Thursday, June 29, 2017

Books read June 29

Healthy in a Hurry by Elizabeth Greenway
Introduction is about smoothies and how they are beneficial and easy to make.
Each recipe includes a summary of what vitamins the drink is rich in and the ingredient list which contains very healthy ingredients.
Each section has just one color photo at the start of the new chapter. Some recipes include servings.
Directions on how to make using a blender are included.
No nutritional information but all the foods are fresh produce in their natural state-no enhancements.
Definitely like the different combinations of fruits and vegetables used.
Love the granola sections as we use a bar every day and it's nice to be able to make them ourselves so we control what goes in them, rather than buying them at the store with processed items included.
Bars and cookies section also are appetizing. Wish it had prep and cook time at the start of each recipe.
No bake bars will be one to try as we get whey from the yogurt we make in our pressure cooker.

Enjoy Cooking Again Recipes for Kids by Gordon Rock
Book starts out with the author bio and other works along with table of contents.
Doesn't appear to be any order to the recipes.
Introduction talks about what foods should inspire kids to want to eat them as they are most nutritious.
Like that you are given options to make some of the recipes-use whatever you have in the fridge.
Each recipe contains a color photo, summary of the dish, servings, prep time.
Ingredient list for the most part is healthy but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Directions on how to make are included, NO nutritional information.
Pictures are really up close and personal. you can see all the parts of the recipe.
Lot of adult meals made especially for kid sized appetites.
Free ebook is included. Great for everyday or gatherings.

4th of July Jokes for Kids: Independence Day Jokes for Kids by I.P Happy
Cute colorful children's book about jokes for the fourth of July. There are the questions at the top and the answer then the page is separated by a firecracker and then there's another q and a.
Some very silly ones and will bring a smile to your face if not a burst of laughter.
There are 100 of them.

Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 100 Quick, Easy, and Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes for Nourishing and Delicious Meals  by Vanessa Olsen
Introduction about how healthy it is to cook in the pressure cooker and how much time you will save.
History and science of the cooker is discussed along with health benefits.
How to choose a cooker: shows a picture of the old fashioned ones and the electric ones of today and how to clean and maintain it.
Also a chapter on how to convert recipes to a cooker.
Many other tips along the way the most important being about safety.
Starts out with breakfast dishes. Each recipe has a title and servings and time in minutes along with a summary of what the dish is.
List of ingredients along with directions.
Recipes would work perfect for our electric pressure cooker as it has the same settings as the recipes want.
Nutritional inform per serving includes calories, protein, fat-NOT broken up into good or bad, carbs, and fiber.
There are no pictures.
I would watch for the fat ingredients and be sure to use low fat also low sodium products.
We also make our hard boiled eggs for 6 days in 6 minutes using the cooker.
Chicken recipes are next, beef entrees, seafood entrees, soups, vegan entrees, side dishes, snack foods, and desserts.
Can't wait to try the 15 minute meat loaf recipes with low sodium, low fat ingredients.
Cornbread sounds good also along with a one serving brownie using peanut butter!
Summary of the whole cookbook is listed at the end, if you want a quick reference as to what you're really looking for.
Charts: conversion on time for products using electric and standard pressure cooker along with setting.
Also has step by step instructions on how to can using the pressure cooker. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Free ebook link included.

 Delightful seafood recipes.Cookbook: 25 recipes. by Daniel Hall
Introduction about seafood and it is the time of year you can get it very fresh around here in New England.
Each recipe has a color photo, prep time and servings.
List of ingredients are listed and you should be able to substitute for low sodium and low fat without much flavor loss.
Directions are included and how to serve.
Lots of different methods to baking, steaming, cooking, grilling, frying the fish.
Crispy baked fish or grilled shrimp would be my choice.
Free ebook is included.

Dessert cookbook: Best recipes to sweeten up your life! Baking, cookies, puddings and much more! by Mia Syndella
Each recipe has a color photo, country recipe originated, time and servings. Nutritional info includes calories, proteins, fat-not broken up into good and bad, carbs.
Ingredients are listed using US or metric, in the same recipe along with directions.
Not every recipe has a color photo. I do like having the variety of baking, cakes, cookies, puddings, cold desserts from different countries.
Free ebook link available and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Coffee Cake Recipes: The Ultimate Guide by Jennifer Hastings
Each recipe includes a title, prep and cook and ready in time, servings. List of ingredients which you might be able to substitute for a healthier option but it's not going to taste the same as using the butter,
directions on how to make and bake. Come with frosting recipes also.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Some of the recipes are using US measurement, some are in metrics and US mixed in the same recipe.
Pumpkin coffee cake would be the healthiest, ingredient wise.

Desserts - Delighted and Ready for Dessert by Thomas Elton
Starts out with an introduction about what the book offers for all skill levels. Some healthy ones also!
Each recipe includes a title along with a summary and a color photo.
Servings and list of ingredients (some very healthy) and some hard to find items from your local stores.
Preparation is detailed. What I don't like about this book is each of the recipes does not start on its own page and there is no nutritional information.
A blender is used a lot, something I don't have and some use an ice cream maker.
One recipe has nutritive value: vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free) they copied this from another cookbook as it's not the same format as the other recipes.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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