Monday, April 17, 2017

Book Fun April 2017 Magazine Review

April 2017 Book Fun Magazine
Was intrigued by the picture as it is very similar to a picture I have of my husband in his younger days with hair the same color along with beard and mustache!
Always enjoy this magazine every month as it tells me of what books are coming out and more than the summary about them, more indepth information about the author, their family or their life work.
Takes a bit of time to load into my tablet as the pictures are very high quality.
Like the color wheel and God, imaginative!
Found a bunch more new authors works I want to read because they contained summaries but much more to understand about the author and their family.
Love Cheri Swalwell's sampling of religion-how cool is this! Also like catching up with the coffee dude as I refer to Gregory Hines as. Love his stories of the mission in his life and surrounding home lands. So many new authors to choose books from!
So many other author's works which I've read, always great to catch up with their latest books.  Love the interview with Tony Martin and can't wait to read his book.
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