Saturday, January 26, 2008

jaunts around town

went to gregs mom today to do a few things for her and noticed 2 women sitting in the main sitting room crochetting. we went over to talk to them to learn one is heavily involved in knitting/crochetting locally for the senior center. told her of the work i do for my local center. i think gregs mom was going to go get her crochet work and go sit with them for a bit. she was always complaining everybody was busy on weekends and there were no activities when we find these 2 just sitting there crochetting away. one was working on a crochet scarf, another a ripple crochet afghan. the projects they had worked on they give to a local woman and she gets them packaged up and sent to project linus or other ones. strange how one center is into the needlearts and the other has nothing but what comes from outside.

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