Friday, June 30, 2017

Books read June 30

All Because of the Tip of a Needle by Philip Nork
Enjoyed the previous works of the author and this one also. It's about harness horse racing and how Sam Newman is raised around the industry and as he gets older he wants to do more in the field.
He has vets that will travel to the farm to tend to his horses.  He scouts and puts in claims on the horses after the race. M99 scandal and his life is over.
He has a feeling with them and knows just how much time they need to just hang out in the field at his farm before returning to racing.
He gets blackmailed and has to figure out who and why. So many clues to connect. Lots of surprises along the way. Love learning how he is able to rehab and train the horses. Love the connection he has with his grandfather. Glad he was able to get his story out.
The people you meet in your life! Love all the new things I learned.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Coffee Cookbook by Thomas Kelley
Start out with an introduction and then chapters explaining the myths of coffee. Next is the chapter on the five essential tools and the rules to make the perfect cup of coffee.
Love the names of the coffees.  Each recipe includes a color photo servings and total prep time
List of ingredients and directions along with how to serve it. No nutritional information.
Like the different categories of coffee. Other coffee drink recipes are included along with espresso drinks.

Helen Keller For Kids Book: Fun Facts About The Accomplishments & Life Of Helen Keller by Jacob Smith
This book is fascinating as she was not only blind by deaf, She was not born that way but got a high fever as a child.
After her illness there are chapters about how she learned to speak again. She even went to college with so much help from people. She did a lot of world wide traveling as well.
So accomplished, definitely someone to look up to.
There are a lot of family photos along the way showing her story.

BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes: Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces and lots of other tasty thing – all in one!  by Joseph Harvey
This book starts out with an introduction  about the rules of basic bbq and how to care for the meats and things you put on the grill, the right temperature and right oiling.
Table of contents that offer many categories of food to put on the grill.
Each recipe starts out with a color photo, title, list of ingredients and how to make it.
No nutritional information and no servings. You might be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Measurement conversion charts are included.

A Coffee Lover's Guide to Coffee: All the Must - Know Coffee Methods, Techniques, Equipment, Ingredients and Secrets by Shlomo Stern
This book is very informational but it's hard to read with very light font color.
Contents include an intro, history, how to plant, harvest and the different tastes of coffee. Roasting, grinding and other type of coffee. Brewing methods are varied and even a section on espresso and many other specialty drinks.
Very in depth about the beans and what they will produce in way of flavor.
Many high color photographs included along the way.
Love index at the back that explains about the term used and it's definition.
URL links are included for reference and resources.

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