmas gift and her mom decides to give her a makeover for the party and Caleb's brother will be home for the holidays.
Misunderstandings need to be talked out to make it a great holiday...

Mary Christmas: The True Story Of Mrs. Claus 
Older child reading book as there are no pictures and is of moderate pages.
Starts out with Santa and he likes the old way of doing things, when he could fix the toys. Now he needs tech guys to be able to fix them.
He is learning how to use apps on the tablet and is having a hard time of it. Mary has a secret and she knows Santa does not like any secrets at all...
Mary can not say no to many things and decides to head out for a last minute surprise when she runs into bad weather.

Christmas Miracle at the Mall
Story of a Santa and an elf who are just seeing the last two boys at the mall and magic happens.
Later that night they hang up the ornaments from Santa but will their dreams come true.
Middle age child reading book. No pictures but good story line.

Christmas Traditions Around The World
Talks about the celebrations in the US and then onto the other countries.
Best part for me was seeing how each country says "Merry Christmas" Liked hearing of the celebrations in the other countries also.

Culinary travel: Italy. Italian cuisine - best 50 recipes:homemade pastas, risotto recipes, and others Italian dishes.: Full instructions step by step with photos: Italian food is not only pizza.
Starts out with Italian and what certain words really mean and the traditions over the centuries.
Utensils and how they are used is explained and certain foods that are well known.
Recipe has color photo, title, time and servings and nutritional information but fats is NOT broken up into good and bad and there are no sodium levels.
Ingredient list and directions and tips on how to serve.
Most items are fresh and healthy, some you might have to substitute to suit your medical dietary needs.
Even has deserts. other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

December 2016 Book Fun Magazine
Have enjoyed other editions of previous months as I find out new books that I want to read.
The information provided tells part of the story rather than just having a quick summary-the interviews go into depth about the book and the person behind the book.
Viewing lots of older pictures hits just at the right time of the year for me as I just finished moving the pictures I've taken over the year to the external hard drive and waiting on the kids to do the same and then we all get a master copy of them as these are the things that can not be replaced in a disaster.
Love the recipes as we are at the end of the year last weekend celebrations.
Loved that the articles that were about the Christmas holiday and special days throughout the month.
Beautiful pictures and stories this month. Looking forward to winning some books to read for January.
You can get the books also for free, join the group, and request the books in exchange for your review.

Winter Arrives by Roz Marshall
Book starts out with Jude Winters who's in charge of the ski school along with her kids and has no idea how to do any of it all by herself. She needs oil and has no money and they want to be paid for previous deliveries first.
Allan, her husband is in New Zealand depositing money into their account but somethings not right...
Mike is applying for a position at the ski school for a month as he likes to move around each month trying new locations.
Like that the book is in Scotland and story line. Other works in the series are highlighted at the end.
Wish the story could've been longer, was just getting into the story.
Received this copy from InstFreebie for my honest review.

Stand tall!, the informed woman's guide to preventing osteoporosis  by Notelovitz_ Morris - Ware_ Marcia
Since losing 3 inches off my height I'm wondering what I can do so I won't lose anymore.
Although a bit old it's still useful information.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Flannel Kisses  by Brennan_ Linda Crotta - Takabayashi_ Mari
Rhyming children's book about a winter day and how the children dress and go out to play in the snow and come in for warmth and repeat.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Angels watching over me by Betty Malz
Author starts out with her own story about how angels come to help her and how to get them to help you.
Then others stories and how the angels reached out to others to help them.
Passages in the Bible correspond to the stories and are quoted.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The magic fish by Freya  Littledale
Children's story about a fisherman who catches a fish and he puts the talking fish back in the water because he told him he was a prince.
Wife tells him he should've asked for a pretty house for her...
Rhyming and silly.  After a week she wishes for a castle...she is never happy and always asks for more....
Fish keeps asking why she wants these things...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Pasta Salad Recipes: A Modern Pasta Cookbkook - The Ultimate Healthy Guide for Fusilli, Spaghetti, Tortellini and Noodles with Creamy Tomato Sauce 
Each recipe starts out with the title and ingredient list and directions. There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
For the most part the ingredients are healthy you might have to alter some of the ingredients for your dietary needs.
Got some good ideas for shrimp salad.

Mediterranean diet: The full Guide to the Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss (cookbook, Mediterranean diet for beginners, weight loss)
Starts with what a Med diet really is. Recipe starts with servings and ingredient list and directions. No pictures and no nutritional information so you may have to substitute some of the ingredients for your dietary needs.
Lots of choices to select from. I found the print and colors used hard to concentrate on what I was seeing.

20 Beautiful Christmas Stories for Kids 2-6 (Bedtime Stories for Kids)
Silly story of Gregory the green nosed reindeer I am laughing so hard because my spouses name is Gregory.
The children don't want to take the tree down because there is still snow around. Silly things like fruitcake flowers in Christmas Land.
Very colorful pictures help tell the story of what is being read.
For older children.  The adventure ends when they wake up in the morning and everything is normal again...
Lots of monsters in this book but others want to help make them good. So many different stories, wish they were separated a bit better before you realize it you are into the next story.

Spot the difference - Festive Season Fun
Colorful seasonal holiday pictures to compare to try to find five differences per page.
Answers are provided at the end via a link.

Emma’s Holiday Collection  By Mary Lee
Very colorful children's book about different animals. First is the pumpkin for Halloween,
then the turkey for Thanksgiving and then Snowbell for Christmas. Easy words and pictures for the child to follow along.

Russian Soup Recipes: Thirty Delicious and Easy Soup Recipes  by Julia Gousseva
Lots of tips for making Russian soups along the way.
Starts with summary of the soup then list of ingredients with approximate sizes along with instructions.
No pictures and no nutritional information but with healthy ingredients it has to be on the healthy side.
Lots of different spices I never would have thought go together but they really sound appetizing.
Love recipe for axe soup!

Appetizers :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 150 Appetizing Recipes  by Danielle Caples
Each recipe has prep ready and cook times, servings along with ingredient list and how to make . There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
You should be able to substitute for healthier choices in most of these recipes.
Great book for entertainment dishes.

Ticky Tack The Littlest Reindeer - A Christmas Book for Children (Christmas Stories For Kids 1)
Children's colorful book about a reindeer that thinks he's big enough to pull Santa's sleigh but everyone just laughs at him.
Colorful pictures showing what's going on so children can follow along.
One toy is left out and Shortbread fixes it and now they have to come up with an idea how to deliver it...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

50 Christmas Pie Recipes  by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe has list of ingredients along with directions on how to make and bake.
there are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Various pie shells can be made or bought to make these.

The OREO COOKIE Dessert Book - A Cookbook Filled With Delicious Snacks Made With Milk's Favorate Cookies (The MASTER CHEF SERIES 96
We have made Oreo cookies from  recipes and the cookies do turn out like oreo cookies so going to be interesting to read this cookbook.
Recipes have ingredient list, filling and other fillings and how to make the cake. There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Cakes, cheesecake, pies, cookies to name a few of the desserts available. Very sugary and high fat content.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Oil Less Frying
Book sounded interesting as we no longer eat foods that have been fried in oil.
These recipes are for the Phillips Airfryer which we don't have.
some of the ingredients are also foreign to me.
Good layout of the recipes title, pre and cook time and servings with ingredient list and how to make them.
No pictures but has some nutritional information: fat is not broken up into 4 sections and sodium is not listed.
Dishes sound appetizing and with low fat content they should be easy to make, if you have the device to cook them in.

holiday baking cookbook by Louise Davidson
Introduction talks about using baked items as gifts and how to decorate the packages.
Each recipe comes with a color photo, servings and list of ingredients. Instruction on how to make and bake  and also some have tips at the end. there is no nutritional information.
Some recipes start with Bisquick or a cake mix.  Lots of decadent desserts to choose from.
Free ebook is available and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Ultimate Gourment Risotto Cookbook by Martha Stone
Introduction about the traditional Italian rice dish and basic directions on how it's made.
Each recipe has a color photo, summary, servings total time and list of ingredients along with instructions on how to make.
No nutritional information but healthy substitutions should be ok to use.
Bonus book available and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

County Fair Blue Ribbon Winning Cookbook: Main Dish, Casserole, & Vegetable Recipes
Starts out with abbreviations and a brief introduction about the series of books.
The recipes include the title, ingredient list  and instructions how to make. There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Not very healthy but you might substitute some items. Other works by the author is highlighted at the end.

101 Days of Christmas: 101+ Recipes & Crafts for a DIY Holiday
Recipes start out with a small color photo and a summary of the dish. List of ingredients and directions on how to make.
There is no nutritional information or pictures. Each section has its own table of contents.
Projects for kids I really appreciated seeing as some are do it yourself crafts-no baking involved.
Ideas for other community projects are listed at the end.

Mega Collection #1: Nine Awesome Bedtime Stories for Children 3-6
Have read some of the individual books and really like having all 9 in one place.
Colorful children's books. Like Dads cool car collection the best as the son gets to know his father better.
Like colorful pictures and the paragraph that tells about that job his dad had.
Cute stories for a child of any age, reinforces positive feelings.

Cookbook: CROCKPOT - Healthy Recipes, Easy To Make, Lose Weight with Delicious Meals (Crockpot Recipes, Slow Cooker, Dinner Recipes, Breakfast, Soup, Slow Cooker Cookbook, Stew Book 1)
Starts out with the history of the crockpot and its features. Start out with breakfast meals and servings, ingredient list and directions. There are NO pictures and no nutritional information.
You may be able to substitute for your own dietary needs.
What is strange is half way through the recipes take on a new format and the nutritional information is included.

The Gooey Butter Cake Collection: 60 Quick and Easy Cake Mix Recipes Your Family Will Love
Introduction explains what a gooey butter cake is.  Each one starts off with a cake mix.
Each recipe has list of ingredients and filling and how to make and bake the cake.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.

  My Review:

That Summer (Caney Creek Series Book 1)
Have read other works by the author and enjoyed the reads.
This one starts out with Jim and he's had enough of his father's treatment and leaves to go to the city for a job and a place to stay. He hopes his father won't take it out on the younger kids still at home.
His mother understands but is torn from his leaving.
He is introduced to not only the plant owners daughter, Caroline but the ways of the city life,drinking with the guys and life at the boarding house.
Events and people break them apart and the only thing he can rely on is to go back to the church and follow his Bible and God.
Story follows each of them over the years...such heart aches and struggles during the depression and deaths...
So strong through to the end.
I was given the book from the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

SFTH: Spoken from the Heart Journey by Cheri Swalwell
Have been wanting to read this series but didn't want to start in the middle.
Scripture quotations start each chapter out and they reflect what's inside the chapter.
Written with today's words and events.  Love real life in the stories and how they are exampled through the book.
Upbeat, uplifting and down to earth.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Weekend Wraps, 18 quick knit cowls, scarves and shawls by Cicily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre
Was so happy I had won this book from the webinar I attended with other knitters and one of the authors.
Such luxurious designs, beautifully depicted and instructions that even a new knitter can follow.
Each pattern comes with not only a beautiful color photo but a charted pattern along with row by row instructions. Also a summary of the item-some tell you needle size or something about the yarn used and what effect it makes.
Each pattern also comes with finished size, yarn used, needles, notions, gauge, and notes, stitch guide, row by row instructions, charted pattern and finishing along with other tips-how to keep track of pattern repeats.
Highland hooded scarf l will be my first project from this book because I need something to wear under my bike helmet that is not too bulky. We also hike and this would come in handy also as I am currently using an infinity cowl now.
Love the cabling ones and the intricate designs in some of the shawls and wraps.  Book at end also has abbreviations used, glossary where the different methods are diagrammed and explained in words.
Yarn sources and all about the designers are also included at the end along with acknowledgements, index and other works by the authors. Also liked how some of the items were wrapped around your neck or body and how they hang-flattering options.
Won this book via Planet Purl webinar.

Magic by Danielle Steel
Love the idea and how the white night started. June, invite only, white clothes, food, tables, lights and where it's held and how everything is cleaned up spotless. Now 15,000 show up and there are multiple locations.
Sounds so magical as the name depicts. John has attended every year and he gets to invite a few other couples. If they try to use the event he replaces them the following year. Valerie his wife helps also with the list.
She's editor of Vogue in Paris.  He's got the chance to move to China but it could cost his marriage and 3 kids.
Gregorio and Barnadetta and he's always with other women. Since the white dinner night as he leaves her alone and hurries to his young girlfriend who's giving birth, son is lost and daughter very ill-too young to be born.
She decides it's time for a divorce and to get him out of the family business.
Chontelle is a writer of screenplays and a friend of John's and she's raised 3 kids who live around the world and that allows her to do what she wants. She does meet a new man, Saveau who has magic white lanterns the white dinner night and she's meet with him often.
Things are confusing as the characters are all introduced-it gets a bit mixed up til you can associate who they are with what they do.
Love white lantern/wish part the best. Love details and from all directions.
Love how this spans one year and all the changes to all the characters.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Love is a Rose by Pamela S Thibodeaux
Could relate a lot to the religious part of this book and the author also compares it to everyday life things.
Especially liked the decluttering section as we get older-no sense keeping all these things.
Bible quotes and passages help to tell the story.
Won November rafflecoptor from Connie Bretes

The Irishman's Christmas Gamble, a Wager of Hearts by nancy Herkness
Frankie Hogan is well protected at the bar. Liam shows up and he was the one to rescue her when they were younger. He's an athlete and well known.
Prince is there to oversee the facility that is being built and he plans to stay in NY.
Story follows each of them and goes back in time to when they were younger and the struggles they've overcome over  the years.
Interesting career, liked learning about them. Hot steamy sex is implied at the beginning but there's a lot of years between them, as always.
When his son shows up it upsets her in many ways. Will they ever be able to be together?
Have not read the others in this series but there's enough of them in this one to make me want to read them. Erotic sex scenes.
This novella was free from the author via InstaFreebie.

An Angel for Christmas by Raine English
Alexia has a little girl now that her husband has died things are getting difficult. Making ends meet now that the company will be relocating to a new state and her loss of a job.
Never knew what others went through at a pantry store and sounds devastating. A miracle occurs where she's offered a job to end all her problems.
Blake is divorced and raising a daughter on his own. She causes him problems and he offers Alexia the job of tending to his girl.  Along with Alexias' dog they have a house full.
Problems get worse as the ex wife shows up and wants the child for the holidays and he talks to Alexia about how he can make things right with those who lost their jobs. Like that he really cares.
Medical emergency occurs and everybody has to stop and think about the consequences. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Free from Insta freebie site via the author

Slow & Steady: 101 Guaranteed Slow Cooker Recipes To Make Your Weeknights Less Hectic by Paul Wilson
Introduction and benefits of using a slow cooker.
Recipes include preparation time total and servings, ingredient list along with detailed directions.
There are nutritional information but fat content is NOT broken up into 4 categories and sodium is not even listed.
If ingredients are using low sodium chicken broth and fresh vegetables and not store bought or canned beans it's a safe bet it might be on the healthy side.
 Recipes at the end take on a different layout especially nutritional information-almost like it was copied from another publication.
Even further again the layout changes for nutritional information.
Like chapters at the very end as they are detailed explanations of terms used and conversion charts.

Two by two by nicholas Sparks
Book starts out with Vivian and her husband, Russell-from his point of view. Picks up after they've been married and she's pregnant and before you know it, they have the baby.
Work is going well and his wife didn't go back to work so he's feeling the pressure of not having enough money and making ends meet are not as smooth as they used to be.
The boss warms up to his wife and he takes it seriously and now his boss is giving him low end projects...he thinks he's about to be fired. He tells her of the work projections he's done and that he needs to start up his own agency.
He tells his wife the night that they have a date....things change as he attempts to get clients, life for him gets hectic as he deals with classes for the little girl and his wife has gone back to work spending thousands of dollars for clothes...
Things escalate and their marriage is in trouble, medical emergencies and the child's daily events the book goes to drama. Every little nit picky thing that happens is told-it's a bit much and boring at times.
Liked real life things that happen it was just too drawn out.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Baking French Macarons: A Beginner's Guide
Starts out with authors failures and what they learned from the first time they made them.
Lots of tips and next chapter is about the equipment you will need. It's a very involved and detailed process.
List of ingredients and resource list as some will be hard to find on your grocery shelves.
Fillings are also detailed in another chapter. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Holiday Escape by Jean C. Gordon
It was to be Bridget's wedding day. Instead she's at the airport and waiting for her connecting flight to get away from it all.
Jeff died doing his job at the US Embassy overseas...she's going to go on the cruise to the Caribbean.  Luke she notices at the airport-she was his PT teacher and he's hot to look at.
He and his older uncle are on the 'no holiday' cruise that means no holiday music or decorations.
What I really liked about this story was that I've never been on a cruise and was so fun to hear about all the other activities available off the ship.
Is it possible this could just be a once in a lifetime and they can end it at the end of the cruise... Excerpt from another in the series is included.
Was given this book from Instafreebie and this is my honest review.

Holiday Dessert Recipes: A Collection of The Best Partys And Holidays Dessert Recipes
Recipes are broken up into categories.
Recipe start with ingredients and directions. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Carrot cake without cream cheese frosting and substituting olive oil for oil might work for a healthy option.

MUFFIN RECIPES: 50 Delicious All-time Favorite MUFFIN RECIPES by Lisa Billings
Starts out with color photo, prep and cook time, servings and ingredient list.
Detailed directions and nutritional information showing fat in 4 groups along with sodium and cholesterol amounts.
Also variations are suggested. Even weight watcher muffins have too much sodium for our diets. Use of butter, shortening etc causes these out of our reach. Maybe use olive oil as a substitute?
Recipes I think might be good are either high in sat. fat, sodium or cholesterol.


Away in Montana (The Douglas Ranch of Paradise Valley Book 1)by Jane Porter

 My Review: Away In Montana by Jane Porter
Book starts out with the teacher and she's been invited to the Bramble House Halloween party.
Book catches you up to speed, it's 1880s and she is there as a schoolteacher.
Sinclair Douglas is a miner manager and he's broken it up with McKenna. His father had died in the mine and he had taken over his job.
She was to marry him according to her father's rules but she wanted no part of it. She had returned to the area and was now hired as a school teacher.
As he takes her home in his carriage after the children's party he learns she gave up the stove and put it in the schoolhouse so children would be warm during winter months. He's going to make it work, make things right with her...
Story goes back in time to when she tutored Sinclair til his father died in her father's copper mine. He wasn't allowed to be passed to the next grade til he could read and write.
His mother and sister visit and let it be known in their own way she'll never be Sinclair's and not to hurt him, again.
Loved hearing of the fashion business and Montanas' statehood and especially the events in the mine.
This book contains mysteries, romance, drama, action with twists and turns, nature and frugal living and history.
Other books in the series will be out in June 2017 and the following year.
Received this from the author and this is my honest review.

The Sun, the Moon, and the stars  by Freeman_ Mae Blacker - Freeman_ Ira Maximilian
Important things about what each will do for us and what they are.
Easy things for children to do along the way.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).


Count to Sleep Seattle by Gamble_ Adam - Jasper_ Mark
Children's book, audio for me, where it depicts certain famous things about Seattle and the surrounding area
along with things to count: features Space Needle, salmon sold at Pikes Place,  ferry boats, hikers at Mt. Rainier,
airplanes at museum of flight, woodland park zoo, aquarium, orcas in Puget Sound, houseboats at Lake Union, and sleeping in Seattle.
Beautiful story that makes me want to go visit even though we visit on a  yearly basis.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The island ponies, an environmental study of their life on Assateague by Ford_ Barbara - Keiper_ Ronald R
Interesting studies from the park service about the ponies and if they are harmful or should remain by themselves on the natural island.
Fascinating to see the wild ponies in a movie off the coast of NC. Starts with history then follows the lifes from birth to death.
Barrier islands tend to protect the mainland from damage from winds and waters. Blind horses were used in mines because they didn't need to see.
Liked hearing of other animals on the island.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Flood Girls by Fifield_ Richard
Story of a woman who returns to her home after her mother has kicked her out of the house.
Small town, less than 1000 people. Lavinia runs the town. Rachel hopes to turn things around after being away 9 years gone.
Story goes back in time to when Jake was a teen and he would peek into others windows.
Rachel is back as she's inherited her dads mobile home but there's not much that works there. She also has to take over for her mother at the bar...
Lots of drama in this town...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

City fish, country fish  by Cerullo_ Mary M
Audio book: Interesting to compare the different fishes due to their size, color and habitat make each place
good for each of the fish that live there and why.  Bio regions are discussed.
Pictures are captioned. Secrets of survival are explained. Glossary of terms used are explained.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A traveler's guide to the Smoky Mountains region   by Bradley_ Jeff A
Have visited this area several times and always find new things to find and discover.
After the fires of this year I wonder when we return if we won't even recognize it any longer.
Like history parts of this story also along with what each area offers for hikers and lovers of nature.
Love hearing of the quilters.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Providence by Geoffrey Wolff
Wanted to read about this book because it's our states capital city and I like the locale.
Story starts out with Adam and he's a lawyer and his brother Asa, the doctor has just informed him he's got several months left, he's dying of leukemia.
Story goes back in time to when he was dating Clara. They sit down and try to come up with a plan so she and their son, Ike will have enough money to live on. He wanted to get a clean bill of health from his brother so he could purchase more insurance.
Then their house is broken into and Adam rides around with a local cop and find and get the boys bike. no sign of the boat models.
Story also follows Lisa, a waitress. These people are all entwined with common crooks...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Twelve days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber
Have read many of the authors other works and know this will be an enjoyable read.
Julia Paddden  lives in the same apartment complex as Cain Maddox he's an insurance sales person and she discovers he's got her newspaper.
He's not a morning person and hates bubbly happy people. Somebody had taken his. She doesn't like his attitude and decides she will take matters into her own hands.
She will kill him with acts of kindness. She works at Macy's and volunteers a lot to local community charities. She doesn't have time for dating but her girlfriend thinks she's  overreacting.
She's also heavily into her blog postings and hopes with the new theme=12 days of Christmas it might help get her a new job because she can show all the social media interaction that will land her the job.
Illness brings them together and she realizes they are more than neighbors. He is starting to really appreciate her. With their past relationships you don't know if they will remain friends or not. 
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Winter storms  by Elin Hilderbrand
Continued from last years winter book. This one follows many in the family during the early months of the year.
Like the different ages and types of relationships.
A large part of the time I'm confused as to who is who.  Great story but hard to follow along with so many characters. Love the lessons learned.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

50 Christmas Spritz Cookies – Traditional and Seasonal Homemade Cookie Press Recipes (The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection Book 11)
Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients, how to mix, bake and what special items to use for the cookie press. Also suggestions to serving them.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Basic cookies with varieties of butter used.
Cranberries almond would be my choice to make as it contains less butter than other recipes.

Darkest before dawn  by Maya Banks
Have read other books in this series and totally enjoyed them.
This one starts out with Honor and she's helping overseas with healing children and their wounds.
Relief center is then bombed....the enemy will come back and hunt her and any other relief workers til they are dead.
She calms herself and vows to get each and every one of them.
Story also follows  Hancock and the government has recreated him and others to go after those who hurt the government.
He wants to take down Maxima for those who've died and are still dying... Alternating chapters as they do meet up-one struggling to stay alive, the other protecting her.
He has to turn her over and knows she will die under another's hand but it will allow many others to live so she will endure it but she almost ends it all due to a brutal attack.
She asks something of him he doesn't know if he can deliver...
Hot steamy sex scenes. very detailed descriptions of everything makes you feel as if you are there.
When things go wrong he turns to KGI, Kellys are a group among the best. Rio owes him and his other brothers will help...
Didn't see that ending coming, wow! Love the action and when KGI gets the phone call.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The river in winter by Small_ David
Story of a man that grows up with his mother til she throws him out. She remarries and the new husband does not get along with her son.
He moves to Maine to live with his grandfather and tragic things happen. The judge stays by his side and offers him an ally while others want him dead.
Crude situations but like how he's taught life lessons=how to survive in the wilderness.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Seventh Avenue  by Bogner_ Norman
Story about Jay and he's hard to hold onto his job and ends up getting a young girl pregnant and he will marry her but he wants to do more merchandise to save up for a place to live.
He uses everybody he's in contact with to get ahead. Really liked the fashion part of this book.
Crude sex scenes and abuse.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Christmas with Ida Early  by Burch_ Robert
Love Christmas stories and a new preacher comes to town and they are going to do a play of the nativity.  She's likes a lot of drama along the way.
Comical at times but meaningful also.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Little penguin gets the hiccups  by  Bentley_ Tadgh
Cute little story of a little penguin and asks the reader to help him get rid of the hiccups.
Started on chili night and a week later his friend offers his help after he's tried many other things.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Once there was a farm, a country childhood remembered   by Dabney_ Virginia Bell
Stories of life in 1900's from a rural farm with no electricity.
Told from a child's point of view and the struggles they went through.
Good memories and tragedies also.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Check list for emergencies by Arnold_ Peter
Great list of all kinds of emergencies and how to treat the wounds before medical help arrives.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

An Unexpected Gift                                                    
Story of a female who's a graphic designer in London and she's attacked one night on her way home.
A man comes to her rescue and before the cops show up he's beaten up badly.

She assumes he's married when she goes to his house to give him a gift for saving her life.
Cops are on leads that will help them figure out who did it.
Good story, very scary at times.

50 Christmas Thumbprint Cookies by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe includes a summary of the cookies, list of ingredients, how to make and bake.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
There are healthy choices if you have the supplies on hand already.

This is your captain speaking, a handbook for air travelers by Ashwood_ Thomas M Ashwood_ Thomas M
Good book all about  the plane you are on and what to expect. Good overall information for seasoned traveler also.
Liked hearing about the radar over the water and how LORANZ comes into effect.
Some other technical information about usage of gas on takeoff depending on what aircraft it is and if it's loaded to the gills.
Alos never realized 200 miles is about the time the pilot switches over to another area's control center for contact.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

10 days till Christmas Colouring Book by T.M. Hazel
Pictures depicting many parts of the Christmas holiday, made for older children, more than 5 as the scenes have very small lines/portions in some pictures.
Doesn't seem like you can print the pages out but you'd actually buy a pdf and those you can print and then color. Lots of bonus pages.

The book class by Louis  Auchincloss 
Book about 12 women of NY. They meet monthly for the book club, and more.
Lots of drama from the queens as the book goes through their stages of life in NY.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Golf is a four-letter word, the intimate confessions of a hooked slicer by Armour_ Richard
Like how he practices as a young man using the neighbor's sprinklers holes.
Story follows him when he leaves for college.  Like abc's of golf terms.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

What Difference Could a Waterway Make_ And Other Questions About the Erie Canal by Aller_ Susan Bivin
History of Erie Canal and how it was opened up for colonists and others to reach west of the US.
Very well detailed, down to photos and what materials were used.
8 years to make and all the other structures associated with it all.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Have really enjoyed this series and glad I am able to read this one.
Starts out with Casey Morgan and she's proven herself to Firebrand and they take her on a mission. She gets abducted in Indonesia and is rescued by Reese. She starts to tell him how much she loves him and that she might not have gotten the chance but he only sees her as a valuable member of Firebrand. She's heart broken...
Have enjoyed the mercenary way of life and how it meshes with regular everyday life for some. It's exciting and gets your heart beating at the tender moments when the members not only rely on themselves but God.
She's currently a deputy after leaving Firebrand and she was used to someone always having her back and is not finding that being a deputy. A traffic stop and arrest and then things go terribly wrong as she's accused of shooting Reese.
The Firebrand guys look after her at the headquarters where Reese is also recovering. They try to figure out the clues and who is after them...
Love the action, mysteries and caring that Firebrand stands for. Learning new things: fire triangle, ginseng.
Awesome read, just when things are going at a smooth pace and everything is fine with everybody, is it really? Love the part about Smokey Mountains and i researched it, it happened! Love all the minute details of all the mysteries. Can't wait to read more from this author.
I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review.

Donna's Detour by Jo Huddleston
Have read other works by the author and enjoyed them.
This one starts out with Donna and she's a waitress in a diner along Route 66 in  Needles, CA. One of the men who came in was an old friend from back home.
Route 66 fascinates me because of the things along the way from MD to CA. Have watched many shows on the route and businesses along the way.
She tells him who she is and that her brother was his best friend. He agrees to drive her home later that day before Tommy continues his trip.
Like the history of the place and sounds like a great one to visit. He realizes right away that she's the one for him.  Like the way he respects her and shows her a bit of romance along the way.
He offers her a job as his secretary at his uncle's business.
Obstacles get in the way on their trip and then they each don't want to rush things, not knowing how the other really feels.
Didn't realize where the end of 66 was as we've visited there and others told us not to waste  our time, glad we went!
Like how easily they fit with one another and how he accepts her wanting to find a church nearby. She prays to God for guidance...
Links to other Route 66 romances are listed at the end along with other social media sites where the author's work is available.
Like this book for teaching me new things about locations I've visited and that this was a short read but captured my attention throughout and not connected to other books in a series.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

The tea planter's wife by  Jefferies_ Dinah
Story of how time goes from past after she's gone and Gwen is the new wife and she gives Lawrence a boy. There is also a girl but she's a different color and she is able to stay in touch with the one caring for her.
Lawrence has other conquests and pursues them while keeping his wife happy.
Love learning about the tea plants and how they are processed in their plant factory.
NY Stock market crash throws the whole estate into turmoil as he must leave to tend to business, with Christine...
Things just aren't right since someone tried to kill her with drugs...
Loved the mystery and have read other book sthat state the same facts of the birth.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Cascades Christmas_ four-in-one collection by  Davis_ Mary - Lee_ Debby - Welborn_ Gina - Colvin_ Mildred
Love anthologies as I find new authors with a mutual NW theme.
Like the fact this is based at a lumber mill. The family feeds the workers and on weekends they go to town. Anna is almost 18 but she's been sneaking off to fish with Jeremiah.
They have nicknames for one another and she finds out her parents will send her to a big city to learn modern woman etiquette. He needs to get over the death of his family as they perished in a fire and he knows the workers would help make a house for them.
He's hesitant to approach her...story also follows others who find one another.
Liked learning about statehood of WA, lumber industry and railroad during 1890s as young woman become marriageable ages.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

How to control high blood pressure without drugs by Robert Rowan
Wolfson_ Rita Parsont
Lots of information about this disease and how to control it with diet and exercise.
Many cases are discussed and what the outcome was and why.
Like information on what spices to use on which products.
Foods listed with amounts of salt they contain so you can select better.
Recipes and meal plans included also.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Crave and Cook: Home Cooking During the Holidays
Starts out with author notes on how she was raised and cooking was always part of their way of life.
Several pictures and various locations and who influenced her.
Each recipe includes a color photo, summary of the dish, servings, and ingredient list and how to prepare and tips on how to serve. Breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes.
No nutritional information.

Perfect Christmas & holiday recipes book. Desserts cocktails and cookies: Includes recipes for kids
Recipes include servings, ingredient list  and how to prepare them.
Some color photos but no nutritional information-you can tell from the amount of fat.
Drink recipes included.

Instant Pot Slow Cooker Cookbook: Easy One-Pot Meal Slow Cooker Recipes (Fix, Cook, Serve Book 4)
Tips on how to use the pressure cooker as a slow cooker.
Recipes start out with title, cook time, servings along with ingredient list.
Different sections for different meat selections. No pictures and no nutritional information but you can make healthy substitutions.
Charts at the end of the book along with free ebook and other works by the author.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker: Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes (Fix, Cook, & Serve Book 3)
Starts out with why use this and how to use it safely.
Starts out with breakfast items: servings, prep and cook time, list of ingredients,
directions and nutritional information (fat is not broken up into 4 sections).
Many selections from all the meals of the day, other works listed at the end.

Slow Cooker: Cookbook: 87 Easy Recipes by Olivia DeLuca
Starts out with breakfast recipes that include servings and carb count.
List of ingredients and how to make the dish in your slow cooker. Ingredients tend to be on the healthier side or substitute for your choice.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Main dishes using various meats are next.
Free ebook and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Flying for First Timers: Everyone's Guide to Airline Travel by
Introduction tells you what you will learn from this book: everything hassle free from booking your flight online to reaching your destination and how not to get jet lag.
Tons of information about every aspect of your flight and travel to anywhere.  List of other books available from the author along with what to pack in what bag.
Compression stockings, we'll have to remember this tip as we do take long flights!

Mexican Recipes: 30 Quick & Easy Mexican Recipes by Peggy Annear
Starts out with what Mexican dishes are and then goes into the list of ingredients you should keep on hand.
Like the sample salsa recipe=so very easy and quick.
Homemade taco seasoning would be I'll be trying next week. We use it on chicken before we bake it. Even better in chicken salad.
Perfect ending with a recipe for wedding cookies. Like the ingredient list as most things are on the healthy side, I just can't pronounce some of the titles.

Slow Cooker Creations: 25 New Recipes That Can Make You Full & Satisfied
Explains how slow cookers work. Each recipe has the title, prep and cook times, servings and ingredient list.
No pictures and no nutritional information. I think other healthier options might work in these recipes.
Measuring charts are included at the end along with shopping lists.

Can't find it at other retailers, ISBN# is wrong?

The 12 Days of Christmas by Xist Publishing
Colorful book showing what my true love gave to me on the twelve days of Christmas.
Like the photos accompanying the days.
History of the Christmas carol is explained at the end. Other works are highlighted at the end.

Miller's Creek, TX Cookbook  (No ISBN)
15 favorite recipes of the area.
Asks trivia questions about the books in the series at the end of the recipes.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Quick & Easy Slow Cooker: Over 50 Fantastic Recipes To Prepare Each Night by Paul Wilson
Each recipe includes: Prep, cooking times, ingredient list, and how to make the dish.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Never thought of making an omelet in the slow cooker. Some of the ingredients there should be a healthier option to use.
Some of the paleo recipes are formatted a bit differently=not sure why...
Some recipes also have no prep time but have serving sizes.

The Boardwalk by Susan Stoker  (no ISBN)
He's over 80 and keeps active through pain and age. He took care of his wife through her illness.
He meets an older woman who's just sitting at the boardwalk staring out at the water. She tells him of memories of her husband and when she and others helped babysit the neighbors 13 kids.
Realized when they reached the establishment where they ate that they were the ones married and the woman had a memory problem and didn't even realize he was her husband.
Like that they set the home up as a hotel with choices and he talks her into taking a nap in her favorite spot. Love tracking GPS in her necklace...
Such loving caring memories and honoring those who helped in 9/11.

Almost a Bride by Patricia McLinn
Matty has to marry him, it's her only option. Her long lost friend Dave and he's a lawyer. She hopes to save her ranch that other in the family had just about bankrupt.
She needs to get the grant-that would turn the ranch around. It's only going to be a temporary arrangement...
Indian Paintbrush, what a bond! He doesn't think she will go through with it...
It all came down to where he lived, the county... he's not so happy when he finds out...
Like how the family welcomes her and the projects that bring the ranch money-interesting.
Lots of action, adventure and steamy sex scenes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Healthy Kids Cookbook by Don Orwell
Like this book right off the start as it's about how to change one's behavior just by what they are eating.
Children today so many have problems, ADHD being one of them and author realized what the child was consuming and how so out of control they were until the menu changed.
Each recipe starts out with abbreviations of what the dish is good for-specific allergies, etc.
List of fresh and healthy ingredients, how to make the dish and a color photo of the finished product.
No nutritional information but it's all healthy things.
Some dishes do contain the nutritional information but I think they may be copied from another source as ALL recipes do not contain this information.
Lots of choices: drinks, desserts, side dishes, salads, etc.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Children’s Books: MR. GETAWAY AND THE CHRISTMAS ELVES (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Working Happily and Giving Freely, Ages 2-8)
Silly children's colorful story about how one day after Thanksgiving their regular teacher is out sick and Mr. Getaway will take over. He takes the kids on a field trip to see the workshop of Santa.
Shows all the activities the elves are doing to prepare for the big day.
They all learn a lesson that will last a lifetime. Other works by the author are excerpted at the end.

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