Monday, February 20, 2017

Book Review: Angel with Steel Wings by Anne Greene

Angel with Steel Wings by Anne Greene
Liked the idea of the storyline and within a chapter we were looking up information about Camp Davis as we had not heard of it. Which also got us to look up the WASP, women pilot program to see what it was all about.
Mandy is stationed at Camp Davis, NC and she helps fly repair planes and other jobs. She loves being in the air and knows her machines. The women have been grounded and they gather together and Mandy is the one who might be able to change all that for them by becoming flirty with the Major. She reads her Bible daily and often calls on God for more assistance.
They meet for a blind date and she learns many things about him, his deceased wife and their son. At one tim she helps babysit for the handicap boy and they bond. Major even takes her up as a co pilot in a new plane to her so she can learn about it.
He might have the solution to getting the women back up in the air again-it would mean she has to relocate and be away from that Camp....her goal is to get the knowledge and time behind the wheel in order to buy half of the home local airport system.
He has his own dilemmas to find solutions for as he knows he will be in the war in a few months time. Love how he becomes a child of God.
Parts I like are just learning about the women pilots and the Camp, planes, mysteries surrounding the ailing plane crashes, her bond with the boy and straight forward language used-kinda threw me for a bit.
Like how story follows Mandy and also Harvey as he travels overseas-seeing things for the very first time.
Loved parts where they talk of felling the trees and later teaching her  which trees and birds they were looking at.
Love career choices, romance, travel, action, praying to God, adventure and mysteries-a bit of something for everyone.
I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.

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