Friday, November 30, 2012

books read in Nov 2012

 Her Miracle Man by Nikki Duncan
Children’s hospital administrator Ryland Davids was interested in event planner Jennalyn James.
Her sister Sabrina was admitted to the hospital and he had no time to spend with her. She didn't make it and he spent a lot of time with Sabrina and given her a promise to give the cd's to her sister after a while, after she passed away.
Jennalyn James is at an event she was in charge of and seeing that everything was in place and circulating to make sure the guests had everything they wanted when she was introduced to
Ryland as he wants to hire her for an event at the children's hospital.
Sabrina wants her to take the job offer he has: a miracle for every day of the month for the children in the hospital in December.
Such heartache but joy and caring are shown to the children: the care and that the administrator, as the clown knows their names, names with wagons.
He had made some secret promises to Sabrina also and he was going to make sure they came true.
As each miracle comes to life she is enjoying them also and smiles and laughs-her payment.
They do spend time together with the planning and the relaxing after and talk and she finds out his secrets as to why he's so dedicated to the children.
They enjoy the teasing and the making up with kissing afterwards.
The Christmas spirit is in full swing by just one person telling another, who tells another. They have volunteers all over town cooking, decorating and just helping where needed.
Love what the rocks mean, I used to collect them as well from all parts of the world that my friends would visit.
Such unique gifts that have the true meaning of the season. with hot boiling sex this is an excellent holiday read...
Glide to the end....Just when you think you know it's going to end happily ever after ...
Excerpts from a few other books are included at the very end.

 Spinning Forward Cedar Keys Series by Terri dulong
Syndey Webster has just buried her physician husband and finds a sheriff at her house with an eviction notice to take efffect in 5 weeks time.
Her husband had gambled the house away without her knowing it. She had relocated to a B&B in Cedar Cover, Florida along with her dog Lilly.
She had met Allison in college and she advised her to move into the B&B where she was the cook.
To relax she took out her spinning wheel and other locals saw her and they were going to pay her to wind it into yarn so they could make a sweater from the fur of their favorite dog.
During the Thanksgiving Day Alison's friends come to eat and they all make Syndey feel at home. Her daughter, back up in the northeast still can't believe what's happened and that she allowed her dad to do that to her mother. She rather blames her mother for not keeping track of things.
She gets a new hairdo and a job locally and talks to the woman at the bank about a business for her potential yarn shop.
Characters are introduced and then you find out other details about them and it's easy to keep them straight.
Others tell her to go find her bio mother and there are mysteries about this during the book.
With her daughter's injury she will be moving into the tree house apartment with Syndey til she gets on her feet. Syndey's friends have set her up with dinner dates. There are quite a few men that she shows an interest in, for one reason or another and one, Noah Hale that just rubs her the wrong way in every regard.
There are a lot of goings on during the book that are small but combined together make the story a good one.

How to Lose a Tooth by EC Stilson
Illustrated colorful children's book about how one girl plans to lose her tooth and catch the tooth fairy.
She wants to fly like the fairy and go with her to fairy land.
Another plan is to tie it to a train but it might end up in Spain. Love the other ideas she comes up with to
help lose her tooth. Love what she gets when it finally does come out...

Second Nature by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Sicily has not only lost her face due to the fire but her father. Her mother killed herself shortly afterward and her aunt raised her. Joey, who was one of the many kids at the church choir practice that night is always sweet on her
and they now plan to marry many years later.
She had been asked by another girl there years later, if she wanted to go through a new experimental face transplant and she declines, for now.
Just before the wedding the real details of how the fire started come out and she is heartbroken for that and for the end of her dream of ever getting married....
When she decides on the surgery knowing it may not work at all she contemplates everything carefully.
Love how Beth Cappadora from the Deep ocean novel is in this book also as the photographer she wants to hire to photograph her and another as the days go by.
When another medical emergency comes up she has to decide: her life or her baby and even after that there are no guarantees for either choice.

The View From Here by Cindy Myers
Maggie is relocating after she found her husband had cheated on her. Her father who she had never known left her a cabin in the Colorado mining town and she was heading to check it out.
Her best friend Barbara is a true friend as she's helped her and been there for her the whole time. What she discovers in the town is a small community where everybody knows everybody and their business, but a caring one.
The book also follows the antique shop/mayor when her daughter and son return to live with her. There is much about the town history and how it's preserved.
The mines fascinate me and I loved learning about it all and things discovered.  Although there were a lot of people it was easy to keep track of them and what they mean to the story being told.
Everything is going along fine as she discovers a new love and her and Barbara discover the mine that was locked up. It leads to other things that can harm some people.
Jamoso is a lifesaver as he tells her many stories of her father, piecing it all together as she never knew him at all.
Love and sex make this a really great story.

The Witness by Nora Roberts
Liz Fitch has rebelled against her mother as she's left the country and talked to a girl, Julie Masters she knew and she helped her with new clothes and hair.
Liz took care of the fake ID's and they got into the bar and guys found them rather quickly. Liz is a genius and has a photographic memory and she is always spurting out facts, about everything.
She doesn't want to follow in her mothers footsteps and by a neurosurgeon but a FBI agent who can solve cyber crimes.
They go to the party and overdrink and she goes to the bathroom while another of the Russian mob come and kill a few people there. She has witnessed the murder and she's run without even having her shoes on.
After she alerted 911 she was taken to the police station and placed under their protection and moved to a safe house.
Her mother wants her home but she wants to do what's right: taking the mob to trial...
The story also follows those in the Russian mob: Sergay was part of the mob and loved to garden. Illia, his son has not located Liz.
Her protectors, John and Terry not only showed her how to shoot a weapon at the range but how to protect herself with defense moves. Bill and Linda also took her under their wing.
She is lucky to have her life when the mishaps start on her birthday...
The story also follows a police chief in Arkansas and Abigail Louery is new to town and orders most things online, all alone. The chief of police offers her help in the store but she declines after he introduces himself.
She designs security systems and the software for other companies. She likes her routine and tries to change it up some.
Abigail and Brooks have a romantic involvement and love the companionship...
Roland the PI is in the area and she's come clean to Brooks and has a lot to think about...
Lot more action...and hot steamy sex just adds to this book.

The Crimson Hunt by Victoria Smith
Ariel Richmond was studying zoology among other courses at college and she's a really good painter. She is part of a showing and she doesn't know why her art was selected. She has run into Luca Grimaldi several times and he's helped her out with an extra credit project.
She and her friend Piper will be leaving soon to the family cabin in the woods.
With 2 deaths the girls have stated they need to stick together at night time and not be by themselves.
The guys throw a party at their mansion as their company funds their living expenses.  Ariel has a major problem with Lila who is a lab partner with Luca in chemistry.
She just really gets on Ariel's nerves til Piper texts Ariel with the news of her death...
Love all the nature and birds housing in the observatory.
When her best friend is killed she was warned and jumped out of the moving car bt was too late to save her. She knows who the killer is now but she is the one being charged.
More strange events occur while she's kept in captivity.
At this point she's being told the others are from a different planet, other than Earth... You have to listen to the rest of the tale to really understand what all has transpired.

The Long Way Home The Chesapeake Diaries by Mariah Stewart
Ellis Chapman now as Ellie Ryder has arrived and met with the lawyers. Her relative has left a house to her with 5 bedrooms and she's to fix it up and sell it and leave after she waits 6 months, according to the will. Her father and fiance has swindled money out of a lot of people and that's why she uses a different name because she wants others to like her for herself. She slowly becomes familiar with the town, the people and the happenings.
Best part is now that she's settling in she has time to walk on the beach and I love how it's described. For the first time a year ago we traveled to that area of the East Coast and plan to do it again.
Carmeron O'Connor is the local handyman who had befriended the previous owner and had tended to the garden, lawn, and anything she needed fixed in the house. He was quite upset to learn he wasn't going to be the one to bid on it to buy it, maybe in 6 months time the lawyer told him. He would help
Ellie with the repairs. The local women in the shops hope to have her meet with them daily.
Loved learning new things, especially about the migrating birds and what certain kind eat for seed.
Love the tales of the pirates and the mystery of who the real painter in the artwork really is... Cam is falling for her, the other females have told he says she's hot.
She is able to talk to her best friend Carly on any number of subjects that arise. She's put in a lot of elbow grease to clean up the place so it'll be sellable.
Love hearing of all the treasures she is finding and about her relatives...
After he tells her of his past she almost wants to tell him of hers but the lawyer calls and opens a whole new set of conflict...
Family events and the holiday bring them all closer with lots more surprises and I love that there is more in this series. Love the setting.

10 Little Piggies Squealing in the Mud by Kristie Chiles
Illustrated very colorful children's book about the 10 piggies and they love mud.
As they lose one to supper, the others continue on in the mud til their Mama calls them.
Great learning book that helps you to count using subtraction.

How To Create A Loving Thanksgiving Celebration For The Whole Family by Evelyn Trimborn
What I was hoping this book was is a guide for my daughter so she and her son could make decorations from everyday things for the Thanksgivihng celebration.
Chapters are broken up into different age groups and then the menu and recipes and activities=what to do after everyone eats and crafts with kids for anytime of the year.
Nice ideas for decorating outside your home. Chapters on how to spice up your traditional menu and foods has refreshing ideas.
Love the idea of the treasure hunt after the meal, especially for the younger kids. A walk around the neighborhood would be most appropriate for older folks.

A Parchment Paper THANKSGIVING by Brette Sember
A Holiday Sampler Menu from the Parchment Paper Cookbook
Recipes are for the big Thanksgiving dinner and how using parchment paper the cleanup is so easy. Recipes for a family of
four are included and a bit different than the traditional side dishes.

Knitting Classic Style 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives by Véronik Avery
Due to the high graphic photographs this epub version took a bit of time to load in, I just sat back and enjoyed the colors and intricate textured items.
Charted instructions with some that use hand written instructions.  Diagrams also show the outline of the item to be made-measurements, etc.
I love the different patterns and that's what gives me ideas for my charity baby afghans knitting.
Different sections and not typically titled into groups you'd normally see making this book quite creative and adventurous to me.
Love that there are things in this book for every member of the family.
Strawberry lace would be my favorite to make with graphic hoodie coming in second.
Lots of sock patterns to try and they all look so elegant.
Includes resources and special techniques along with abbreviations.

Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-6 by Scott Gordon
4 illustrated very colorful children's stories about different subject involving animals:
My Pet Dragon, this one is about a Christmas gift of a special dragon.
The dragon does everything, homework, fix his computer, help his mom and of course brush his teeth and his mothers. He gets yet another dragon
for Christmas this year-a female dragon.
My Crazy Pet Frog is about how a frog can be anything he wants: a spy, a disco dancer, etc

A Little Book About You is about how we are each different and to share your dreams with others.

Pigtastic is about how when a pig is down he can just think about his heart of gold and it makes him happy again.

      Fatal Deception by Marie Force
Like reading this series, although I'm reading them out of order I know I can just pick one up and be brought up to date without giving up all the details of the previous books.
Victoria is dead and her child is missing. Her husband is just devastated. As Sam and Nick and many others try to solve what has happened Sam walks into a robbery and ends up at
the hospital. While she's briefed from others as to what leads they've found she figures out other things on her own and questions Derek and he is just as surprised as her and she claims she will find the culprit.
Lot of accusations because there is no past. So much missing information but they trudge onward.
Also others in the family make an appearance and other personal issues arise that they need to make decisions on.
Hot sex only adds to this series...

 Romancing the Holiday by Jaci Burton, Helen Kay Dimon, Christi Barth
Although most of these are series books, they can be read as a stand alone and you won't be left in the dark.
3 books from 3 different authors and you can buy their books individually. I just like the idea that I might find yet another new author to read when they are clumped together.
We'll Be Home For Christmas by Helen Kay Dimon
Lila Payne run the Mountain View resort/campground and it's in sad need of repair. It's located near Holloway, WV. The local nursery
is part owned by Austin and Spencer Thomas. Problem is when she was with Austin for 3 nights before she was to head up the resort, it wasn't really Austin she was with.
Austin is a very happily married man to Carrie. The town is small and she will be reaming them out if she finds out why Spencer had used his name with Lila. He can't even imagine that she's in town. He thought he'd never see her again.
It's the holiday season and they run the local nursery as Austin is a arborist and has many degrees.
Spence offers his help to fix up the cabins as a gesture of a neighborly thing to do and she accepts with no strings attached=after he apologized.
Females in town told her what a great catch he'd be and that the betting pool was up already as to when they'd marry. 
Without giving too much away I love the renovations that take place and the hot steamy sex. Great storyline and glad Spence has his own book. Have loved all the men and their live stories..
Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth
Caitlin McIntyre has a massive crush on her longtime best friend in the whole world: Kyle Lockhart. Did he know how she felt when he was
down on one knee proposing to her? Problem is he was doing a test run to ask his girlfriend Monica.
She agrees to help him. first is the theme of Christmas. Lighting, music, bride to be the center of attention with others circling her on the ice rink.
Then he explains why his father wants him to marry soon-for the good of the company finances...
With his dads chemo and radiation for lung cancer he might be around a bit longer now but he doesn't want to disappoint him again. He's always felt like a failure.
Along with his theme he wants to use the store windows that are dresses for the season as his backdrop, going all the way around the store to the end where the prince is down on one knee..
When Caitlin has lunch with Monica she realizes she does not care about the holiday, only from the business side of things.
Monica has it all worked out, a way to keep Caitlin out of the way. Now it's her decision to make.
The Best Thing by Jaci Burton
Tori Lewis worked at Kent Construction Co.
Brody and Ethan Kent are having a discussion about what happened a year ago at the Christmas party.
Ethan needed Brody to fix the problem as the crew was tired of her biting their heads off...
Calliope is married to Wyatt and runs the local daycare center and is best friends with
Tori and she opens up to her telling her that since a year ago Brody has not had a date so she has to make her move on him, as he's saving himself for her.
He's got a bad rep about being a manwhore and dumping his girl after a week with them.
Love how this book refreshes us on the other family members that we have followed from book 1. Good as a stand alone, won't leave you in the dark, just not very
descriptive details of all the family happenings of the past. Good steamy hot sex only adds to this brothers tale.

Never Yours by Connie Smith
What attracted to me to want to read this book was the sheep. You can make yarn out of sheep and knit it....
Catna who helped at the orphanage said goodbye especially to Chuck and others. She went off to marry Bo Giles and they hoped to buy Mark Greenley brothers sheep farm.
They traveled there and Ben Greeley was willing to sell it to them. It was rather in disrepair but they being young, could bring it all back. Love the idea of what's in the sack from Mark that they brought for Ben.
The locals were mad they were not told of the sale and shun the couple...
Love all the talk of the gardens, knitting and crocheting as I do these things also. And the sheep and how they are raised. Love hearing of the huge library. ah if I had the space here...
Cat is now friends with others and they eat at each others houses a few times a month. The older woman, Marelda is so lonely she's decided to give her books to a library if it can be named after her husband.
Problems arise not only with the robbery but other thieves take things for a song and others have to watch out for them.
Medical problems back in the 1900's were something of a struggle to get through...

 pub March 5, 2013  The Chance by Karen Kingsbury
Ellie Tucker learns that her father wants her mother to leave because she's pregnant with the other man's child. She leaves the house in search of her best friend, Nolan Cook who's playing ball at the high school.
Her father tried to stop her by telling her to go to her room and pray to God and that some things just weren't meant for a teen to hear-that she couldn't comprehend it all.. We also learn of the mother's side...
Love the idea of when they said goodbye to one another, their memories will remain, their one last chance...
After she moved she was not able to contact Nolan and they both prayed that it would all work out. He continued concentrating on his basketball games.
Nolan's dad convinced him that with faith you could do anything, even play in the NBA.
He tried many times to find her and had never gotten a letter or another phone call from her since she moved. After he signed with a college basketball team he spent money hiring a PI to find her, who also came up with nothing.
He started dating and he had faith he would find her again. They had that one last chance also if all else failed.
Her life did not go as planned but she made the most of it...
She still planned to be at the park in her old hometown on June 1 so she could dig up the memories they had each left...
She figured Nolan would be too busy to do that.
Love the reference to The Bridge Bookstore in Franklin-awesome book to read about that.
Caroline Tucker's story is also followed as others hope to follow what happened once she left her daughter Ellie and husband Allan to have Peyton Anders baby, by herself. As a country singer Peyton has to do some promo and give back and he selected to help a kids wish to go to a Hawks game, and he can make that happen. Caroline had also written to her daughter every week sending them to her ex mother in law. She never heard back from anybody and she prayed Ellie would get them.
Alan Tucker's story is also followed as he is the guard at a brig on the west coast. He thinks of his daughter also as she's not living there with him any longer and the roads she took...He also thinks he should've stuck with his wife and prayed more to God.
Many scriptures are quoted to help explain the story to the one asking for God's help.
Added bonus of an excerpt from 'Fifteen Minutes'

Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology by Malena Lott and others
Wanted to read this particular book because it has a lot of authors I'm not familiar with, except one.
Always find I have time for new authors and their works of words. The kindle version just started right up but I pulled up the contents and ran into Monkey Bread recipe so with Thanksgiving coming up and I'm hostessing it this year I was looking for something quick and easy to make and this is it! Love how there is magic with each sleigh story.
Love the idea of all the recipes from the authors included. Now to the other parts of the book, the stories. Just even the names of the stories a calm has come over my mind and body as I sit back and relax to start reading them all. I hate to read books like this also because I never want them to end...
Monks and Musicians by Samantha Wilde
Rev. Jeff Winsted had sex with his church secretary and told his wife and sleeping daughter on the sleigh ride.
She ousted him out of the house the day after...and she is pregnant.
She works through it with her step mother as the days go by.  Jeff has left with Lynn to go to Florida, left his family, job, everything til he thinks about it all...
Noche Buena by Maria Geraci
Maggie Cartwright is the local welcomer from the Chamber of Commerce. She had given Nestor Vegas, a restaurant owner his annual fruitcake and they talk about past Christmases.  Her favorite was the empty doll box that was turned into a sleigh.
She talks about going back to TN to stay at her grandfathers cabin in the woods and just relaxing, reading, thinking of what to do with her life...
Her sister comes over and they gossip and she finds out details about Nestor that she didn't know about...
Laughed at the holiday sweaters they must wear. I used to make them for the family, but not holiday themed.  Murals sound gorgeous.
Fairy Lights by Jenny Peterson
Allison lives and works in Sweden and her sister is there to visit from Ohio and other parts in the US.
While on a sleigh ride the memory of their brother comes up and she gets off the moving sleigh.
Willow explains why she can't make her mother happy...she never met her brother nor does she know how he died...
She wanted to be the twin to Allison after the brother died and she thought her mother was the one to kill him, til Allison learns the truth..
Love the folklore, just what needed to heal the two together again...
No Place Like Home by Dani Stone
Brian had accepted a job 2 years ago and told Stacie without even asking for her opinion. That was one reason why they broke up.
She confided in her friend Audrey about his phone call that they needed to talk. The women had spent a weekend at Las Vegas mourning her grandmother Jordan passing and the breakup of Brian.
She thinks he might want to get together with her so she goes through the pictures they took as a couple and remembers how comfortable they were.
She also looks at a picture of the sleigh ride her grandparents took together when they were dating.
With the snow just falling her friend picks her up in a sleigh and has yet another surprise for her when they reach the bookstore..There is magic with the sleigh...
The Escape by Megan Barlog
Hans is in charge of the animaltrons at the Stable. A girl with red hair is being chased by many men and he helps hide her. After some time has gone by she appears again and he hides her again and she tells him her story.
Her father is forcing her to marry an old man, as in his age.
He was just finishing welding the steel on the sleigh. it had instruments in it that would make it fly, like an airplane.
Beka's father and her intended want a tracking chip implanted and she runs to the Stable for Hans to help her. He has an idea that involves the sleigh...
She agreed to meet him on Friday night for their escape but soemthing went wrong. She used Morse code to contact him and he took it into his hands to solve the problem, with his sleigh...
Dashing Through the Snow by Maggie Marr
Ella Brighton and her dog Bovis were far from LA, in the snow in Vermont when the dog jumped out the window. She went after him and after not finding him went back to the rental SUV where she had the keys locked inside, with her purse and watch.
A man in a sleigh had her dog as she walked around for a bit...
He was divorced also and they got to talking and laughing ...
Snowflakes and Stones by Malena Lott
Moria was hand delivering the divorce papers to Grayson where he waited in the sleigh, all set with Dancer and Dasher... Her job used to be hot cocoa and Layla would handle the sugar cookies.
She recalls the accident that took their daughter and I loved hearing how the one who was at fault spent their time telling others about it-in hopes nobody else would ever die from it.
Love hearing of all the nature and just pristine setting of the family homestead...
ISBN-10: 0615552331

The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Love hearing about the monkey bread!
Beth is registering the family at the hotel and her younger son has at the same time gone missing. Someone must've taken him while the older child looked on.
The police canvas inside and out and can't locate the child. The things that go through her mind as to what could be happening to Ben...
Her husband Pat Cappadora is beside himself also. She was at the hotel for a reunion.
She is just going through the motions of life when 9 years later she thinks she really has seen Ben. She knew it looked exactly what he would've looked like...
They find his knapsack a few years later and again post his picture in the paper in hopes someone has seen him.
She gets involved with her camera again and a boy who mows lawns stops by and she knows it's her son. She shows her husband the pictures of the boy who lives just a few blocks away.
Therapy sessions don't always help but talking to other friends who were there, does. Faith, keep the faith that it will all work out in the end...

Mischief and Mistletoe by Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley and 6 others
Each of the 6 stories is Christmas themed and about 50 pages long. Historical English at Christmas time, balls, huge festivities, plays,
Stories tend to be a woman seeking a man that has crossed her life in earlier years, it's Christmas time and the want the magical and mystical part of it all.
Really enjoyed reading of all the themed locations, I can just see all the lighted candles in each window upon driving up to the house. These women are a bit on the wild side and not much gets in their ways ...
She stoops to Wenchdom by Mary Jo Putney
Lucianda Richards has arrived at the holiday ball and recall Capt. Gregory Kenmore from when he'd come for lessons at the vicarage from her father.
She heard rumors at the ball and wants to see for herself if they are true so Chloe helps her dress so she can go serve at the bar-flirt and be a wench at night.
He ends up with something of hers and he sends out a message that she must go to his house to retrieve it. He has no idea who the item belongs to...
Miss Brockhurts's Christmas Campaign by Jo Beverley
Penelope and her mother will travel to her friends house for the Christmas holiday, in the country.
Pen hopes to meet up with a long time ago friend, Ross Skerries as he had a liking to him once.
His marriage partner is present so she must work fast if she is to break them up...
Intrigue and Mistletoe by Joanna Bourne
Elinor Pennington is in love with Jack Tyler and has been for many years. She's trained in codebreaking and finds the perfect spot to catch others at the inn.
Love all the talk of the greenery for the season...
Wench in Wonderland by Patricia Rice
Damaris Bedloe loathed the snow and the gloom it brought to her life.
After the accident and she finally wakes up others are calling her Lady Alice and she can't think why...
On A Wicked Winter's Night by Nicola Cornick
Lydia owns the Silent Wench inn where Johnny was taken after the carriage went off the road and landed in icy water.
He owns the Newport Castle and her inn is part of his estate...
Weathering the Storm by Cara Elliott
Sophie tries to make a deal to have Lord Leete sail her to London by Christmas. She knows she's met him before in Boston
on Foreign Affairs business...
The Mistletoe Bride by Anne Gracie
Dying Peggy Smith was given money to wed him and then she could walk away. he, Roman McAllister only needed the certificate.
Problem is she has 2 little girls back home that she left with others. On the journey Marguerite has tried to help her...
A Wilder Wench by Susan King
Cristiana had been saved, her younger brother Patrick as well. As time goes on a letter is found telling of a marriage of her and one of his grandsons, Dunallan...

 What He's Been Missing by Grace Octavia
Celebrity wedding planner Rachel needs to find her true love. When her best friend Ian intends to propose to what he thinks is the love of his live, Scarlet and tells Rachel she has to move fast.
Her friends think they both are perfect for one another. She starts dating to throw him off as to how much she likes Ian herself but it's backfiring on her.
She doesn't want to do their wedding but will she get roped into doing it anyway?
Liked the book but the f bomb on every page got to me after a while, otherwise the book was a good read.
Funny appropriate hashtags at the beginning of each chapter.

The True Love Quilting Club  by Lori Wilde
Her mother had abandoned her and her father, Rex next he was packing up their things as they were moving again and she wanted to know why he couldn't hug her. He told her and it sunk it causing her to run out of the house, running as fast as she could.
She only wanted to be an actress and she ran into Sam. He took her to the theater where they watched the stars.
Trixie had gone to NY and the after a few years the only thing she had left was a piece of jewelry from her grandmother. She needed $1000 for the talent classes. She got a lead to go see a director and as she ran out she knew she'd was done for in the acting business. As she is being kicked out of her apartment, she's no money to pay rent, the cops arrest her for sexual assault against the director.
Love the quiltisms at the beginning of the chapters, they are so true!
She got a part in Twilight, at the playhouse. Nina Gardner who did star on the stage was her savior once she learned what Scott had done.
Trixi Lynn/Emma Parks returns after 12 years to Twilight, TX after following her dream, dancing in the big city. and reunites with ther first love, Sam. He's now a vet, single dad and after his wife Valerie had died the boy, Charlie has stopped talking. Belinda and others have tried to set him up with dates.
She will stay at the inn for at least 2 months time and the quilting club has welcomed her with open arms. They attempt to teach her how to quilt...
She has some dog fears to get over with help from Sam so she can put the play into proudction for the town.

The Why Series Book 3 Why stars come out at night by Eric PUllin
First off as this is the 3rd in the series there is a contest to try to find a hidden object: Barney Owl in this book and you could win a prize. He was featured in the first book of the series.
Illustrated very colorful children's book about stars. Starts out with asking if you've ever counted them up high in the sky.
He explains what stars are for.
The old man who lives far away for every new born child he makes a gift for them out of special snow. He uses his special silver spade.
He shapes them into snowflakes at home which are like stars.
He sets a star for every childs name born with a new battery and just before the sun goes down he checks to make sure they will all work.
The sun takes care of us during the day and the stars at night.

What's a Bug by James McCullough
Illustrated very colorful children's book about all kinds of bugs. Describes them in detail, what to look out for and where they live.
Great story for boys who especially like to learn about bugs.

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
The Appalachian Mountain area caught my attention.
Den of coyotes are seen during one summer with the flower and fauna.
Deanna Wolf watches the forest, Eddie Bondo has caught her off guard.
When she does talk tohim she asks him to go first on the trail and not to step on the cat prints as she is tracking him.
Love hearing how the soap she uses is not detected by the animals as her being a human. She maintained the trails.
Also love the flower discoveries they find together and habits of the animals...
Luci, a bookish city girl is marooned and cares for animals. Cole is her husband and they've lost what they first had when they had met.
Garnet, lives next door and is half blind and wants to bring back the chestnut trees that have been destroyed.
Love all the nature and signs of how they are thriving.
Love all the technical talk of the predators and like how they come to an even balance by talking about their problems face to face.

A Desperate Journey by Debra Parmley
Sally was married to Luke and they had a son and a daughter. His gambling debts caught up to them and he left with his son and she had to auction off the house. She spent a few days at the parson's house and then started out on a journey to find her son. Ozzie Moss was driving his mules and supplies from Kansas to Texas and she and Carolyn were along for the ride, til the Fort Riley came into sight. They told her to stay due to the Indian raids but she left after one sergeant had molested her one night.
Others were also looking for her: Robert Truman. He looks so vicious but he wants revenge on something Luke had done that landed him in jail for 5 years.
Rob had come to her rescue at the fort and again another night out on the journey when the wagon broke an axle.
They travel as a group and go through many towns in search of Luke and Matthew. Indian raids and river crossings and one gets hit by an arrow. The forts are a safe haven for a bit of time as they travel further south to Texas.
They meet up with some characters that only enhance the tale.
Rob knows more as they travel further and hasn't told Sally. She's kinda taken a liking to him though.
Love how they spend the Christmas day and what they do to make it very special. As the journey comes to an end as things go full circle.

Nowhere Yet by Edward Cozza
Rex has talked Annie into meeting him and Grant after he's given her a bunch of things she's always wanted.
Grant has gotten into a car wreck and he meets up with Rex and Annie and her friend, Kat who is a psychiatrist.
The female bartender takes care of their drinking needs and she has other magic up her sleeve.
Grant has worked for others in the city and now he knows too much of their companies and they are all going to jail cuz the Feds went after them. He's trying to play things cool, by not telling anybody about what he really knows.
There's a lot of partying and eating and drinking and with a mixture of people where some know one another.
Things get out of hand and a fight breaks out and he does find his way back to the hotel and the recuperation is not done in a traditional hospital.
Love the ending part where it all comes together. Glad to hear this is only book 1 of a series!

Sanctuary Cove Rochelle Allers
Deborah Robinson and her packed up bookstore after her husband dies find themselves in Cavanaugh Island, Sanctuary Cove, SC. She has an inherited house from her family and she's rented a place for the bookstore.
Her teens are with friends and they will return to school the next week. She is back on friendly territory as she remembers the regulars in town.
She will return to the mainland at New Years and then move the family to the island.
Dr. Assa Monroe meets her and finds they may have their second chance of love.
There are obstacles as the past comes they both want to know more of each other.
Love sitting in on the town meeting and knowing the developers want all the abandoned land. It would mean change and the residents are not sure that is what they want..
Steamy sex only adds to this book....til he tells her of his future plans...
Love that this is just the first book of a series!

The First Love Cookie Club  by Lori Wilde
Sarah is an author writing books for children. She was due back in Twilight to help with the angel tree, where you selected a name and granted their wish.
She had tried to stop Travis Walker from marrying when she was 15. She is now 24 and uses a different name for writing.
Love the legend of the cookie and catching up with others in town and their jobs. Such a relaxed atmosphere.
His wife had left him, not being able to go through the multiple hospitalizations the child went through. He was there for his daughter, Jazzie and making sure she had everything.
Sarah was Jazzie's wish as she reads her book all the time and wanted to meet her for the longest time.
She gets kidnapped and taken to the Horny Toad Tavern, holiday costume and holiday aromas. The people of town knew her and her relatives.
Although they were thrown together on the float for the parade she tried to avoid him at other events, at all costs.
The cookie club was at it again, Sarah and Travis both agreed that the club was matchmaking again...
Love all the charity events Sarah takes part in, the baking, the parade, book signing, etc...
Healing power of cookies, this is priceless!
She took a peddle boat out on the lake to relax, it was so peaceful and calm, and the boat started filling up with water...
Story is of others and how secrets of the past are brought out and it breaks couples up.
Hot passionate romance only adds to this tale.

Leaving Blue Bayou by Joann Ross
This book contains 3 older books by the same author.
Cajun Heat
Gabriel Broussard, actor, is back in town. He's left LA after he had 2 dates with a woman and she announced their engagement. Now that he's back his drive is Emma Quinlain and they have had a past.
They are remembering their past as the car gets a flat. He changes it and wild sex is all they can think about.
Prior to that he wanted to lay low and spend time at the camp. She was heading the festivities that would raise money for the kids at the camp.
Her partner and her run the day spa that keeps her busy.
Their playacting as pirate and wench  and a bunch of sex just didn't make sense to me, would've rather heard about the good of the festivities to the community.
Love Potion #9
Roxi Dupree was part owner of the day spa with Emma. After the hurricane had destroyed the shop she opened a new one: Hex Appeal with more magic involved and potions. Gabe and Emma were due back in town to film his new film and she couldn't wait to hook up with Emma again.
Sloan Hawthorne is a friend of Gabe and Emma and he turns up in town for the filming also and is drawn to Roxi.
Witches, graphic comic book characters and spells and sex are what's involved in this story.
Dear Santa
Holly Berry a mystery writer has gone off the road in her vehicle in the mountains of WA.
Gabriel O'Halloran has found her and they are talking about reindeer. the one she avoided hitting and is off the road.
He tells her of his friend who has one called Blitzen and 8 others.
He is the mayor of Santa's Village, he runs the inn and is the person in charge of tourism for the town.
He tells her of his daughter and the war he fought in.
This year besides the pony she really wants a mother....

Pub Date   Apr 9 2013    The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen
Pauline was so happy to be pulling off her husbands big birthday party. A week in Jamaica for them and his other college friends and their spouses. In total 6 people.
Savannah was to bring Gary but she hadn't told anybody they were getting a divorce. He had found a younger nurse. He was an anesthetist doctor and she sold real estate/houses.
Allie was married with 2 teen kids, everything on an even keel when she wasn't working as a social worker. Her mother and father would watch all the kids. Ryan her husband also worked for the local company, engineer dept.
Tina was the one with 4 kids and her husband, Gio was in the local company in the architecture dept. She just couldn't seem to get things balanced and there was always something to do...
Dwight was the dot com millionaire who was going to be treating them all to whatever their hearts desired in the weeks time.
The house and island are pure paradise. Along with the food and body massages, huge rooms and there are other surprises for the upcoming days of adventure.
Love the detailed descriptions, this would so make such an awesome movie!
Everyone although keeping their most private secrets to themselves are having a wild time of relaxation as they reminiscence about college days and it seems everything is NOT so good in paradise after all....

American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America by Michele O'Bama
Starts out with why Michele O'Bama was raised, remembering fresh food in the neighborhood and also playing outside, walking to school.
Today children don't play outside or have much of a recess anymore and are getting obese. Her idea to get kids moving and to make sure everybody has more fresh food that they can grow themselves.
Struggles Mrs. O'Bama came across when she went to plant the garden for food to be used on their tables. Talks of other states and how the National Park Service is involved in the
garden for those who can't see..Broken up into chapters where the seasons are featured.
Especially liked the previous presidents gardens and what they planted and where.
Recipes included also!

Trust by Barbara Delinsky
Two books by the same author:
The Real Thing
Deidre a dancer.
Neil a lawyer.
Both need time alone as work has gotten to them. They each contact Victoria and she tells them separately that they can use the Maine island for a week.
They both arrive and meet up with the boat captain who will take them to the island. He leaves them at the dock with food. They have nothing in common
and don't get along. Because of her broken leg and his extra long body they both must sleep in the largest bed in the cabin and do.
As time goes on they do talk to one another, likes, dislikes, wants and needs...
They are each able to talk about their real problems and they come to a mutual conclusion...
Her mother interferes a lot...
Secret of the Stone by Barbara Delinsky
Paige Matheson, Ice maiden is the stone artist that others want to penetrate her hard shell.
Jessie Dallas and his friend Ben have a bet he can break her, in a weeks time. A set of Knicks final game is on the line.
She's not a city girl and loves the ocean and her house right on the shore. It's calming and it's where she can do her work.
She's in the city visiting the galleries that carry her work.
Her agents think she should have a fling while in the city. Her regular limo driver, Felix is on another case and she has Dallas for the day. He's to take her around to all the galleries.
He drives her to hidden places to spend lunch time with as none of the gallery owners has thought she needed to eat. She studies his features and likes what she sees and touches.
He uses his coat on the ground so she can sit on it. He's got a quality of good foods for them to sample while talking about one anothers' lifes.
After her grueling day in the city, they spend a heated sensual night, her last night in the city.
She opens up to her about her sex life when he drives her back from the city to her home in Marblehead, MA.
She finds just the perfect stone on the beach. He's driven her back home and left to return to the city. He's not content there and drives back to her house, arriving on her back porch where they take up where their bodies have left off.
He tells her the truth as to why he is there and hates himself as he's not good enough and they hadn't used protection.
He is a documentary film editor and he just needed a break from it all.
She talks him into being a handyman while he's on vacation and she can go back to her wood and sculpting.
Love detailed descriptions of her tools. She had seen the vision of his hand and put it into the stone she had found along with other corresponding images.
After he must leave she struggles and uses her work to get her through the emptiness. She travels home to attend family obligations. She shares with her mother about her pregnancy.
When Jessie learns of her pregnancy he's very angry.  He wants to give the child everything he's never had in his life.
Love multiple meanings of the 'secret of the stone'.

Reunion by Nora Roberts
Two book by the same author:
Once More With Feeling
Raven Williams, tanned gold from the CA sun she is a musician and has the chance to work with an old boyfriend who is to produce a show.
Brandon, she's not seen him in years and she remembers the heartache when they had broken up.
She's not sure she can do the show and put their old relationship in the past.
She also has other responsibilities and she has a lot to juggle to do it all.
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found
Her father had just passed away but she had gotten the summer to spend with him off the coast of NC. She had fallen in love with Ty, the boat captain.
Her father's legacy was left to her: Kathleen Harveston the maps he had drawn of treasures that he knew were there.
Ty Silver had even taught her to dive. He liked his current lifestyle, got to do what he wanted, when he wanted.
She had a doctorate in English and had sent him a message about her father, his death and she needs his help in something that she'll talk about when she sees him next.
When she becomes deathly ill he vows to take care of her...
Love the procedure of how they discover things and the diving..

read 11/2/12  Ten Days by Janet Gilsdorf
Anna and Jake Campbell have 2 small children. While she's away teaching English as a second language during the days, her husband is an orthopedic surgeon at the local hospital. The children stay at Rose Mary's house where she babysits a few other local children.
The youngest child, Eddie has come down with a fever and when Anna finds him limp one morning, not having woken up for his breast feeding hours earlier, she rushes him to the hospital dragging the older son, Chris, along with them.
At times she blames herself and sometimes Jake for not being there, and at times Jake blames himself and then her.
Her parents come to help out with Chris and to cook and clean and do whatever they can while Anna spends 24/7 in the hospital. Very serious condition and they don't know if he will even live. Other children also become sick.
Rose blames herself now thinking it's something in her house.
Like how there are not that many people involved and I didn't like all the medical terminology. Although some of it is explained a lot of it is not but you can follow generally what is going on.
I was not sure I could finish reading this book as I'm close to the end and hate sickness and death-not knowing if he does die.
Others come into the picture with help to solve how the illness started but I think I've read what really caused the illness earlier in the book.
Lot of heartache and doubt as each of the parents go through something different but the same to get through all this.
He calls up an old doctor girl friend of his and they plan to meet when she comes back to Michigan...

read 11/1/12  Overseas by Beatriz Williams
Investor banker Kate Wilson is attracted to the British Julian Lawrence who has a hedge-fund and he's very wealthy.
She gets thrown into doing reports and things for him, her company needs his business.
Being as I am listening to this there is not distinction between the times: one is the present, the other world war 1 era. Kinda hard to follow
but love the idea of the parellel universe with the same people and the subject of Wall Street and the stock market.
When Alesha becomes her friend and steals information from her computer, she loses her job. Julian talks her into going away for a few days at the cabin in the woods and
then tells her her life may be in danger cuz of him, his money and the company where some stock holders don't care for the action he took.
He wants to leave for several months but she wants to search for a new job..
Interesting to see who else has come to the future from his past.
When Kate finds out who's really behind the sabotage she knows she has to tell Julian. He's kept so many secrets from her and he keeps telling her he will tell her everything.
They will get revenge on those who made Kate lose her job..

  read 11/7/12 pub 11/20
Already Home by Susan Mallery
Includes recipes at the end.
Divorced sous chef Jenna is now back home living with her mother. She has rented space for her store and has Violet to help.
Just letting others watch how a recipe is done isn't making it. Violet tells her to let the woman participate in making the item and after having them buy the ingredients there, make it and get to take it home hits the jackpot.
Erin was the one who had cheated on her with a younger woman and he had called her to tell her somebody had called looking for her.
Jenna's real parents show up on the scene and her family that actually raised her try to smooth things over between them all.
Another part of this book is Violet's dating and her past. Both her and Jenna are now dating and things are going well at the store so much they hire more part timers.
Love the ideas they have for the store and that it works. Hope recipes are included at the back.
I have many connections to this book: cooking, fashion and knitting store right next door are my favorites.

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