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Savvy Stories Series by Dan Alatorre

Savvy Stories by Dan Alatorre

Savvy Stories: Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter by Dan Alatorre
Have enjoyed the author's other works and know this will be a good read also.
Starts out with details of the birth of Savvy and although it's comical at times things get drastically dangerous shortly after.
Daddy attempts to keep his head on and keeping things positive but he's not sure how long he can hold up. Medical emergencies and the family copes.
Loved hearing how it all works out during the bad times. Such community support and family as well.  What I liked about this book was the honesty although some things the author is bound to made fun of as the circumstances are embarrassing but he's so outgoing with it all. Through the good times and bad times he stays on top of it all as new milestones are achieved. Feel like I got a bonus with all the talk of the vineyard as there is one in town and it answers a lot of questions I had about them.
Especially like the 'when you're a kid' segment at the end, kind of a wrap up of the things discussed.
Extensive author bio and work history at the end of the book.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

The TERRIBLE Two's: Funny Things I Learned From My Toddler Daughter (Savvy Stories Book 2) by Dan Alatorre
Starts out with summary of author's other works and reviews.
This book starts off where the first book ended. It's about Savvy and her life with her parents. The things they all learn are priceless.
Humor, child rearing, new adventures. Some tragic medical events and funny things along the way. Stay strong.
What I really like about these books are that as a grandparent of some adults and younger we get to do the fun things with them. Blowing bubbles, playing in puddles, making a sand castle,  going down slides with them, playing army guys, dancing the hokey pokey and singing and dancing. Thanks for all the memories.
Excerpt from the next book in the series is included. Other summarized books are highlighted at the very end.

Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

The Long Cutie By Dan Alatorre
This story is about the diagnosis the authors get when their newborn is brought into the world. There are other stories by others who also suffer from the Long QT disease.
Love learning about new things and how they all work. This book also includes humor to get through the hard difficult times.
A link between the two comes out in this book.
After hearing the stories from the older crowd you realize how severe this disease really is and you wonder how many others you know with epilepsy actually have this. Such heartbreak but rewarding journeys.
Love the health community as they share what works for them and it might work for others, so caring and sharing.
I can relate to this story as I have a rare eye condition and have undergone so many tests over the years, not to help me but maybe to help others who are diagnosed with it. Hope is all you have some days. I do hope my results from the tests have helped others.
Such a compassionate book from everyone involved.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

The Short Years: 4th book will be out around Christmas

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