Monday, December 3, 2012

Her Miracle Man ebook review

 Her Miracle Man  it's an excellent read

My Review:
Her Miracle Man by Nikki Duncan
Children’s hospital administrator Ryland Davids was interested in event planner Jennalyn James.
Her sister Sabrina was admitted to the hospital and he had no time to spend with her. She didn't make it and he spent a lot of time with Sabrina and given her a promise to give the cd's to her sister after a while, after she passed away.
Jennalyn James is at an event she was in charge of and seeing that everything was in place and circulating to make sure the guests had everything they wanted when she was introduced to
Ryland as he wants to hire her for an event at the children's hospital.
Sabrina wants her to take the job offer he has: a miracle for every day of the month for the children in the hospital in December.
Such heartache but joy and caring are shown to the children: the care and that the administrator, as the clown knows their names, names with wagons.
He had made some secret promises to Sabrina also and he was going to make sure they came true.
As each miracle comes to life she is enjoying them also and smiles and laughs-her payment.
They do spend time together with the planning and the relaxing after and talk and she finds out his secrets as to why he's so dedicated to the children.
They enjoy the teasing and the making up with kissing afterwards.
The Christmas spirit is in full swing by just one person telling another, who tells another. They have volunteers all over town cooking, decorating and just helping where needed.
Love what the rocks mean, I used to collect them as well from all parts of the world that my friends would visit.
Such unique gifts that have the true meaning of the season. with hot boiling sex this is an excellent holiday read...
Glide to the end....Just when you think you know it's going to end happily ever after ...
Excerpts from a few other books are included at the very end.


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