Sunday, February 15, 2009

pattern for crochet towel toppers

wolf knit hat

this is step 1, this is assuming you have cut the purchaed towel in half and what i do is sew down that edge at least 1/4 to 1/2"
this is where i then insert the needle with a bit of yarn on it. to start the project off

this is step 2 notice how you put the needle into the towel and where the ends of the yarn are.

this is step 3

this is step 4 pull tight

keep the stitches at an even pace. i go about 2 stitches per inch.

to start off crocheting you can use the top loop to work sc's across the row

or use the side stitch or a combination of both. i then work a few rows of dc's then at the start of the next row i work one dc, skip one st, rep til end. repeat this til i have about 9 sttiches then work til that is about 3" long. to make the buttonhole i work 3 dc, ch3, skip 3 sts, work last 3 sts. on the return work 3 dc in ch space. work a few more rows of dc and end off.

to make the button i use yarn and ch3, join and work 2sc in ea st. then work a row of 2 dc in ea st. end off and attach to towel topper.

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