Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Books read April 25

MEDITERRANEAN DIET: Vol.3 Dinner Recipes by Charity Wilson
First is about how healthy Med food can be and what you can substitute for a healthier option.
Each recipe starts with a brief summary of the dish, servings and list of ingredients which are fresh and healthy.
Directions and some nutritional information is included: calories, carbs, fat-NOT broken up into good and bad, and protein,
There are NO pictures. Thank you ebooks are listed. Love seafood recipes and  can't wait to try several.

Children's Book: THE THINGS I'M GRATEFUL FOR (Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 4-8): Fun Stories About Being Grateful and Fun Activities! (Happy Kid Books Book 3) by Arnie Lightning
We'll be having a Thanksgiving feast this weekend and it's always interesting to learn as we go around the table what others are most grateful for.
Cute colorful children's stories.
This book is about Thanksgiving time and relatives are coming to help celebrate.
Jordan talks others into making the celebration a happy one for everyone.
Another chapter is about Carlo and his breaks his ankle at Thanksgiving time.
He was sad because he'd not be able to play in fall soccer. He just wants to skip the holiday this year til he talks to his cousin Frankie.
Book also includes fun activity sections. Other stories and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Fun puzzles and mazes are included and a free ebook gift.

50 Delicious Waffle Recipes For Breakfast by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe includes a short summary of the dish, list of ingredients
and how to prepare the dish using a heated waffle iron.
Comes with serving suggestions.
There are no pictures.
There is no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute that one third cup of butter melted for a healthier option
Looked at the apple recipes specifically and think with liquid eggs and low fat milk and a sub for the butter I can get it to be something we could eat.

Gator Goes by Bike by Keenan Hopson
Children's colorful story about how animals get to work
everyday. Some of the pages are hard to read the text on
dark background. So many different animals travel to work in a different way
and are shown in colorful pictures how they get to work.
When they arrive at work they change into the uniforms of their job and you'd never guess where they all work.
Cute story

30 Minute Meals: 40 Quick Easy Recipes for Busy Moms by Alexa Cookster
This book starts out with Chicken recipes which include a nice color photo, prep and finish time, list of ingredients and how to make the dish. Also has tips for what to serve it with and servings.
There is no nutritional information.
What I like about this book is that it lists ingredients of low sodium broth and skinless, most of the ingredients are very healthy and fresh.
Has chapters for chicken, beef and port, seafood, pasta and salads, quick easy kitchen tips and other useful things.
Especially like seafood section. can't wait to try a few.

Breakfast Ideas Value Pack II – 200 Recipes For Waffles, Omelets, Coffee Cake and Quick Bread by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe starts with a few sentences about the dish then the list of ingredients. You should be able to substitute for healthier options due to your own dietary needs.
How to prepare the dish and serving suggestions are included.
There are  no pictures.
There is no nutritional information.
Sections for coffee cakes, quick breads, waffle recipes which come from another book I just reviewed:
50 Delicious Waffle Recipes For Breakfast by Pamela Kazmierczak
and omelet recipes.

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