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Books read Mar 21

If Not For You by Debbie Macomber
Glad as one of her fan ambassadors I was given this ARC prior to the release of the book.
Have read all the authors other works and love knitting inspired ones.
Beth has finally broken away from her mothers grip and moved from Chicago to Portland, OR where her aunt Sunshine lives.
She was able to get an apartment and job as a music teacher and loves her new life. Her friend Nicole has invited her to dinner with her husband Rocco and son Owen.
Sam is Rocco's friend and feels comfortable with the family. Beth and Sam are set up and can't wait to leave the dinner when they feel things didn't go well. As they each drive home Beth's car is hit and she's in really bad shape.
Sam does all he can to just be with her and even afterwards when she's in the hospital and rehab he's there for her and despite their outside appearances they find they do like one another-the inside persons they are.
Some tender moments and some bringing up events of the past to bring the whole puzzle together.
Found book was rather boring and a bit longer than it needed to be to get the story told but liked the read.
Liked new things I learned and location of OR as we are familiar with areas of it in our travels. 
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

Chapel Springs Survival by Ane Mulligan
Have read other works by this author and enjoyed the book.
This is about a town where many new things are happening. They are happening so fast that the tourists are staying past the summer and there are no places to stay.
Townsfolk are overworked but love the income and they try to create a balance for the growth changes.
What I really like about this book is that it concentrates on many different age groups and their problems.
Claire is newly married and trying to get her son involved with someone who will bring him much happiness also.
Love all the career choices available and the layout of the town and all it offers. Love the indepth chatter about the careers and how they do their jobs.
So many mysteries with the land deal and struggles among families as older children have their own dreams at all costs.
Praying and going to church help some with the solutions.

ANTI INFLAMMATORY - Recipes, Weight Loss, And Healthy Living  by Joanne Howard
Book starts out with an introduction about what diet is the best for inflammatory disease.
Starts out with what foods to eat to avoid become inflamed: vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, nuts and other important foods.
Each recipe includes servings, list of ingredients and how to make the dish. Nutritional value includes why certain ingredients are best and what they will do for your body.
Because the ingredients are fresh and healthy nobody should have a problem with any of these recipes.
We eat so many of these foods that it's nice to have a different way of using the ingredients. Love the directions for how to make beef sotck.
Smoothie recipes are even included. Gluten free recipes included also.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Katherine Wright
Starts out with understanding what makes inflammation in the body.
There are several diet rules to live by to help get rid of inflammation: eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce sat. fats,  increase fish consumption, change snacking habits, eliminate transfat and up your fiber intake
Other tips are also provided for the other rules.
Tells you what foods to eat also and why.  Tricks also when given options of the kinds of foods to eat.
5 daily meal plans and how to make them. No pictures and no nutritional information but most of the ingredients are fresh and some are healthy.
Also bonus about a sugar detox is included.

 Chicken Recipes To Die For by Heather Richardson
Each recipe has a color photo, servings and list of ingredients
Directions on how to make the dish are included.
There is no nutritional information and you may be able to substitute for healthier options on some of the ingredients.
Some of the ingredients I am unfamiliar with as they are from England and I'm not sure what the equivalent is for the USA.
Dishes as prepared are too rich, salty and too much fat content for our diets so the title fits perfectly.

 THE INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOK BOOK: Quick And Healthy Meals For All Occasions by Ray Harper
Book starts out with introducing the instant pot and how to use it and its functions. Also has a lot of useful tips and ultra simple recipes to start you off with.
Boiled eggs recipe is very similar to the one I use and nutritional information is a bit different than recipes further into the book. These include calories, daily value % of total fat and sat. fat, cholesterol, sodium and potassium, total carbs, dietary fiber and protein.
Recipes do not have pictures but they do list nutritional information.
One that I find confusing is the yogurt as we make this a lot. Recipes have servings, prep and cook time and ingredients also with how to make the dish.
Nutritional facts are servings size, kilojocules-no idea what this is, calories, protein, carbs, sugar, fat-not broken up into good and bad fats, fiber, sodium.
The recipe does not state how much milk would be needed in the ingredient listing-be sure to read the full recipe all the way through before you even start. You will be able to figure out what you will need.
For the beef stew the numbers don't add up for total fat where total fat is 2.5 g, sat fat is 5.2 g, poly fat is .5 and mono is 5.5g
Chocolate cake one looks good bt again the total fat is 14 and sat fat is 5, where is the other 9g?
Free gift of an ebook is linked.
 Children's book: Clio – The Cat That Loved to Eat (Fun Rhyming Bedtime Story for kids 4-8, animals adventures story: cats) by Rivka Bar-Giora
Colorful children's book about a cat Clio and he's known as trouble around town. The problem with food is that they are always hungry.
There are rhyming words also that help tell this story.  The children in one house ask to let the cat come in during the rain and the parents say no way.
He gets along with the other cats and they like him also.

 Take The Cake: Discover 139 Best cake recipes, cheesecakes, tiramisu, from all around the world  by Jeff Robinson
This cookbook has recipes which include the title, some have a color photo and summary of the dish.
Ingredient list and how to make the dish is included. There is no nutritional information.
Some of the recipes take a bit of time to actually prepare.
You might not be able to substitute for a healthy option as chemical reactions might need to take place. I consider the deserts here once a year type as they are rich.
Not sure what some of the ingredients are: kefir or how different it is from USA milk

 Baking Soda Magic! Frugal And Effective by Kristina Marchant
Really enjoyed this book because it taught me so many new ways to do things with baking soda. Can't wait to try it on weeds in patio and on my hairbrush.
What I had not expected was to find other chapters about tiny house living, frugality, beekeeping, knitting, anti inflammatory diet, quilting, bodybuilding for women, sewing, bushcraft mini farming, top minecraft seeds, how to dry herbs, minecraft combat book and so much more that does not relate to baking soda at all.
I will keep the book handy for the tips but not for the other chapters it offers.

Excellent homemade bread. Cookbook: 25 simple recipes for baking in your oven by David Hill
We usually use our bread machine but like to do it fresh also. This book includes many recipes that start out with a summary of the bread, prep time, servings, and list of ingredients.Directions follow along with a nice color photo of the finished product.
Can't wait to try the carrot sweet bread and probably substitute for eggs using liquid ones or just egg whites and cooking oil I'll probably use canola oil to keep the bread healthy for us to eat.
There is NO nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.

The Best Tagine Recipes: 25 Original Moroccan Tagine Recipes for You and Your Family  by Amina Elbaz
This cookbook has a nice color photo of the finished product, servings and list of ingredients. You should be able to substitute for healthier options with chicken broth and butter and oils. Directions are included and there are NO nutritional information available.
The dishes sound and look interesting enough to try them.

50 Recipes For Apple Crumble, Apple Trifle, Apple Cupcakes and Apple Cheesecake by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe has a  title and short summary of the dish, list of ingredients and how to put it together. There is no nutritional information.
Some of the ingredients you might be able to substitute for a healthy option due to your dietary needs.
No pictures and most as written we'd not be able to have due to high bad fat content and sodium levels.

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