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The Ripple in Space-Time Blog Tour

The Ripple in Space-Time

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: When the huge lunar Ultra Energy Laboratory is destroyed by a mysterious blast, Inspector Ryo Trop of the Free City Inquisitor's Office is called in to sort out who is responsible for the disaster. Early reports imply that rogue moon miners are to blame but Ryo quickly discovers that a far more complex and sinister scheme is afoot. With the help of a promising young Liaison Agent and a faltering Grad student, Ryo searches for clues and culprits in the corrupt and moldering feudal fiefdoms of the Warlords that dominate human affairs in 2445. Ryo’s longtime friend, Biology Professor turned
spy Malcolm Evans, suggests that the wave of space piracy that has recently vexed the Solar System could be connected to the obliteration of the lunar lab. But why would reckless and marauding space raiders have an interest in a research facility?

My Review:

S.F. Chapman's The Ripple in Space-Time
 Story is about how a scientist is kidnapped, along with others and taken far away. The pirates plan for her especially is to work and create some elements that will aid them.
Her son Lev has received her daily message and knows something is not right and contacts the authorities and gets together with Ryo who heads up the investigation. They can't figure out who
took the professor and they soon learn with Lev's help and one of the many satellites, who they are. There are many people involved that I had a hard time keeping track of as some are only mentioned a few times, others many times over.
They gain clues and track down others who help them figure out what their next step should be. This all occurs in the future.
To keep her sanity she quotes Shakespeare plays she has learned and seen over the years.
There are many instances of quoting others who are very famous in their field of expertise that make the whole story believable. I enjoyed the story although I rarely read sci fi books.
There are other villains with dangerous information and weapons that also want to rule everybody...
Like all the scientific information that explains just what the ripple is. love how the book got it's title.
Also love the list of characters and the vessels, makes it a lot easier to understand right off the launch pad.  Location on this site for SF Chapman's bio, interview questions and other books, and web sites.

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