Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book Review: Married in Montana by Jane Porter


Married in Montana by Jane Porter
Like the time period of this book and the simple things that are treasured as they all done by machines today.
Starts out with Johanna's shop and she's so busy sewing for the Easter holiday. Her best friend, Elle visits and she tells her of her ailing father's condition, he won't last much longer. Elle had met Thomas, the night of the engagement reception when Sinclair breaks the engagement to become engaged to another. Thomas was the fireman that watched it all happen.
Thomas approaches her father and they have an agreement. 
Her father wants to see her married by the time his life is ended. He's raised her his whole life. She approaches Thomas and asks him if he will accept her proposal. She really just wants a male figure to do the work on the farm while she is the one managing it, along with protecting her inheritance, along with time to get to know one another, perhaps up to a year. That's not quite the way he hears her though...
What I like about this is not only doing things by hand but all the things I learned along the way, detailed descriptions of the town architecture and other events that have occurred prior.  
They do get married, living in separate rooms in the house on the farm. Story also brings us up to date with Thomas and how and where he was raised.
It's a wonder how things will work out as they are both bull headed, strong set in their own ways. He takes over the managing as she grieves. Love how he takes charge, love the things he does to wake her up.....her hair gets between them....
Steamy sex scenes. Great epilogue!
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

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