Friday, February 3, 2012

books read in feb 2012

The Key to Love by Meg Mins
Jeanette is an artist who does collages and is a photographer, although she
studied Psychology in college. She's very creative and
uses tools and liquids to enhance her displays.
At a brunch the next day her parents inform her of things that may change her life.

Steve had just lost his mother and his friends thought a night at the art gallery would
help get his mind off all the sadness.

Wow the box holds something precious-just read about the specific item in another series as well.
Very detailed attention is paid to clothing and other aspects: furniture, housewares,
seasonal changes at her apartment complex, minute details of the snow etc
I can see this book in a series with others stories as the co-op progresses near the store and all the people's lives entwined also bringing us up to date with the people we've all ready met.
Like how the story has such a fitting title.

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Meg said...

Thanks for the great review, Julie! :-) I'll think about a sequel or spin-off.