Friday, May 7, 2010

glossary and sample pictures of knit stitches

work k5, p1 across the row
work p2, k4 across the row
work k3, p3 across the row
work p4, k2 across the row
rep first row, then reverse all the stitches

seashell knit pattern
work 2 rows k for border
on 58 sts
row 1: k2 for border, k2 tog, 3 times then *k1, yo, 6 times, k2tog 6 times, rep from *, end with k2 tog 3 times, k2 for border
row 2: k2 for border, p, k2 for border
row 3:, 5 k
row 4, 6, 8: rep row 2
row 7: rep row 1
rep these 8 rows til desired length

co 58 sts
work 2 k rows for border
row 1: k 2 tog, yo, across row
row 2: k2 for border, p, k2 for border
keep k2 for border on each side
row 3, 5: k across
row 4, 6: p across
rep these rows for pattern til desired length, k2 rows for border, bo

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