Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Books read Aug 9

The Fourth Descendant  by Allison Maruska
This book starts out with a man contacting the others whose family also possessed a special key.
They are told to find it and they'd meet as a documentary film is to be created as they open the special vessel.
What I like about this is the action, adventure, travel to various places and just the thought of this book.
It's so believable that this could happen and I enjoyed reading it and following along as other events occur that bring them together, some closer than others.
Wish this concept was as easy to administer in today's world to help others.
Summary of other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Avalanche (A Stone Mountain Mystery Book 3) by Kristina Stanley
Was looking forward to finding the easter egg so I'd have more books to read and I was able to find it when I read the book Aug 2017. Three more books from other series to read
Book starts out with Roy and he's on his way to the top of the mountain to go skiing. There is an avalanche and we hear his last thoughts...
Story also follows his sister and brother in law, Kalin and Ben who work at the ski resort. There are others in the company who come into play and it's easy to follow along as other major events occur that disrupt everything.
What I liked about this was not only the house Kalin and Bed had built for themselves but the people and lifestyle they surround themselves with.
Enjoy this as it's blazing hot outside in August and just reading about all the snow makes it bearable. Really like the series from just this one book. Lots of twists and turns...
Love the action, adventure, snow and operations of the resort.
Wish I read the other book sin sequence as some secrets are revealed from the earlier books and I hope to be able to read those for review at some point.
Received this review copy from Imajin Books and this is my honest review.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau
Like how the sections are divided up into chapters.
Each concentrates on its theme and he talks about the surrounding farmers and his beliefs.
We have visited Walden Pond and was able to walk around visiting the garden area and where he stayed-it's just a small shed.
Loved hearing of his crops and how he does accounting for everything he built or planted. 
I recall the railroad also as we hiked to the top of the hill.
Enjoyed this book although it's not written in today's language, have to read into it.

Camino Island by John Grisham
Enjoy Mr. Grishams books for many reasons.
They get me thinking, they take me to new places and I learn new things.
Love this one because it deals with the publishing side of books and how a heist is pulled off quite easily.
It's amazing where the manuscripts end up. Love learning about clamshell and cedar boxes. Lots of twists and turns in this book.
Loved the part about Hemingway and Zelda and Charles Dickens wife as I had just read a book on that subject. 
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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