Friday, January 25, 2008

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greg (my husband) has decided that in his air conditioned office (Year round) that he needs another sweater especially for the winter. so i got the measuring stick out and it's a size 47 with 50 around the waist. Easy to incorporate that into an irish fisherman knit sweater. the pattern shown here is a diamond and the honeycomb center stitches. hope to have it done for our wedding anniversary feb 4.

this part of the pattern of the above sweater shows the seed stitch edging to the right hand side and the lobster claw stitch, then the diamond patterns.

making front and back at same tim so no issues with different lengths.

took wrap around sweater all apart, started, restarted it but kept the sleeves alone and finished. thought if i made the sweater with front and back at same time i'd not have such an issue with the lengths of the pieces. well then i gotta figure out exactly where to put the sleeves as these are drop in and not set in sleeves. and i'd lose the pockets that i really really really want in the sweater. so after 3 rows im gonna re-re-restart this sweater again LOL

these items came in a box from marie. I had seen she was running a contest at her website-you had to guess how many cookie sheets she has in her house. being a christmas cookie baker i could relate to her blog talking bout thousands of cookies done within a weeks time. LOL well i dint guess the right number but the first person optted to get a dozen or her cookies. so i got the hand dyed yarn, woohoo for me! this came at a critical time for me this week as i didn't win either of the 2 lion brand contests i had spent hours on entering them. also heard back from caron yarn and a few other ones that they had enough sample knitters but would keep my name on their lists. This package means i was RAK'ed. (Random act of kindness) I've often heard of what others get in their boxes when RAKKed.
Recieved a nice card along with Marie's business card and url's of where the yarn is sold. Also a special soap for the yarn. didn't really read the back of the package in detail. there was a plastic container but you couldn't see insude unless you opened it cuz of the waxed paper. wow chocolate biscotti homemade. let's just say i had a few bites BEFORE dinner and I'm so glad i did LOL Thank you super much Marie! Her links are: or and her blog is at:

received this thank you card from the church in bristol for the prayer shawls we had made for them. because of this recognition by thanking us my mom and I will probably continue to make more for them, because they are most appreciated. A lot of the other charities we do/have done work for never say thanks or recognize the time we've put into some things we've made for them after years of working with them.

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