Wednesday, February 1, 2012

books i read jan 2012

41 books total
Head Over Heels by Cindy Procter King
Justin who is in charge of the company mountain bike side of things has set up a weekend
with the Willouby's from England who might want to invest in the company.
He was to take his girlfriend Trina with him and mountain bike on the trails with them
but she broke it off with him and now he needs to find another to take her place. He finds
his ad agency agent Magee and she's agreed to do what needs to be done. She finds herself
to be a klutz and everything goes wrong even in her ad agency that her dad has left her in
charge of while he's on a vacation.
On the trip to Whistler they stay at Justins family house and the real Trina shows up and
causes havoc with the whole plan.
Now it looks like sabotage has taken place at Magee's place of business and she starts snooping
to find out who's got it in for her. She left Justin and all the others to work out their
problem as she sorts through her own turmoil.

The Sometimes Daughter by Sherri Wood Emmons
Story is about a little girl, born at Woodstock and her parents
raised her close by her fathers parents. There were main events that
took place that even I recall that occurred and the mother, Cassie was
involved in directly. Cassie has done a lot of drugs and has lived
in communes and the girl lives mostly with her father when the mother
returns. The girl has had a hard life making friends and they also
ake fun of her mother as she does as well.
As time goes on she and her dad travel to CA to visit with Cassie and her
new husband and baby. Love the sightseeing parts as my family was going to
plan a trip to that area for Disneyland and know we know what to expect.
Book follows her through her first dating years.
Things move fast from then on: wedding, pregnancies, abortion, travel
drugs, etc all come to the forefront. Surprised at the ending but well
thought out for that period in time.

Cloudy with a chance of Marriage by Kieran Kramer
Jilly is on her own, with her bookstore on a drury street in England. One of her
neighbors is a Captain and that's all he needs is the beautiful woman running the
book store, just next door. Plays and balls they enjoy going to together and he
enjoys lovemaking with her at the back of the store. The street needs more activity
to come so the stores can thrive once again. A street fair just might be the answer.

The Ideal Man by Julia Garwood
Ellie is a trauma doctor. After 11 hours in surgery she went for a run to ease the
stress and tension. She's soon to be heading home for her sisters wedding, who is
marrying her ex boyfriend.
She witnessed a shooting so now she's under police protection. Max travels to her house
to protect her.
She hopes the guy she has a restraining order on will show up so the Feds will lock him
up once and for all.
Hitman almost got her but something goes wrong... Love the details of how he tried to get her.
And could her sister be pregnant? So many questions and find the answers in the book, it's a GOOD one.

Hearts of Darkness:James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Cat Stevens The Unlinekly Rise of the Singer-Songwriter by Dave Thompson
The cover got to me because I grew up with James Taylor, Jackson Browne,
and Cat Stevens. Love their music even to this day I search for them on XM radio.
Everything from why their names were changed, moving and the instruments they played and
the music revolution.
Record companies, the politics and the signing, not knowing what you were really signing away,
who you were friends with and the travel, places near and far and who were there. The bands
and recollection of things happening all made the music we listen to today.
Love reading about the refereneces to the Newport Folk Festival as it's only 15 minutes from
my house.
Always interesting to find out how and why and who the songs were written about.
Adult book because of the swearing words.
Love the epilogue, tells you where they are now
And the very detailed discography.

A Turn In The Road by Debbie Macomber
Beth Ann who 6 years ago had gotten divorced, he has just announced he wanted out and
went to live with a younger woman. She started a themed birthday party business and it
took off so well. Now he wants back into their lives.
Her mother in law, Ruth Ann who she's still very friendly with wants to attend her
50th class reunion to Florida. She talked about the sights she wants to see on her way
to the reunion. Beth tells her she will accompany her-this will give her time to think
over her ex being back in her life again.
They first head to where RuthAnn grew up and raised her family. She hopes to meet up with
her long lost girlfriend in Pendleton. They stray from their journey to really live and
experience their surroundings. They end up in Las Vegas rather that going to Mt. Rushmore
and have a blast. Same with the rest of their trip-they do things NOT on their list but
love doing it.
Beth is getting close to one of the motorcycle riders and he has followed them to LV where
she spends more time with him. Her daughter, Annie also has come along with them as she wants to prove to her boyfriend who took off for Europe that she can do things without him and have fun.
The places they stop makes me want to go visit them as well.
As the days go by Ruth does attend the reunion and the next week finds them all at home, where they are helping to plan the oldest boy's wedding.
Some decisions have been made and the others find out at the wedding.

Seductive Kiss by Francis Ray
Dianne is a top model with her familys agency who have offices all
over the world. She is in NY for a week, after a shoot to meet
with the new CEO and she starts up a relationship with her long
time best girlfriends brother who is a lawyer, Alex, and he's always loved
her but never told her. He's always been there for her.
Things are going on with the business since her grandfather passed
away and she hopes to find out and get them fixed. She's also
designed a line for the agency for years.
The meeting did not go as planned and she took several days to
find out what she really wanted to do with her life, as she had gotten
She did her research and knew she'd be great making her new career.
The sad thing to me through all this is how her parents treated her
when she was younger and in her adult life. It was all about them, so sad.
Money is more important to them than anything.
Wonderful there are more in this series, awesome read!

One More Summer by Liz Flaherty
Grace Elliot has returned to the family house where her brother Steven and sister Faith
have turned over their 1/3 of the property to her as their father had passed away a few weeks ago.
She planned on running it as a Bed and Breakfast but an Inn would be better for long
term residents which a lot of them are the elderly of the town.
Her best friend, Promise Delaney is going to be going through breast cancer surgery and chemo and wil need her help.
Dillion Campbell, the boy she was to attend the prom with but didn't show up after speaking to her father, is back in town. He was a reported covering the war and now writes novels.
He's so tired he needs to rent Grace's guesthouse in the back to recuperate and to help by paying for his stay.
Jonah who had lost all his retirement money was living there.
Maxie's cousin stayed after her dad's funeral and never left.
Daily life goes on as they get the guesthouse ready for Dilion, he does most of the work with others helping with the light sewing. They are all there for Promise after her surgery.
Grace is starting to feel comfortable with Dilion again and she talks to him about
his new book and how to make it better than the last one he wrote. She has a LOT of issues
from the past, mostly her dad who didn't have a good word to say about her at all.
She has to overcome all that.
A lot of secrets come out and the rest of the book helps make sense of what happened earlier in their lives. Awesome read!

The Jinson Twins, Science Detectives, and The Mystery of Echo Lake by Steven Zeichner.
SO Funny, the air quotes and 'resource recovery and recycling center' and "A" and RA.
Just like a mystery for pre teens, Nancy Drew type mystery or Hardy Boys
Has all the makings of a mystery: map and treasure and mysterious things.
Boys start out trying to find a job for the summer, they are 12 year old twin boys.
One looks like a girl his hair is SO long. They do find a job organizing and old woman's
basement into different categories. Appears to be things from her dead husbands ship.
Some will be kept, some mailed and some sold.
There was even a box of things that Mrs. Gray gave to them to bring home. One such thing
was a scroll with a map drawn on it and some riddles to figure out. It stated that's where
the treasure was. They go to Mr. Benjamin so he can help them with the map and what it
could mean. He's the owner of the junkyard.
Different kids and a man are after them but they don't know why.
Can see how the teaching aids would help kids learn about science: charts, spreadsheets, graphs, etc.
They all head back to Mrs. Gray's house and ask if she can maybe help them solve the mystery.
She can in a way and that's how they start this book out, on their way to Echo Lake to find the treasure.
The yellow jackets almost get them at the lake, and then the other man enters Mrs. Gray house with his gun to get the real treasure.
Love the science things at the end.

Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel
Valerie is now 60 and the radio announcer has told the whole world of this. She does
look 40 though with all the botox she's had done. She has her own TV talk show.
Her daughter, April has her own restaurant and hopes to open another one in the near
future, also in NY. She's just found out on her birthday, that she shares with
her mom that she is expecting and she has no boyfriend. It was just a one night stand.
Jack is an ex football star/sports announcer and his back goes out a lot due to
over exerting himself and is celebrating his birthday also.
He's noticed blood around Valerie's lips and told her so when they met in the elevator.
Terrorists bombarded and the building is overtaken with many hostages.
They now find themselves spending more time with others as they realize every minute counts.
Fires, birth, trips across the ocean, and a wedding are all in the works.

a party of two by stella cameron
Emily's a runner and likes to run at night in very remote areas. She is very frightened
when at times there is another following her. She evades them and runs home where she
lives with others who will protect her. She never tells them of her fears. She continues
on with her life, she appears in shows and enjoys them.
It all comes to a head one night when her and Larry try to capture another who is after her
after Larry has explained why it's not him but he's there to help her, when they are in turn

Vital Signs by Robin Cook
Marissa's got it all, her pediatrician practice and a loving husband. She can't get pregnant due to clogged tubes and she discovers others have the same problem as her. She teams up with another and they travel to other countries to get the records to see if they can discover exactly who is to blame for it all.
I'll probably never make it to Austraila so it was very good to be thee for their sightseeing. The places and scenes are priceless!
Someone is trying to kill them, because they know too much.

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey
The bar owner, Kevin had tossed out a guy when he protested for being cut off from another drink.
Beth, the woman he was with was very angry as she had lost her job as the guys secretary. She looked for more work and got a temp bar keeper job. Kevin's brother just happened to be getting married and she was the bar tender. After the wedding reception he waited for her and talked her into a dance although there was no music. She went up to his room and in the morning she was going to go get breakfast for him and was looking for the room key card when he said 'make sure you lock the door after you leave."
She had nothing else to do but leave and swear to never see him again.
She did meet with him, and informed him she was carrying his baby.
His parents and he moved her into one of the other empty apartments over the bar and he took care of her banking.
His assistant was having her own problems, Her secret that she is from money has almost come out when her almost to be husband from a few years ago shows up. She's got a trust fund but really enjoys the simple bar life.
wow wicked-traditional New England slang, love it! and the all day eat a thon for thanksgiving and other holidays with the WHOLE family. what a treat!
I am thinking what a great series this family would make, each having their own book with the whole family thing going on. Surprise on me, this is just one of the books in a series, wahooo
As time gets nearer she doesn't want to have to rely on him for anything but she's learning to let him do things for her and the baby. Baby shower wow this is what I would've expected mine to be like if I had had one.
What a tragedy when the bus hits the cab that Beth is in. Don't want to spoil it for others but this is a really good read!

read 1/14 due out april 2012
The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Emma hopes to share her love of quilting as she teaches strangers how to quilt.
Since her husband had passed away over a year ago, her daughter and all the
children had sent money back home to help with the finances. Emma hoped to supplement
the income by selling her quilting items. She placed an ad around town and got
one that wanted to learn. She outlined what she'd need to teach them.
The way the author introduces the people who will be attending the classes is done makes
it easy to keep them straight, as to who they are and what they do for work.
Paul is the 2nd grade teacher and his wife has passed away and he takes care of the little girl. Thanks to his sister she invites them for dinner often.
Ruby Lee is the pastors wife and she needs something else to do besides choir and things at the church.
Beatrice/Star found a letter from her grandmother and it was for quilting class, already paid for.
Star was writing song lyrics and had piercings and dyed hair.
Pam and Stuarts marriage counselor said they should do something that the other does already. She's been fishing with him 2 times now, so it's now his turn to learn quilting with her.
Jan was a biker who got caught speeding, lost his license and now his PO wanted him to take up something to unleash his creative abilities and maybe help him relax. He is a roofer and notices the ad at the store.
They all see or hear about the ad for quilting lessons and get signed up.
Verses of scripture are throughout the book.
The people in the group start talking about losses of their loved ones and many chimed in with their grief.
Others spoke to console them and to just listen. Other weeks there are different topics and all talk about their problem and/or how to overcome them.
Love the quilting itself, Emma is easy to understand.
Recipe for angel cake is included!

A Place Called Home by Jo Goodman
The twins parents had died. The guardianship was left to
Mitch who is kinda engaged to Regina, and Thea who is engaged
to Joel he's 30 years older.
Mitch raises the kids with help mostly from his mother and father.
Thea stops by once a week to spend a few hours with the kids. There is
also an older girl.
Neither of them realize that when they leave the kids get so upset
as their parents never returned. There's a lot all of them need
to learn if they'd just talk and relax it would all work out. How can
it tough as Mitch wants to get on with his life also.
Thea also has finally opened up to Mitch and told him about her past
and her secrets.
There are many life crises that occur: unplanned pregnancy, meeting
their respective parents, work, kids and moving are all major things
that get in the way.
Excellent book, pulled at my heartstrings many times over and I
still have NO idea what I'd do in the same circumstances.

Small Town Christmas by Jill Shalvis, Hope Ramsay and Katie Lane
Three short stories about Christmas love in small towns.
Kissing Santa Claus by Jill Shalvis
We find ourselves back in Lucky Harbor where Sandy works at the town hall.
She's not feeling very festive as her boyfriend has walked away from her.
She was just getting into the Santa suit when it got stuck and in he walked,
Logan, Kara's ex husband. He drove NASCAR circuit and was on holiday breaks.
He keeps showing up: at her house, where she works, etc What's the chance that she will get her wish from Santa this year?

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Hope Ramsay
Matt is in town to deliver a gift to Nick's grandmother as he has passed away from the war.
Annie from church rehearsal tells him the grandmother is in the nursing home and has been
for over a year now. Nick and Annie used to date-til he went off to boot camp and she to college.
She decides to take him back to her house where there is a guest room and he's overjoyed
at viewing the lights, he can feel snow in the air in SC and he loves the smell of the real holiday tree at her house. He's got a cat with him that was nestled in the manger scene.
He is all up for decorating her tree for room and board.
Matt just wants to feel like he's home as he doesn't have one and he's lost his dog in the war.
They all get in the church van to go deliver the gift to Nick's grandmother and boy do they get a surprise.

O Little Town of Bramble by Katie Lane
Ethan loved the town all spiffed up for the holidays.
Sam, who he used to pull her pigtails, taught her to fish, and ride a horse was back in town. She had graduated from college and was now a doctor for animals.
Sam visits with her father and surprises him for Christmas and they share dinner.
A manger with live animals and people!
Good reads for holidays.

Call Me Irresistible by susan Elizabeth Phillips
Lucy is about to marry Ted. Her mother was the President of the US and
Ted is a top golfer, he's also perfect inside and out.
Meg the maid of honor is there in time for the rehearsal and she can
sense something isn't quite right. Lucy doesn't think she's good
enough to marry Ted.
Lucy leaves to parts unknown and now Meg is held back from leaving the
area cuz she didn't pay her hotel bill. He's now going to have to work
at the local golf club where she does errands to get paid. She starts to
sell the jewelry she's made and is fired due to that technicality. She
lives in the church and really is beginning to like her life-she's working
and getting things she's earned. She is also beginning to spend a lot more
time with Ted. How far will they go?
Love the environmental issues and explanation of why a landfill would be
perfect transformed into a golf course.

Dangerous Love by Ednah Walters
Faith is in trouble as she finds out from her customers that her rival
designer/ex finance has gotten her designs and claimed them as hers.
She calls on Ken who is into security to help try to find out how it was done.
Her aunt and her bevy of sorority sisters want to help also.
Love learning about the fashion/design industry and actually have the one who designed the outfit do the actual sewing.
Other relatives come into the picture and it's always nice to hear what's going on in their lives as well.
She's overheard bits of family conversation and is wondering if she's really related to any of them. Fashion week in NY was all set.
Things start to go wrong and get even worse as time goes on.

The Summer Garden by Sherryl Woods
This book starts where the last one left off: the trip to Ireland.
Luke did stay behind and has now returned to the US and is pretty sure
he wants to open a Irish pub. He majored in history and he doesn't
want to go that route. Family members are behind him all but his father. He doesn't want to start a family feud over it. His grandmother will even teach him to cook Irish meals and even pitch in at the bar some times.
He was quite taken with Moira-his grandmother's long time friend Dillion granddaughter. Moira is now working at the bar in Ireland and gets to use her photography skills. She is wondering what is going on with Luke back in the States. She is starting to get work from the photos she took of patrons at the bar. What a great business to get into, something she really liked.
Interesting to learn about what goes in a bar.
So now we find Nell courting Dillion in her hometown and Luke is with Moira. They are only there for a short time, everybody knows. They have things to get back home to.
Nell has talked to Dillion about her declining health and he's agreed to stay on longer.
Luke is getting closer to Moira and things heat up with others as the opening night of the bar approaches.
Serious health issues strike.
Love to hear about the other members of the family and their current events. Love this series.

A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford
Realzie the author has put out other books along the same lines, just different holidays and after reading 1/2 of
the first page I know I will be hunting down the rest of the books to read.
Being as I do bake just listening, reading about how they are handling the dough makes me think I can learn something
from them by reading this book. The luck is with them, besides the 4 leaf clovers they have the kitchen witch there.
I remember making them to sell at craft shows.
Libby and Bernie run the bakery shop and live upstairs with their Dad.
Brandon is the bar tender that covers for the morning guy cuz he's in the hospital. Til he finds Mike out back.
Mike is dead and now Duncan is arrested. His aunt comes to his rescue and wants the family to find out who really did murder Mike so Duncans' name can be cleared. The family (Libby, Bernie and their dad Sean) has done investigations before because they just know everybody in town and how they are related to one another.
The girls start by visiting with Duncan and he tells them his story, several different ones. They then go visit with Brandon at the bar as he's on duty to maybe run a few things past him.
Their father also is following up a lead with the guy who drives the hearse. They all get leads to other sources and trace them out as well.
What each of them has to go through to get the answers is sometimes too funny.
The best part of this book for me was their daily routine of making and baking the bread, priceless!
Good mystery story also. Can't wait to get the authors other holidays books.

Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr
Katie has packed up her house in VT, under the witness protection plan and headed out with her 2 kids to go live near her brother Conner who had been
a witness in a murder. Things were just not working for her in VT. Her boyfriend she found out was gay.
She treats the boys to Disney then heads up to Virgin River where her brother lives. Just in the northern section of CA she gets a flat and several bikers
stop to help her. Dylan does most of the work and even gives her his jacket to keep her dry from the rain.

Dylan and his buddies head out once a year to see the country on their bikes, stay at Virgin River a few days, fish, eat at Jack's and go for bike rides.
This book hits home as 3 family members and myself flew into LA and took Pacific Coast Highway up towards Washington. I can almost pinpoint exactly where
she had the flat. We drove that road and can relate totally to places along the side where there is NO guardrail, no protection if you should slide and end
up down a 100+ foot cliff side of the mountains.
She gets settled in and enrolls the boys into a summer program and she is invited to tour on the back of his bike.
He's decided to stick around a few more days than the others, to check out options for his aviation company. He can also revert back to acting in LA.
They spend a lot of time together while the boys are in the program and when they are doing other family things he gets to know the boys and enjoy time with them and with her brother.
His company is going downhill and fast, as are other aviation places. If only he can make it last a bit longer. Most of the people that worked for him have moved on - to bigger cities where they can get a job but he hates to throw the towel in. Not only has he looked around Virgin River but the larger cities til he contacts an acting agent.
'People step up for each other' perfectly sums up this community.
He has to deal with the multiple family members that had different fathers, 4 in total. They all want a part in a movie. He flat out tells them no. He is missing Her so bad. He heads back putting everything else on hold but her brother beats him up at the bar. He decides to stay a few days but she's down with a bug. He pitches in to help around the house and with the boys.
Where they are staying there is a continuous threat of a mother bear and her 3 cubs. They wander all over the yard and brush nearby. Tom, a neighbor that will be handling the nearby orchard is back from the war and has offered to contact the warden so they can maybe relocate the animals with no harm to them.
bears and a missing child, can't be a good thing. The community comes out to help. And the job offer isn't what he was thinking about
at all.
From here, things go terribly wrong with Dylan and katie, or is there hope of a reunion after things are divulged.
Will things ever be right again for them? One of his family has arrived to really get the pot boiling hot.
I rate this book a 5. Love hearing about the flying and the business of acting, what to do when you come across wild animals-new things for me. Love this community.

Every Groundhog Has It's Day R.E.Skibiski by R. E. Skibiski
illustrated book: Day in the life of a groundhog and what happens on the day in February
when the shadow determines if there will be 6 more weeks of winter or
if spring is upon us. The flies just tell him to be himself.
He just wants to get out of his hole and get some food and play a bit.

Airplane Car by Cinda Lee
illustrated book: a car that could also fly would be best as when you get tired of
flying you can drive on roads. When there is traffic on the roads you fly the car then
in the sky. Fly to Idaho to scare birds and then to Italy to have pizza.
London and Paris also til we reach home for the night in our bed til tomorrow and
another adventure.

The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh
Angeline enjoys getting out riding the horses when it's been raining, going at full speed, no care
for being harmed. She thought she was helping him when the night of her coming out party in London and she was dancing with him she pretended to twist her ankle so they'd not have to dance at all but talk. Edwoods's fallen in love with her and had upon first sight of her.
She needs to get married and he needs a wife.
Balls and weddings abound for all to enjoy.

The Wife He Chose by Susan Fox
Cade now is raising his dead brother and wife kids: Beau who is 3 and Amy who is 6 months.
Colleen, is his brothers sister in law, and she's returned to their town, still recuperating from
the accident that killed her sister to check in with the kids as the one watching over them, Cade has yet to return her letter or phone calls. Beau only heard what his dad said before he died and blamed the accident on her-Colleen. It makes her faint and after the doctor leaves to check her out she goes back to the hotel for the night with hopes of just going home the next day.
Cade comes to find her and takes her car key so she can't just disappear again and to explain why the child said what he did. He wants to honor her request by allowing her to spend some time with the kids and to be in their lives as they are her only living relatives now. He talks her into being at the ranch to recuperate and getting to know the kids better.
Problem is the more time he spends with them he finds himself falling in love with her.
The nanny and Cade had once dated and she told him someday she'd be married to him. He'd have to set her straight now that Colleen was here.

Misadventures of Fatwoman by Julie Elizabeth Powell:
Andi recalls her life as a baby, always eating and then as a child in school and
all the terrors of being big and going on a date.
Even as a young mother she would go on diets to help lose weight and they never worked.
Although her daughter makes fun of her she continues to go to the Fat Club meetings.
Episodes of falling before she got to meet up with her first date and spilling everything
from her purse, roller skating and falling, were some things that continued to happen to
her because of her weight and loss of balance.
She still volunteered at the local senior center teaching them how to use computers. She
also got up before everybody else and swam, liking the feeling of the water.
Things are looking up, she's lost a few pounds and even found a new dress that looked good
on her as her husband accepted an award and money at work. Their cruise was coming up soon
and she'd be 40. Talent show, would it give her the confidence she needed.
Her friend Sally is a lifesaver with help for the costume and motivation.
She doesn't trust her husband when she found a button from a hotel. She confronts him with
the information.

read 1/31 pub date 2/28 Against the Night by kat Martin

Johnnie does PI work for several companies also the police department as his sister was killed in action. Amy, a kindergarten teacher, off for the summer, came to town to find her sister who had disappeared a few weeks earlier. She is posing as an exotic
dancer at the same place her sister worked at. She rooms with the same person also as she follows leads as to what could've happened to her sister. Johnny agrees to help her and she finds herself in harms way several times and he has to come to her rescue.
He, being an ex-Ranger is also very good friends with Trace Rawlins-in previous books in this series.
Hopefully Sol, his computer geek friend will find some information about Rachel's disappearance.
Together they start to question those who knew her sister to get some more leads to follow in hopes they can find her alive. There is some hot steamy sex in this book that blends in with what's going on.
Love the places this book/series takes you to, it's a whole other world and I've never been and it's good to see things through their eyes. Lot of action that goes along with finding her sister.
Even though I did miss one book in this series when othes are introduced you are given information to bring you up to date if you knew them from before. Smooth transition.
A lot of things happen to bring them back to the States and Amy's mom comes to spend some time in California also to help out. Amy knows at the end of summer she has to go back to Michigan to teach, although she is in love with Johnnie. She doesn't want to alter his life.

Wish Upon A Star by Sarah Morgan
One section is about Christy:
The kids talk their mom into going home to the dads's place in the country for Christmas.
Alessandro is a doctor with emergency services. They agreed to get together for the sake of the kids.
Once they arrive in the country he has to go back to work at the hospital and again she feels
she never gets to talk to him. She is then asked to work at the hospital because the nurses that
were to be on duty are all sick. She agrees and the kids are either with her, him or his parents.
They are able to talk when they find themselves at the hospital at the same time. It's very busy with the holidays, staff not there, and holiday travel. The kids sense getting them back together is not working so they try to force them by jumping on their mom's bed hoping to break it so she'll have to sleep with their dad in the same bed. That backfires when the dad says he will take the couch and give the bed to the mother. Again the kids try, other things to get them back together.
Part of the hospital job is going out on mountain rescue missions. Alessandro is going to one and doesn't want Christy to go incase anything should happen one of them will be around to raise the kids. She wants to go also. They are spending a lot more time together, during emergencies and they are able to talk more about their problem.
Love the details of what goes into a mountain rescue especially an avalanche.

Next section is called Miranda
Jake found her body in the snow, Miranda. He put his hat on her and tried to give her a candy bar. She was shivering so bad.
It was christmas day and he did not want to alert the rescue squad so they decided they would walk down the mountain.
They talked a lot on the way down and got to know one another.
He took her back to his place and gave her a hot bath and fed her and she stayed the night, on the couch. When the phone rang in the morning he went into another room, it was the hospital-they needed him. When he got back to the living room she was gone.
He didn't even know her name or where to find her. She was hiding a lot of things from him and she did not want to share them with anybody.
Miranda shows up at the hospital, she's a mid wife and shes 6 months preganant also.
Second day at the hospital, he brings her to her home and things don't go quite good.
A lot of other meaningful things happen and they talk a lot more to get to know one another better.
Good to know this author will have another book out the summer of 2012.

read 1/30 post 3/1/12 Recipe for Desire Cheris Hodges
The socialite who hostesses big parties has made a scene with her fiancée and his ex-wife who he's hooked up with again.
On her way out her assistant is given her keys and told she will drive the drunken woman home. She gets into an accident, hitting a tree and ruining the car. The assistant runs away as ... stated she'd take the blame. Problem is her father is not going to help get her off. She goes to court with his attorney and is given 500 hours of community service and the probation officer puts her in touch with a chef that not only cooks at his restaurant but a woman’s shelter-teaching the woman how to cook. Marie will now help them run a charity dinner especially since she has firsthand knowledge of how it's all done.
Things heat up with Marie and Devon but his father's calls are getting to him and he doesn't want to share all that with Marie.
She feels more like giving now that she knows Devon's background so she cleans out her clothes and shoe collections and brings them to the shelter to give to those who will appreciate her gift.
With all the good cooking in this book I'm surprised there are no recipes. Except for the next book is enclosed.

read 1/27 pub 3/27 Woodrose Mountain by RaeAnne Thayne

Last we left Hope's Crossing Taryn had been in a severe car accident and she's
still recovering and is impatient. Her dad won't give up.
Evie who was a therapist that he doesn't care for can help and he's willing to do
anything to help his daughter. She is not sure she wants to continue in the therapy
field because the pain of getting close to someone and then leaving them is too much
to bear. Evie's dog is also very patient and helps along the way, among other surprises.
Hope's Crossing is a town where the Angel of Hope often visits to help the less fortunatewith anything they need, anonymously.
Evie has agreed to help out for a few weeks, she has a lot of old secrets that she doesn'twant to share with others as to why she's in Hope's Crossing and that she had a daughter once.
Evie and Brodie are always on opposite ends of things in town. They just rub each other the wrong way.
Love how the descriptions are very detailed about the scenery, mountains, wild flowers on herruns, views throughout town. On her trip to lose herself she found the glassblowers on the island of Murano doing their craft. Although I've not worked with beads, my mother in law has and I've helped her set up a few necklace patterns on her board. It's soothing, like knitting is to me.
She collected other things on her travels, trinkets, shells etc and knew when she arrived back in the US that her new passion would be beading and not physical therapy.
Nice to catch up with what the other people in the series are doing. Even if this is your first book in the series the author brings you up to date with what they are doing and some of their past and it's not confusing at all.
Brodie and Evie opened up to one another and told of their past, secrets and what they hoped for therapy for Taryn.
He is not always agreeing to how the therapy is to be done and that almost breaks the whole thing apart, hopefully they can work through it for the sake of Taryn???
Heartbreaking to listen to what she has to go through after coming out of the coma and then Taryn wants to go to court to give a statement.

Deep In The Valley, the Grace Valley Trilogy, book 3 by Robyn Carr
June the local doc and Jim the local sheriff are having a baby and after helping others out throughout this whole
book in town, new people who are just passing through and break in's at the local cafe and stopping spouses from beating up their wives they decide it's time they got married, before the baby makes an appearance.
Somebody hit her out cold when she went to help a little girl with an asthma attack was meeting her at the clinic.
She went to investigate the water flow, which is usually just a pool of sitting water.
Heavy equipment showed up shortly after to help barricade the cafe and clinic from flooding. Not only local people but federal agencies. Whole town is under water and it's surviving and thriviing as people help to get it back to what it was.
Being this is the third book in the series I find I was not left out with the characters, I was brought up to date and introduced to them at the same time. Very nice transition.

The Listening Sky by Dorothy Garlcok
Time: 1888 Women and children are brought to the town in hopes of starting up businesses for the town.
The town has no businesses and Jane finds out the man just wanted to get women there for the men who were logging. If TC can keep the men happy they will work and make money for him.
Jane wants to leave as soon as possible now that she knows why they were brought there. She stepped in to help the cook, take care of the doctor that is dying and to help with little girl who was brought in to see the doctor. She found out what was wrong and went back upstairs and asked the doctor what to do and it worked.
Someone attacks Jane and when TC finds her he takes care of her along with help from others and he even marries her. TC has found out that somebody wants her and is torturing her with notes.
Secrets are shared with her spouse and it relieves her tension.
They hope others will be able to watch her 24/7 when he's not available to do so because someone is still out to get her....

One Season of Sunshine by Julia London
Jane wants to find out who her mother really is, the one who gave
her up for adoption. She heads to Cedar Springs where the hospital is located
where she was born. She wants to finish writing her thesis this summer
and also finds a job as a nanny as there's nothing else there for work.
She finds she really can't get through to the dad at his office so she
must handle everything that comes up during the summer.
He started getting closer to her and she wondered what life would be like
to be the mom with the kids. She heads back to her hometown to hook up
with her boyfriend. Things don't go quite right and she's back in Cedar springs
to finish finding out the truth of her birth.
Love reference to the cluster of stars above.

1105 Yakina Street by Debbie Macomber
Births, marriage counseling, fires, dementia and a bunch more
things are abound in town. This is the 11th in the series with just
one more to go and it touches on a lot of the members of Cedar cove
that we've been able to visit with every novel.Any problem that
arises is dealt with, sometimes not the traditional way and usually
it's not a happy outcome but one others need to learn to live with.

The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund by Jill Kaangman
Story about a woman whose husband grows up in a company and he
learns to trade funds and be very good at it, so good he's able to
hide them in his portfolio. She has a baby, Miles, and her best
girlfriend are out one day when they see her husband making out
with another female on the streets. He's not due home for another
2 days so they ransack his office to find his hidden funds so they
can take them and deposit them elsewhere. They used to attend
charity events where they'd bid on 250,000 items and it was nothing
to them.

read 1/25 pub 3/27 The Perfect Storm by Lori Foster
Book 4 in the series
Arizonia had once been kidnapped and sold to human traffickers and then tossed
out of a truck going over a bridge. Luckily others were tailing her and rescued
her but now she wants revenge. She was given a new identity and only a few others
even knew who she was. She wants to find out more about the path of the
people who took her and get them arrested. She had worked with 3 others, Spence,
Jackson, Dare and Trace and they knew about surveillance.
After it goes down they make their way back to Spencer's and she passes out, but the
next morning she is awakened with remembering about her ordeal and the near drowning.
She has put some stipulations forth before they make love.
The dealings with the people in the bar is not over yet but she's the only one who
knows that they have more information for her.
A real family and they ask her to be a part of it. She's getting relaxed around them
and thinking she is safe from the evils she lets her guard down-wrong choice.
Knowing the players now I know I want to read the other books in this series. The
story kept my attention and it's a field I know nothing about. I like to learn about
new things when I read a book.
Knives really got to me because my son has knives and he also knows how to use them given
his military training. I just thought they were knives-I was so misinformed.
This book also has a LOT of hot steamy sex that never seems to end.

Moonlight Cove by Sherryl Woods
Her friends talk her into a dating service and nobody signs up to meet with her.
Jess who owns the inn is ready to date.
Will has loved her forever and as a doctor he loves her for what she is.
He is the one who is discreetly handling the dating service.
The other family members give an appearance and we are able to catch up with them also
which is always nice. Will has a dating company and many are trying it out.
Connie and Thomas are also now dating and his best friend is Jake=her brother.
Susie is also dating.
Layla is seeing different men a few times a week and runs into a problem that Will can
kinda help with.
Mick and Megan are back together, just recently married he wants to see everybody
happy and tries to push others to hurry things along.

read 1/22 psot 2/25 Kiss me I'm Irish by Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis, Maureen Child
Here we have 3 stories about Irish men and the women they love.

The Sins of His Past By Roxanne St. Claire
Deuce is back in town after he's been forced to retire from baseball. He
walks into the family bar and realizes it's now an internet cafe. He meets
Kendra who he had sex with the time he was home for his mothers funeral. He
never looked back. The town has changed so much although he was never here
to see it for himself. Now he finds out she owns half the cafe. Will he be able
to convince his dad who's hooked up with a younger woman that he wants the whole
bar as it was. There is SO much Deuce doesn't know of what's happened in the past
when he first signed up for baseball.
His father tells them to work together to make the place work: her with the internet
cafe and him with the sports bar.

Tangling with Ty by Jill Shalvis
Nicole is a doctor and eats, drinks and sleeps doing just that. She forgets about family
gatherings and upcoming engagement parties. She's all set to fight for her taco, that's all she
ever has time to eat when she works 24 hours straight, when she hears a male voice at the top
of her stairs, the new architect for the building. The one who will renovate it. Ty Patrick O'Grady.
She's also been fighting off going to parties with her boss. She tries to just do her work and
get out of the hospital.
Due to an injury she finds out a lot more about him that he really didn't want her to find out.
The emails continue also which is out of the blue and he's not sure if they are for real.
He's got a notion to pass through this town and hurry to the next one except ...

Whatever Reilly wants... by Maureen Child
Connor Reilly comes from a large size Irish family and they know what it means to stand by your family.
Being one of triplets and an uncle that left $10,000 they decided to place a bet-winner takes all.
No sex for 90 days and one of them is a priest, Liam so if the others fail the money will go towards a new roof for the church. Brian just got back together with his ex wife so chances are he was out.
Emma is a really close friend of the family and she's one of the guys. She's a mechanic and inherited the garage from her father when he passed away. She starts acting and dressing more sexier around him and he does take notice and does something about it.

read 1/18 post 3/27 Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery
in process edition Jan 10, 2012
Michelle is back on Blackberry Island where she's owner of the Inn. She has left others in charge of it
while she was in the Army for 10 years. Her mother has passed away now also.
Carly is the one who runs the Inn. She stayed and married Allen after finding him in bed with Michelle.
They have a daughter called Gabby and Allen is out of the picture. Although his brother Robert has stepped
up to the plate by helping with anything Carly and Gabby need.
Michelle is still recuperating from her hip injury and she is still suffering from severe pain.
She doesn't like how the Inn has changed, inside and outside.
She is doing therapy at the VA center and on her way out finds a sign about a rental on the island. She called
and will be moving in after she saw the place. It's close to the Inn and will help once she gets the finances for
the Inn straightened out. She had to make a deal with the bank on that score.
Carly and Michelle are at least talking and brainstorming about how to save money so the Inn will survive.
Michelle also shares some of the ordeal she went through when she got shot.
She really needs a group to help with the pain of remembering what happened during the war and she's fighting doing
that. They handle crisis at the Inn and in their personal lives.
Something has to give or Michelle is just gonna collapse...
They are both forced to confront their parents, water mishaps and getting shut down by the Health Dept.
Recipes are at end make this an exc read!

read 1/25 due 2/19 Time Out by Jill Shalvis
Mark Diego is a NHL head coach and being an athlete he's used to winning.
Rainey Saunders was from his past. She used to call the shots.
Sparks fly when they meet up again in this Harlequin Blaze novel.
She teaches the kids so they will stay away from drugs and sex and trouble.
Some go to other jobs after that.
He is doing his good deed by bringing two of the fighters back to town with him to start
helping reconstruct the carnage the fires the year before had left. It was their way of
clearing their name from the bad publicity they had gotten over the fight after the hockey game.
So good to learn that others are giving back.
She's in charge and she will have Mark and his two buddies teach the kids how to play the sport of baseball.
Love how they get to date one another. The teen girls and their conversations with him are just priceless!

read 1/19 post 2/27 Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke
Hannah and her sister Michele are on their way to Lake Eden Inn to deliver cinnamon rolls for the group performing there, called the Cinnamon Roll Six Jazz Band, when they skid on the icy roads.
They turn off ahead of time and take another road but discover that the bus with the
singers has flipped over and the emergency vehicles are on their way. She hopes to help
by approaching the bus. Hannah helps to bring the band members into the hospital and meets with her
mother who's now a leader in the Rainbow Ladies. They get food and drinks for the band
members and the rolls are to be given to those who are being brought in due to the multiple
vehicle crashes. At the hospital her mom tells her of the dead body. Hannah saw the driver and grabbed his pill container. She never thought a person could die from a fractured wrist but he was dead now.
Hannah and Michelle go back to Hannah's condo and get questioned by Lonnie and Mike separately til the cat crazy hour happens.
Hannah has Norman's cat there also because his new wife to be is allergic to cats. Hannah can never decide whether to marry Mike or Norman so dates them both and both are happy with the arrangement. Mike and Hannah do agree that Doc Bev is not all she seems and
is all wrong for Norman.
Hannah and others have the murder to solve, find out who the bio dad is of Diana (Doc Bev's daughter) before the wedding, find out who the second victim is. Lisa and Herb got a new puppy out of it as he was the drivers puppy and will be spending time at the Cookie Jar.
The sisters went shopping and bought all kinds of things to keep the puppy happy while they baked.
Love the recipes for not only cookies, throughout the book!

22 Indigo Place by Sandra Brown
Laura has to sell the house to help some of the debt her father had acquired.
He's now passed away and she has no other options. The only one who's submitted
an offer is James. He does buy it and then everything else in it and she makes a
deal to become his wife, in every sense of the word and to help raise his child
and to help entertain.
She tries to reunite him with his mother, what a mistake that is.
Parties, hurricanes and other things break them further apart...

Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen
Various recipes for kids to make. Not only are these healhy
but they are visually stimulating and they are not hard to
kids to do the making themselves. Reminds me of the time I
helped my mother in law who was in charge of the local Head
Start Nutrition for all the kids put together a recipe book
for kids to make the food. The drawings and colors and food
used is a big help. Recipes for Fruit drinks in the blender
and other foods kids will eat are included.

Blue Velvet by Iris Johansen
She has to make a deal to do whatever he wants. He will help get her
passed out friend onto his boat and out of there. She had to torch the
cocaine and he helped her with that also. Then onto the boat and sailed away
to Santa Isabella. Now she wants to go back to get the plane.

read 1/27 pub 2/15 Fleas, Flies, and Friars Children's Poety from the Middle Ages by Nicholas Orwe
Poetry for children during the middle ages including ballads
of Robin Hood, charms, riddles, nursery rhymes and songs.
Latin and religion play a big part in what was said in these poems.
Interesting to see how and why these poems came about.

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