Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Books read Jan 17

House on the Beach by Linda Barrett
Laura comes to the island to recuperate and the real estate agent has the perfect house for her. It's held by a trust and they coup some of the monthly costs so her cost is lower than normal.
Love the area of the island offshore of the mainland. Lots of time to walk on the beach and think. Her mother is now gone and she had given up so much of her life to tend to her needs. She's also a few years cancerfree.
Love her career of being in broadcast business and is going to make audio tapes of the classics.  She meets the plumber Matt who is constantly watching her, her moves and the house she is staying in.
Love who the Romeo's stand for and how caring and sharing the community is. She finds a cat and during a storm one night agrees to stay with Matt and his family. His son Casey has a speech impediment but she spends a lot of time and has a lot of patience to deal with him.
They've lost their mother and that's when his speech went. She had taken therpy classes and understands what he needs...
Matt is an old boyfriend from the island when she was a teen and the family summered on the island. After that year she never returned...
House has been known to cure ailments.....missing brother-the details come out over time....her cancer may be back....how can they even think of a relationship...
Excerpt from the next in the series is included. Like authors style of writing and locations.

The Absolute Best Pie Recipes Cookbook
Collection of what the author thinks are best possible pies of all kinds.
Each recipe starts out with ready made crust or cake mix, list of ingredients and how to make it.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Murder on Martha's Vineyard  by Kelley Roos
Enjoyed this book because of the locations  that I am familiar with.
Lot of characters but they fall into place. Good story of a community that helps one another and pays attention to habits of their friends.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The men's club by Leonard Michaels
Enjoyed this short story of what happens at a mens club meeting.
When they first arrive nobody has any idea as to what to talk about but they  are able to move right along.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Game Day Appetizers and Super Snacks (Delicious Recipes)
With the Super Bowl this weekend I thought I might find some more recipe ideas for a snack to make.
I thought there would be just a handful of traditional snacks for the big game. wow this book has 100+  of recipes.
There are very few pictures and no nutritional information but you would be able to substitute some for the diet you are on to make them healthy.
The book  also has many categories to choose from and you can make most of these ahead of time so you can spend time actually watching the game.

Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers Guide - Healthy & Delicious Weight Watchers Recipes For Easy Weight Loss (Weight Watchers Cookbook)  by Samantha Clare
Talks about diet and then gives you the recipes.
Each recipe has list of ingredients, how to prepare and some nutritional information-fat is not broken up into the good and bad.
Like very first soup recipe as it's one that will balance your system out and taste delicious.
Never tells you what a serving is...glazed mini donuts sound good and something we'd be able to eat. Might need to substitute some ingredients for your own dietary needs.
Some of the recipes call for 1/2 a can, how do you know if they mean the 16oz can or the club store size of 64 oz?
Daily meal plan includes a sample at the end...

.The Hard Times Kitchen: Homestyle Recipes for a Small Budget 
 Starts out with what should be in your pantry, how to shop, shopping lists and where to shop.
Grow a garden and can and preserve your harvest. Each recipe has serving sizes and ingredient list along with instruction on how to make the dish.
No photos and no nutritional information but it'd not be hard to use a healthier choice of an ingredient.
Saved cornbread and zucchini bread recipes as they will get eaten up quick in our house.

DSLR Photography : How To Take Professional Images From Your DSLR - Camera, Pictures, Posing, Composition & Portrait
Like this book from the start as it shows what the dial selector looks like. Wish it had shown the others as well but explains about them in detail.
Like diagrams that go along with aperture range, makes a lot more sense actually seeing it...
Lots of practical information about a ton of things that are important to a shot. Bonus chapter on tips and like the one about tripods as we've yet to invest in one.
Few pictures showing examples along the way.

Angel Island, gateway to Gold Mountain by Russel Freedman
Know of Ellis island and never thought of one on the west coast and we' stood at north end of Golden Gate Bridge and saw the island for ourselves without even knowing what it was.
Enjoyed all the history especially carvings on the walls that have been preserved.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Shenandoah National Park  by Ruth Radlauer
We have visited his park and enjoyed it much as we got out of the car to not only take pictures but watch parade of 1900 model cars drive by and hike down the valleys along waterfalls.
Thought maybe there would be other things to see and do and everything is described so you can locate them on your own. So much to do in this area.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Memory of a large Christmas by Lillian Smith
Enjoyed this read because of the details in years gone by when you had to make your own gifts.
Even when road crew is invited to dinner and you'd think it'd be a bit scary and it was the total opposite.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

January 2017 Book Fun
As always I find a bunch more books I want to read just by browsing through this fun magazine.
This time I really appreciated hearing about Coffee Talk as I was the winner last month and they special ordered the varieties I wanted. Such service and all for a good cause.
Loved the story and pictures to go along with the adventure.
More or Less also was a good read as we are decluttering ourselves...Love recipes included!
I love the beach especially since it's winter here now and loe all the different places in this section. Also got my interest was Why I love my GPS and photos-great one!
Change in Focus was another I read all the way through because I've read some of the authors works and enjoyed this one as she makes her own life experiences easy to understand as I find parts that are similar to my own life.
Liked the articles on the New Year, makes one reflect and what to look forward to.

Wheel on the chimney by Margaret Wise Brown
So happy to find yet another of Margarets book that her estate has released.
This one is about storks that make their nest on top of the wheel at a farmers house.
Interested how the wheel gets there and what happens to the stork over the course of the year...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Guacamole Recipes: The Ultimate Collection - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Each recipe included prep, ready in, cook times, and servings. List of ingredients and how to make the dish but there is no nutritional information but as each recipe included avocados a large majority of the dish will be heart healthy.
Good combinations that I never would have thought of.

Christmas Stories : The Snowman: Christmas books for kids Bedtime stories for children (Children's Picture Book - Bedtime stories for children 2) by Balint, Beata Noemi.
Colorful children's book about a day the snow fell and how they played outside with the snow and the activities they were able to do.
The family chopped down a tree to use for their Christmas tree and the animals living underneath could only cuddle up to the snowman the kids had made.
Other animals were into hibernation and snowman was left alone again. He wanted to swim or dance or fly like the others-he had to believe one day he could.
Miracles do happen! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Jonathan Arthur
We have one of these and love it. Starts out with features of the pressure cooker.
Starts out with making stocks and then soups. Each recipe includes fresh ingredients and how to make the dish.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information but there is low fat, low sodium ingredients.
Love the kale soup it's very similar to our recipe and instructions.
As we use the Mediterranean lifestyle the chapters included here are very useful info: vegetables, poultry and fish, soups, salads, beans and fruits.

Freezer Meals: 33 Quick and Easy Make Ahead Meals by Sara Elliott Price
I already do this type of cooking-make 2-6 meals on weekends so I can concentrate more on work during the week.
All kinds of information about what will work and what food don't freeze well.
Each recipe has list of ingredients along with how to prepare and how to freeze for later use and how to prepare from the freezer.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information but you might be able to substitute for your dietary needs.

25 Make Yourself Skinny Slow Cooker Recipe Meals: Eat Your Way to Fitness  by Angelina Dylon
Recipes start out with cooking time, servings, ingredient list in metric measurements and some list American.
Preparation directions but there are no pictures and no nutritional information. You may be able to substitute for your dietary needs as most of the ingredients are fresh.
Might want to try pumpkin oatmeal but it makes too much for just 2 of us.

Cutie Sue and the Darkness: An Adorable Bedtime Story, Ages 3-6
Very colorful children's story about Sue and how she likes to play in the sun. They tried different activities so she'd not be to afraid to go to sleep at night.
The darkness troubled her. Like how at the end the book tells you what and how this book will help with what fears.

Love Food Hate Diets: Delicious Mouthwatering Meals Less Than 500 Calories by Angelina Dylon
Cookbook recipes include servings, nutritional information but fat is not broken up into good and bad.
Ingredient list and directions but no pictures. I found most of the dishes were high in sodium and some high in bad fat so I wouldn't consider trying these. There's so much more available that we could eat, either that
or remove the items that we can't eat or substitute for something we can thus making the dish completely different. Wish it was more dietary friendly.
Tuna fish wraps without red wine vinegar would be something we'd eat.-not sure where they get 415 mg of sodium-think it's for the whole can.

Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook: 20 Easy Dishes (Jeen's favorite Rice Recipes)  By Jeen van der Meer
We love making spanish rice in our pressure cooker that takes 4 minutes and comes out perfect every time.
The recipes include a bit of summary then ingredients and how to make the dish.
Servings are included but no pictures and no nutritional information. You might be able to substitute for your dietary needs.

Walking for Health: How to use the Power of Walking to Improve Health and Achieve Weight Loss
Starts out with definition of walking and benefits.
Tells you how to prepare for longer walks, water, loose clothes, layering, sunscreen, etc. We do walk daily 1/4 mile to get the mail along with indoor bike activities. Weekends we head outdoors before we do errands at a local nature reserve.
Talks about different types of walking, snowshoeing, race walking, etc. 
Health benefits of walking to other parts of your body.
We use a fitness tracker and it measures our deep sleep, calories burned and how much we are walking, running, biking and swimming, etc.
Like warm up exercises, we just start out slow and increase speed and tempo. Other resources available and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

The Snowman Paul Series: Vol. 1–4  By Yossi Lapid
Starts out with the snow falling, very colorful children's book. Hard to read the words and with two devices I'm not able to enlarge them. After Paul assembles the snowman he starts talkng to Paul and he just wants to play.
They run in the snow and play while others are watching...
Another book is about snowman Paul and he's reading about the Olympics and wants to compete...Like how he helps him exercise to build up his muscles...
Another book is about them saving Kate's birthday.  Such detailed colorful places and lots of special things to look at-reminds me of the green room in good night moon.
And at the concert hall This snowman can do just everything! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end, along with a gift.
Coloring page when you subscribe to the authors newsletter.

Breakfast Cookbook: Fast and Easy Breakfast Recipes by Alissa Noel Grey
Starts out with information about Mediterranean diet-it's a lifestyle with all that's included.
Each recipe starts out with servings, prep time and list of fresh ingredients along with preparation.
No pictures and no nutritional information but the ingredients are fresh.
Should be able to substitute things like Lite mayonnaise for your dietary needs.
Like combination of breakfast bars as we always need something on our weekend hikes as a go to snack.
So many categories and things to make for breakfast, even sandwiches.
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end.

150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes by Bonnie Scott
Each recipe has a list of ingredients along with how to make the dish. Also has servings but no nutritional information and no pictures.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Low fat chicken Cordon Bleu sounds like a good one but not with swiss cheese. You might be able to substitute for your own dietary needs.

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