Monday, February 9, 2009

bunny hat pattern

hi julie, got your comment and i wasn't sure how to reply.

i see the white bunny hats with pink ears but find it's more for a girl and my grandson is almost 3 so wanted 'boy' colors.

the hat can be done in either knit or crochet.
to crochet. it's a basic hat for kids. ears start out at the bottom, ch6, work for 2" then increase each side 2 times. work that for 2" then decrease down to 3 sts.
now increase back up so it matches widest part of the ear, then dec down so you end up with the original 6 sts. if you fold it in half it should match. what i did then as to crochet in the darker color of blue around the whole thing and attach bottom section to the hat. i also put a pipe cleaner in.
make another ear to match.

to knit it's a basic knit hat
for the ears co 6 sts, work for 2" then inc 1st each side eor 2 times til there are 10st, work for 2", dec down to 3 sts (one half of the ear is done). now work by inc up to 10sts and work for 2", dec down to 6sts and work for 2", bo and put in pipe cleaner and crochet the outer edging with sc n darker blue. you could also knit and bo at the same time around the outer edge.
make another to match.

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