Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Books read Sept 13

Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author's Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews
Useful information about how authors should approach book bloggers to get their books read and reviewed online.
As a reviewer I'm happy when an author solicits their book for me to read. Hate when they just assume I will read it because they sent it to me. I read a ton, over 700 books this year, some are child, cookbooks, gardening, real 400 page books, wide variety of subjects.
I want to know a bit about the book then I'll decide if I want to read it and post reviews to about 15 different social media sites.  Don't push it down my throat, ask me first. Always like a more personal letter, about something we have in common, even weather or geographical location.
The author knows what a blogger is and what an author is and how to match them together.

Fruit Popsicles :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Healthy & Homemade Recipes
What I liked about this book was the healthy ingredients for the most part-some used high fructose syrup-too much sugar for us.
Introduction tells you about the book and how you can control the healthy ingredients. For all recipes you do need Popsicle molds and sticks.
Each recipe starts with title, prep and cook time and servings. List of ingredients and they do list low sodium, low fat varieties along with how to make the item.
There are no pictures and there is no nutritional information but you should have no problem finding one that will fit your dietary needs.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Forever His by Shelly Thacker
Starts out 1299 with a tournament and the men decide instead of wiping out the family of heirs that they work together.
The king states he must have a relative marry the other side. She was in the nunnery and ready to devote herself to God.
They are never to raise their blades or they lose everything they have.
1993 in France, Celine Fontaine is enjoying the festivities and knows something important is about to happen. Her sister Jacqueline is trying to set her up with a man.
Celine had given up modeling and now works in fibers...the physical therapy is going well but not many know of her injuries...
The two worlds collide as they try to figure things out...she's arrived in 1300 and has no clue as to what is at stake....
Good, funny at times time travel book. Gaston wants her to be a maid now doing chores? 
Loved learning about how the estate was run in 1300's and what was important to wealth and security.  Love how she steps up to the plate and  teaches others throughout the house how to make things easier and helps with the children. Hot spicy sex scenes as they get to know one another.
She is able to learn how to get back to the future...
Received this ebook free from smashwords and this is my honest review.

Bottled Water: What to BUY & What to AVOID (The Truth About Bottled Water Book 1) by Kate Bernhardt 
What I like about this book are the facts. Never knew only a handful of companies actually own the labels behind the water that you buy.
Water bottles are not created equally, so much to learn about this. We drink a lot of water and they tell you what to watch out for.
Like the quiz that accompanies the book as there are right and wrong answers.There's only 5 rules when it comes to bottled water and I won't spoil the fun you can have in learning about them for yourself.
Interesting book and learned so much!

Living Frugal And Loving It: 40 Creative Ways To Save Money And Live Debt Free For Life (Simple Living Book 2)  by Kathy Stanto
Lots of ideas on how to save time and money in many different areas of your life. We do a large majority of them already: cut cable bill, use magicjack for phone, low end banking, coupons, etc.
Would be a super book if it had a checklist enclosed that you could print so you can watch your progress. Really enjoyed this book.

Mediterranean Diet: 250+ Heart Healthy Recipes & Desserts + 100 Mediterranean Diet Beginner’s Tips, Tools, & Resources. (Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Lose Weight, Slow Aging, Fight Disease & Burn Fat by Kevin Hughes 
Don't care for some of the discussions in this book as our nutritionist told us to limit our salt intake due to husband's heart attack. This book says Med diet is high in salt-I totally disagree with that.
I know what I can sprinkle on our food to make it healthy.
Recipes in this book do not have pictures. The nutritional information they do contain is different for each of the recipes, most will have  protein, fat-not broken up into good and bad fats, carbs and calories.  Each recipe has a title and servings and list of ingredients. When you have to use a can of beans and just rinse it off the brine is already in the beans, USE FRESH!
Some items I have no idea what they even are: tahini. Also has directions in how to make. Not all recipes even have nutritional information. Some of format is different for some of the recipes.
There  are to me, a lot of useless information in the book. Introduction starts out with what the Mediterranean diet is and to check wtih your doctore first.
I totally disagree with having red wine at dinner. our doctor told us if you do not drink wine, don't start because of this diet. To us it's a new lifestyle as we combine exercise and sleep with the good diet.
Not sure if you really need to know about what kitchen utensils and appliances you should be using. Some of my appliances do the job of 6 other appliances.
There are listings of other sites online to check out along with apps to use.
Funny how it states to use low fat butter and other products but recipes don't use them as ingredients, they use real milk, etc.
We use low fat, low sodium and have no problems when the recipe calls for regular.
This book I could modify but it still doesn't list good and bad fats nor sodium which is what we are more interested in than calories or carbs. So lacking.

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