Friday, February 8, 2013

Restrike Book Review

Restrike by Reba White Williams
I wanted to read this book because there is an art forgery and I had recently watched a movie about something similar.
Cousins  Coleman Greene runs the art magazine. Dinah run the print gallery, both in Greenwich Village, NY.
Coleman has a mystery going on with a magazine on the west coast always printing a week prior to her magazine the same articles and she asks others to help her solve who it could be.
Dinah has her own mystery also-how did the man who's now dead get his hands on the 'skating girl' and the next day it sold for mucho bucks.
Everything that is made, from clothes to shoes to food and hotels has a label, a designer label and the two of them know all the names. It gets to be a bit much at times as I'm just a country girl and can't be swayed by a label.
Love all the detailed descriptions and although there are many characters in the book it's easy to keep them straight.
The book also follows Rachel Ransomme who is overseas and is heavily into art as she's very well trained to spot a fraud.
Murders, places being bugged, forgeries and hidden funds are just a few things going on in this action packed book.
Grand finale is at the end where all the pieces come together and family from the past make an appearance.
Love that this will be part of a series of books using some of the same characters, can't wait to see what next they will uncover.

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