Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Reviews : Philip Nork's works

Legends of the Lake was the first one I read and reviewed last month, what a treasure!

The Other Side of Horse Racing by Philip Nork
Enjoy learning about horses and have yet to ride one but want to learn more about them.
Enjoy the Derby and other races in May but more about finding out about the people who train them and ride them.
Gambling is an escape and ends up being an addiction.  Bobby Tucker grew up with no father, those he loved had died. It's best to just go on by himself he thinks.
Love that it explains all the terms about betting and place the horse comes up at the end of the race.
Strikes up friendships with some ladies and pops. Different track where the horses run got him unnerved and things just aren't right...
Loved hearing all the stats, percentage wise about the different tracks and horses.  Wind and drafting totally makes sense!
Word gets around among the teens and they use him for his winning bets.
Time goes on and things go horribly wrong on all counts. After graduation he goes with his father to live in FL. He hopes to remake himself and be more outgoing.
He gets a job and once again you wonder if he's done with gambling.
Tough love sets in and you hope he will wake up from his nightmare....Love the opportunity that is offered.
Lots of twists throughout this book, left you guessing what could happen next.
Received this copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Misguided Sensitivity by Philip Nork
This book starts out with the author's struggles through childhood as his parents divorced.
He had others in his life as he grew up and treasures everything he learns from them. The lessons he learned are listed in the chapters.
Love that he is able to get something and give something to others in return and how he meets them again later in life.
Remember our skating days and wondered if I ever skated past my spouse as we didn't know one another til 10 years later-fond memories.
Author writes his side of the story and you get a glimpse of the other's thoughts as well. Love school writing assignment where the class all realize one major thing that effects them all. Everybody has their own plan of action to be accepted into society.
Love the definition of acquaintance and I have a ton of them, LOL
Feel like I've learned so much and it's been right in front of me the whole time. Can't wait to read other works by this author.
Received this copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Life Balance by Philip Nork
This book summarizes the prior book in the series: Misguided sensitivity and then moves on to when the male character is older.
Heartache, struggles, joy, death, medical emergencies, emptiness-he sometimes needs help to get through life that balances good and bad.
He wonders if the gift is actually a curse. He needs to take control of his own destiny, find his spiritual self again.
For the summer he and his younger brother head to FL where his father lives and they reconnect and he learns of his life there.
He decides to live in FL after their return, he cuts away from everybody he knows in St. Louis after a huge going away party from the roller rink.
FL has many opportunities for him as he takes it all in. Love the descriptions of the rides, so detailed I feel like I am there.
Auras are fascinating to learn about.  This book is so involved with the people he meets and each one gives another clue to the puzzle of his life.
At times you wonder if he will find one to really love and grow old with. Love the visits from Nana and what rain and roses signify.
Received this copy from the author and this is my honest review.

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