Friday, May 31, 2013

Books read May 2013

42 books read May 2013

read 5/31 pub June 13 The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow

 Danny and the Dinosaur Go To Camp  by Syd Hoff
Audio book about Danny went to camp with his friend the dinosaur for the summer.
Book tells all about the different things they can do: racing, football, rowing the boat,
and then they had lunch. Funny things happen because the dinosaur is there, too funny!
Letters home are just perfect!  Other camp things happen to make it a perfect day at camp.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff
Audio book about Danny who was in a hurry to see his friend the dinosaur. He's 6 and he's having a party.
From the museum he rode and they picked up more friends along the way. It's Danny's birthday too but he's over 100 years old.
They hung up balloons and sang songs and the dinosaur was able to play along with them but his voice was very loud.
Pin the tail on the donkey was a good game. candle counting and making wishes, best part of the party to me...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Suddenly by Barbara Delinsky
This book is about a medical practice with 4 doctors in Tucker, VT. They each have and share patients.
One is preparing to adopt a baby but one days others learn of her death-sitting in her car in the closed garage. Others try to put the pieces together to solve her death.
The baby arrives and Paige steps in but she doesn't want a child. Paige has a sexual mate that teaches at the girls academy. There are so many twists and turns to this book, it's fascinating reading about them all.
The other people also have chapters of their own and the troubles they experience with the death, how it not only effects their medical practice but their personal lives.
Didn't see this ending happening, wow!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Gift by Danielle Steel
Perfect family: father, mother, teen son and young daughter. Christmas eve the little girl comes down with they think is a cold. Next day they can't wake her up.
Meningitis and she ends up dying. Family grieves her as she was their last gift, an angel.
Tommy the son can't stand to be in the house because it reminds him of Annie so he stays at practice.
Parents were always arguing and Tommy gave up on sports and school. He took up smoking and drinking.
The book also follows another family, a father, mother, teen daughter, Noelle and teen daughter. The daughter becomes pregnant when she is raped at a prom.
The babys father is to marry another. Mirabeth is to live with the nuns and give up the baby and not see the members of her family til after.
She leaves there with $700 and gets on a bus to Chicago, stops for dinner and stays there, gets a job and meets up Tommy who's there often because his mother no longer cooks meals and she's returning to work, a teacher at high school.
She meets Tommy's parents and the mother takes her under her wing with school things...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Get Over It by Nikki Carter
I should've probably read the other 5 in this series, but I really liked the story line and cover.
Seems I stepped into a book where there are others in the series? There are a bunch of characters like from another previous book because they are not introduced in this one-like I should know who they are.
Drugs, overdoses, team DeShawn or Team Sam voting, twitter feeds, publicity shots, pregnancies, marriages to stay in the music business and the making/breaking of a music artist and a bit of drama is what this
book is about to me. I can't figure out, today, who's with who and I hope they've made the right choices for their life. And a sorority house that is cheering for a music artist. The next book in the series, Time to Shine has a sample chapter included.
    I received this book from Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

 Home Fires by Lois Greiman
Finding home is the series with this being the next in line.  Casie has told her city boyfriend she's done with him and stays on the farm her father left her when he died.
She adopts not only animals that nobody wants but a child from another farm, Ty whose mother was beating him up, and a pregnant girl, Emily and the real estates daughter, Sophie to make her strong and a love interest, Colt Dickinson.
Colt attempts to come to the rescue with $10k when she needs it for Angels' surgery and Casie does not want to take it...
He is also there to lend her farm a horse for the guest that is paying for the next several weeks. and he's there to help heal the horse with a foot problem.
More trouble arises when Sophie learns of what a farm closeby does to the mares that are pregnant-for health procedures and she enlists Ty to help rescue some of the horses...
Helpful info on raising of horses and most other animals...
I received this book from Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion

Seasons of Her Life by Fern Michaels
Ruby grows up and lives with her mother and sister and abusive father. After high school the grandmother gives her a ring and she treasures it because of all the stories it holds. Her grandparents truly loved her and appreciated her visits and chores she'd do for them.
She heads to DC to live with her sister Amber and is able to get a job with a captain and is given an advance of money so she can buy clothes for the job.
Love the explanation of the seasons of ones life-it all makes sense!
Ruby starts dating Calvin and he takes her to church. Their romance starts out slow as this is her first boyfriend.
She has many situations where there is abuse, friends of hers and the military send them to different places.
Ruby stays in touch with her sisters and she gets revenge on her father and mother. She has money and houses of her own...
Book then we find her married to an abusive husband and two children...
Love how her idea of making cookies pays off for them, money is always short til her finances are settled.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).


Get Started: Baking by Amanda Wright
I wanted to read this book because I like to bake and experiment with food.
Start out talking about all the accessories you might need and what they are used for and different basic staples you might need for any recipe and the differences between the different types.
Love that this book starts out with my favorite and I rarely make it: Carrot cake. The recipes show not only the written instructions but pictures of what you need and the different steps.
Even though they show the most basic recipes there are more involved ones as well.
Also a section on meat pies and a section about bought dough.
Science of making pie dough is an interest to me as I always end up messing it up. There are other chapters showing the science of other foods as well.
There are also so many recipes for breads and the most exquisite desserts I've ever seen. They make them seem too easy to make!
Such a great resource of knowledge!
I received this from Edelweiss by Penguin Group (USA) Inc.. in exchange for my honest review.

Hug Bat by A. J. Cosmo
Illustrated colorful children's book showing all the animals the bat wanted to give a hug, everybody needs a hug after all.
Once the animals see the bat they run away, scared.  He does come across one animal that does want a hug...
There are more samples of the authors work at the end.

read 5/23 Get Started: Knitting by Susie Johns
Wanted to review this book because I am an avid charity knitter and always looking for new patterns and ideas.
What a treasure this book is from the very beginning: starts out with the material you will need and all the current up to date needles and yarn weights.
Next is how to start with the yarn and various methods are shown with pictures-very easy to understand. Then the basic knit stitch and from there the world is yours to explore.
The author keeps things simple but moves along to higher levels of accomplishments and the patterns are easy to follow along.
Especially liked the glossary of knitting stitches and how they are done. Most are only a 4 row repeat and the designs can be used in multiple items to knit.
Best part of this book to me is the textured stitches and how they are done using a chart, and written out in full directions row by row.
This reference books should be in your knitting library.

I received this book from Edelweiss by Penguin Group (USA) Inc.. in exchange for my honest review.

read 5/23 All the Summer Girls: A Novel   by Meg Donohue
This book follows the three women-they are best friends.
NY: Vanessa and Drew have a daughter Lucy and she gave up on the gallery job to raise the baby.
Philly: Kate is in and her husband to be-is also a lawyer but he breaks up with her the night she discovers she's pregnant.
CA: Dani worked in the bookstore and writes her novel at night while sharing the apartment with 2 other females. The book is about Kate's twin brother who died while they were all summering on the island 8 years prior..
Rather than going to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party they will go to Avalon where they always summered. It's been 8 years since Colin's death and it seems each of them feels a bit responsible for his death.
We learn more as their story continues-the fear they each hold and wanting to be free of their guilt by telling others their held secret...
Love hearing about the travel, each of their cities where they live and of the Jersey shore as I've yet to travel there myself. Such detailed descriptions.

I received this book from Edelweiss by William Morrow Paperbacks and Harper Collins Publishers in return for an honest review.

read 5/23   Just One Kiss by Susan Mallery
This book is located in Fool's Gold and is mostly about Patience McGraw. She works at the hair salon and has a daughter named Lillie.
When she was 14 she had a crush on Justine Garrett but the day she got up the nerve to tell him Ford had shown up so she walked away. The next morning she goes to tell him and his house is vacated. everything gone...
He is now a bodyguard and had guarded a local for a while a year ago but she never knew why he had left. He finds her one day and they meet for coffee and he explains what happened. Then it's her turn...
The thing I like about Fool's Gold is most main jobs are held and run by women, strong ones and the fact life is easy going and you can pick up any book and catch up with everybody in town.
She inherits a bunch of money from her mothers friend who she met when she was 4 and she goes looking for a building in town to make her dream of brew-haha come to life. She's got the plan and resources for the things she needs for the store.
Justice also is shopping for a place for his bodyguard/training there in town and finds one. His other investors are on board-including Ford Hendrix.
Her friend Isabel is back from NY, getting a divorce and is going to run/sell her mothers bridal shop within a few months time. She and  Patience are still the best of friends and will help support one anothers endeavors.
Love the interaction Lillie finds in Justice, too cute to ask for his help.
From the beginning I thought this would be just a typical romance predictable book, it's anything but!
Hot steamy sex scenes and mucho surprises that are action packed and full of new adventures.
I received this book from the author for an honest review.

read 5/23   The blue zones: 9 lessons for living longer from the people who've lived the longest by Dan Buettner
Stories of the different areas worldwide and strategies of how the people live with excellent health into triple digits.
This book gives you options that you can select how far you want to go to your own longevity.
Interesting to learn all the things that do effect our lives...
Goat's milk is a food that might help, walk a bunch, whole grains, olive oil, fruits and beans are also clues.
The one thing I found was to be with family, grandkids, etc it will keep you on your toes and others younger will look up to you, respect you. It does keep you young.
Power naps for 30 mins, herbal teas lower blood pressure. Each of the zones has their own specialty. it's what works for them.
Loved hearing how they discover a blue zone-all the numerology involved.
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read 5/22 Monster Soup by Nathan Walker
Illustrated very silly colorful children's book showing how to make
the perfect monster soup. It has 10 ingredients and each of the pages
shows the numbers making this a good counting book. The ingredients don't
always look what we think they should look like but with a soup everything is
mixed up all together.

read 5/21 Feyland, The Twilight Kingdom by Anthea Sharp
This saga continues as we get clues of this book from the previous book. Love this series as I used to be a beta tester for a sim game myself years ago.
Tam has been told not to hang around with his daughter, Jennet but he's recommended him for the beta team. He, Jennet and her father are just a few on the team. There are other huge stars as well.
Roy, the CEO's son and also Tam's uncle who runs the net/sim cafe is also on the team. They have 3 weeks before the reconfigured version of the game will be released.
This book, Bug is captured ingame and the others must find him and do quests to free him from harm.
When the realm combine the only way to overthrow them is for the whole team to go after them as one force...
Loved this series and can't wait to read about the Feyguards.

read 5/21 Feyland The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp
Jennet is new in town and lives in the walled secure area, The View for other people who work for Vitrumax, the ones that were creating a new game simulator. Problem is the man in charge is now dead from something he was working on for the game.
She has gone into the game at home, without her dad knowing and her character is almost dead against the queen. She seeks out others who might be good at simming and she finds Manny, who leads her to Tam-who won national awards the previous years.
Read the second book of this trilogy first as I was won it. Love the book so much as the family used to sim and bought the other 2 books.
This book starts out with them finding one another, going into the game and she teaches him a bit about it. Til she finds an unlikely person inside the game to help them...they must do things so the world will survive and they have til Halloween night.
We also learn of Tam's life at home.
Loved hearing all about the characters in the game and the things they come across...

read 5/2- BETWEEN HEAVEN AND TEXAS by Marie Bostwick
I first learned of this book from my mother as she's followed the whole series. I knew it dealt with quilting and that was my pull to this book.
Love the color and all the different fabrics and especially the design of the squares. Loved hearing the story of Mary submitting designs to the quilt magazine and how she was rejected time after time.
This has happened to me as well-not quilting but knitting and crochet so I know the pain. The book encompasses a one year span of not only Mary's life, her marriage, Donny walking out of her marriage, the birth of the child
and living on the ranch and taking care of chores and bills. The story also follows others that live on the ranch. She gets her one chance at becoming famous with a quilt store of her own, her articles in a magazine and
the store furnished with stock. Problem is there are many stumbing blocks along the way: losing the store to another, fire at the ranch, etc. It's almost too much, surely too much that she gives in and gives up...
Love hearing what Donny's brother Grayson does with the ranch and Lydia to make them all feel worthwhile. Love hearing of getting everybody with pillows and blankets into the back of the station wagon and going to the drive in-oh the days!
Pretty sure I will get the rest of the books in this series as the storyline is very appealing to me.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

read 5/18
Mirror Image by Danielle Steel
Olivia and Victoria Hendersen were identical twins and their father was the only adult remaining to care for them. He had them on the estate north of NYC
Olivia was the homebody and helped with paperwork for the house and business. Victoria is the wild child. She last took the car and taught herself to drive it. Last Olivia had seen her Victoria had a cigarette and she was driving.
They loved confusing others so they dressed the same everyday. Charles is their fathers new accountant and he has one small boy after he lost his wife on the Titanic.
The girls are to travel to the city and stay while their father worked. Olivia has taken a liking to Charles and Victoria has noticed and is already thinking of things she can do to break them up, even though they are not together.
One wants to marry and take care of their father and the other wants to make a difference in the world. Their time in the city has its moments with balls and dances. Victoria is in love and has sex with a married man and she hopes he will divorce his wife and take her to exotic places.
The scandal their father learns about and they leave to go back home where he has set up his lawyer to marry Victoria. He needs a wife and a mother for his child. But Olivia is the one who is love with him.
The sisters would never sleep together in the same room again-their bond is breaking with Victoria's wedding.  Victoria wants to help women in any way she can and when war breaks out on her honeymoon she does not want to desert the women in harms way.
Olivia is back in NY on the estate taking care of Jeffrey and her father.
Olivia helps her sister cope with her new life...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read 5/17 The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice

read 5/16 Time Flies by Claire Cook

June 25th i'll post my review for a blog tour

He Belongs To Me By Theresa Rizzo

 Dragon Howl by Vanessa Rouse
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing how a dragon's howl scared everybody from being near him.
He wanted to be friends with them, not scare them. He did find one boy who was not scared.
With each howl and growl the boy sees it as a smile nothing to be scared about.
The boy even gave the dragon a name and they went to shake on it, but the dragon knew he couldn't use his sharp claw...
Joseph the boy becomes friends with the dragon and others see the dragon as an enemy...til they see it for themselves
Includes a list of emotions and pictures at the end of the book..

It Rhymes with Bart by Tom Skinner
I first wanted to read this book because on a recent visit to our grandsons house he was informing us he was going to fart. I wanted to see what this book is about.
Very colorful children's book showing a boy farting and others rhyming words tell him that it's not smart.
Love all the rhyming and the pages showing where he is when it happens to him.
The boy comes up with a new phrase to use when he does fart.
Best page is of the spaceship as it reminds me of my grandson the most.

read 5/14 pub June 18, 2013 Island Girls by Nancy Thayer

read 5/9 pub 5/14  blog tour 5/27 Lucky Bastard by Deborah Coonts
Wanted to read this book because of the locale: Las Vegas strip.
Lucky has a lot going on in her personal life (others in the family) and her business life-she runs a strip mall on the strip.
She is called when a dead body is found and wishes she had not answered the call.
Fascinating, love to learn about new things: red contact lenses! Love how they solve why things happened and the props used.
The book cover really fits the book content. Seems just when they get a handle on one aspect of the murder, there are 10 other questions and they
go clue to clue to find the answers. There are a lot of characters in the book but they do not swarm down all at once to overcome you. It's easy to keep them straight.
I loved hearing of the Spring Mountains as my visit to LV we walked around the area there.
This series sounds like it could go on forever because there are a lot of things that come up at casion/restuarant/hotels in LV.
I received this book from JKCommunications in exchange for my honest opinion.

read 5/13 Blaze by Joan Swan
Keira is in shock when she learns Luke is on her team that is rescuing the little boy from the complex.
This book starts out strong and action packed fast-I felt like I was part of a team six seal team or it's equivalent.
The mission is aborted but she goes forward as there are many children ...
Tony her boyfriend is not who he seems. She also reads minds without talking-it works with some people, Luke for one.
Just when the hospital has cleared them she is abducted along with the child. Disturbing part of this book to me is the foreign  language that is spoken. Really feel left out in the cold...Tony had been using others for scientific experiments...
Very much reminds me of The A Team from TV fame where everything came together at the end. It's just the process of getting to the right place at the right time. As they travel to get away from the thugs there are many obstacles and who can you really trust with your life?
Hot steamy sex scenes add to this story.
Like the high tech microchip implants chat, whoa! The story also follows another alternate chapters where we learn the connection one from each side has...

I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

A Rocky Mountain Christmas by William Johnstone
Matt Jensen is on his way to spend Christmas with the family-the ones who took him in.
Jenny McCoy is on the same train after she's been wed, widowed and banished.
The Senator is on the train with his wife and very sickly daughter. The sheriff is escorting a man to prison for 4 years along with a man to be hanged for holding up a man and asking for all his money.
There are others on and about the area when the train is derailed due to an avalanche. How will they survive and pull together to make it through the storm???
Easy to keep the characters straight. Love a good western and this is one of them.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

read 5/11
The Secret by Kat Martin
Love this book for not only it taking me to Montana, very detail descriptions of the land, animals and nature but a good story about fighting for what you believe in.
 Kate Rollins, recently divorced had been shot. With her near death experience she moved her son and herself to a ranch in Montana, from the streets of LA where she was in charge of ads.
She now runs the cafe and has a house behind it on 80 acres of land. She never knew her real mother...
Chance McLain is a local rancher and half Indian and soon should be married to the neighbor's daughter, Rachel but he's seen Kate and likes what he sees.
A mystery surrounds her grandmothers death and by talking to other locals she finds some clues....
Mining company also wants to set up another mine where it would pollute more of the waterways and kill animals and ruin vegetation. The townsfolk meet to take action against it..
Things escalate slowly but you gain more facts and clues as time goes on.. Somebody doesn't want her there in Montana and she's been scurrying through the attic-all the old papers, deeds, etc...
Hot steamy sex scenes add to this story.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

read 5/6 Pub Date   Aug 21 2013  Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition
19 Patterns for Stockings and Ornaments by Gwen W. Steege

 read 5/3   pub Jul 9 2013  Rosemary Cottage by Colleen Coble

read 5/10  pub June 25  The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe

read May 9
After Tex by Sherryl Woods
She is a media genius-runs TV shows, puts together magazines. She had grown up, Tex O'Rourke was her dad. She had left WY.
Her larger than life grandfather Tex had passed away and she had to go back to WY. She had escaped to NY and in her mind she wonders if she was there to maybe find her mother who had left.
Jake Landers has been taking care of her fathers affairs and he is there to pick up the pieces and he is a lawyer. He had recently returned to town also.
Tex was like a father figure to Jake and put him through college. Megan would be surprised when she read it.
She had once wanted Jake so bad but he ended up in jail for stealing cattle.
Tess is there, just a child and she has custody of her-what had happened to just seeing to the funeral, estate and heading back to NY?
Megan's best friend when they were growing up is Peggy and she stops in to catch up on their lives. She learns the truth about the stolen cattle...
Trouble arises when the child's mother shows up on the scene. Megan has choices to make about her business and family life now... She gets to see Jake in action when he takes on a few town problems...
Like this book because of it's location in WY and NY. Sex scenes and the tragedies of gun killings follow...
Angel mine is the next in the series.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read may 8 I Want To Do Yoga Too  by Carole P. Roman
Illustrated drawn picture book showing how a little girl goes to yoga class but when they arrive she goes with the other children
while her mother goes to yoga class. She practices with Robin doing some yoga positions.
She tells her mother of all the yoga things they did in her class and she can't wait to come back again.

read May 8 Backfire by Catherine Coulter
The federal judge, Ramsey has been shot on his lawn on Seacliff, San Francisco. Agents on the east coast have been threatened
and Savage and Sherlock are heading to the west coast as they are family. Male and female feds are a rarity but they work well together.
The judges wife, Molly has children, one who is a musical prodigy, Emma.  cal and Gage are the boys.
The feds follow clues the judge has told them about.  More attempts on the judges life while he's being transported to a private room at the hospital.
Lots of action and killings and find the clues fascinating as they lead to other things...

 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

read May  7  The Weight of Small Things by Sheri Wood Emmons
Chapters alternate between the past and the present. Corrie and Mark are married and she wants to give him kids so bad but she keeps failing.
She had gone to college but still helped out at home because after her father died, he was a professor at the college, her mother took up drinking with her sister and brother left to raise.
Bryn had met and roomed with Carrie many years ago and stayed in the area, her love interest is Paul and she's pregnant.
Corrie has met with Daniel, an old boyfriend because he wants her to write an article about his children's project on the west coast. She will travel to CA for photos and the story while her husband Mark is in NY doing his work.
After her return she gets into her normal work pattern and finds Daniel on her doorstep after work. He's stalking her and she tells him she is not in love with him and he spends the night at Bob's who's got the boys staying with him, and Bryn.
Secrets, lying, deceit and it's from many of the characters. I wonder if their lives will ever be straightened out.
As time goes on and they both find themselves pregnant they are able to talk to one another about their relationships and decide what to do with their lives. Love how close the two women are and have the same thing going on, but different.
Interesting to hear how they mull things over and come to a decision that works for them.
Just when you think that both women have endured enough, a tornado blows through their town...
I received this book from Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion

Rocket Boy and the Solar System (Rocket Boy Adventure Series) by Joy Findlay

Illustrated very colorful and imaginative children's book showing what is in the solar system when Rocket Boy goes into space.
Many things are shown and talked about. His favorite is there and you can find out why he likes it so much.

  Super Pig! by Kurt Zimmerman
Illustrated very colorful children's book showing how he started out just being a pig on a farm. He wondered about things when he got older.
Clark wanted to be more than just a pig when he grew up. He started working out because he wanted to get strong and he had a plan what to do when he got older...
His agent Dark helps him to achieve his plan...

Secretly Smitten by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt
Each of the authors have a few chapters that pick up where the last chapter left off-with the same characters and story line.
Between the lines by Colleen Cable
Smitten, VT romantic touristy town.
At Natalie's baby shower the little girl playing in the attic finds her grandmothers beau dog tags and she says he died in the war so she married another man.
The man used to live in Ryans house so Tess Thomas asks if she can help him clean out the attic-any news on David Hutchins, the owner of the dog tags. He takes a liking to her and enjoys having her around him and his daughter. He's a single dad.
She runs the local bookstore and he and Sophia read a lot. Besides finding the clues about David the whole community is fixing up the train station in hopes they can get the trains to stop to boost their business. Love hearing all the handiwork that goes into repairing everything.
Although there is a lot going on it's easy to keep track of the characters and their professions and their relationships.
Easy going folks but there are obstacles to overcome.
Make Me a Match by Kristin Billerbeck
This section is mostly about Zoey Thomas and her new business. William Singer is the one who must adhere to rules and regulations and he finds fault with Zoe's renovations.
She butts heads with him as she wants to cook for the shut-ins but he finds exposed wiring that is against the code for the building.
She misunderstandings when the fire chief puts a halt to her meeting as there are too many people in one room...
Faith in God helps her get through. The sisters also continue to follow the leads to David. Sometimes the lesson from God is the gift, what a great phrase!
Knit One, Love Two by Diann Hunt
Love the name of this as I do knit.  Anna Thomas runs the local yarn store and Mrs. Connors meets with others there and knits.
Michael, works at a ski lodge, has shown up to pick up his mother after the meeting-he's just back from the Marines and they go to the same church.
She's divorced from Joe and she's busy in her daughter's life's.
She helps do errands for him when he injures his leg skiing. He shares that he's not been in contact with his son but has been trying to reach him. She shares about how she might want to raise sheep and be able to spin the yarn-for her store.
Another mystery: someone buys things for single mothers with children and nobody knows who it is...
Again misunderstandings take hold...
Love Blooms by Denise Hunter
Claire Thomas runs the local nursery and loves planting things. The rest of her family had their loves and she has her plants.
Ethan Forest she had found in her barn where she stored the tools. He was there to get out of the rain and to answer her ad for work.
After she faints at work and he drives her home the rest of the family takes over with their remedies to get her better. It's the first long holiday weekend of the summer and the nursery is busy and her boss is back and she panics as she's not been there for several days.
Ethan had taken over and everything was in perfect order, much to her surprise.
It's been only a few weeks since the local chess player broke off with her saying she was boring...Ethan shared the family Sunday dinner and they get a chance to talk about their pasts.
She learns about the ministry he and Luke were going to go after the war...
He leaves before the centennial ceremonies and she realizes she is the only one alone, the others alone had had loves for years. she hadn't.
Love how everything is wound together at the ceremonies...
I received this book from Ocean State Libraries E-Zone

pub june 18 The Lovebird   by Natalie Brown
Like how each chapter starts out with a Latin phrase with English translation under it. The reason why I selected this
book to read was the cover, it's so pretty and peaceful and that it's about a Latin professor. I remember my brother had
a book of Latin and I remember when I was able to read with my new glasses I would look through the book and found it fascinating.
Book starts out with Latin professor Simon Melinkoff at a university in San Diego and she, Margie Fitzgerald tries to get his attention by sitting in the front row of his class.
She's got a crush on him and tries to learn all about his life. We are told of her life, where her father raised her. Simon enriches her life on being green and not harming animals
or eating meats. She joins him and others in doing deeds and protests to help free the animals from harm.
He's in his 50's and has a young daughter, Annette. Margie is not sure if his wife died or just up and walked away from everything. He has his own secrets and she has hers.
When she's put in charge of the group she runs an info session to recruit more and things get out of hand. Things prior to that get the authorities onto her trail. She must leave the area...
The traditions of others that she is sent to are very informative and interesting. They sustain themselves on what they grow...
Descriptions of the fair are phenomenal! Love Indian time!
Love all the different relationships in this book and how they interact with one another.
I received this book from Edelweiss by Random House in exchange for my honest review.

Why Did It Have To Rain Today? by Donna Dillon  
Illustrated very colorful children's book where a mother tries to get the child to read a book because his plans for Saturday are spoiled now. It is raining and everything he wanted to do outside it has to be sunny.
This reminds me of the week we spent in Seattle with our grandson and it was very rainy weather the whole time. Usually we bring the sun with us. We did get a lot of inside things done, including reading about 30 books.
The books this child finds to read give him quite the imagination of what the book he is reading about comes to life, as if he's part of the book.
Cute book!

Learning to Stay by Erin Celello
Her husband although the rest of his group were blown up by an IED he returned home. Little by little she notices he's lost part of what he was all about.
At times he's violent to her, other times to others. She is a lawyer under deadline for depositions when the police show up and escort her to jail. She has
tried to get him help and he blew up at her. Her other best girlfriend lost her husband in the same accident and they have drawn apart from one another.T
The red tape she has to go through really upsets me because he is a veteran and it should be automatic that he can get in to get sad as I know this is
happening to others in real life as well. She's such a strong person to be able to handle all that comes with it and her job/life.
She gets an idea from a magazine and the others agree to mediation talks.
Things grow bad over time and she's made a decisions from multiple choices as what to do. Things move fast from that point on. Love how things just came about and
it's so true about how they use the animals-it's proven in times of todays tragedies, etc.

I received this book from Library Thing and the author in exchange for my honest opinion

Levitating Las Vegas   by Jennifer Echols
Holly Starr was an assistant to her dads magic tricks at the Las Vegas Casino.
Eljah Brown mother's was a card dealer there so she felt they had a bond.
When her parents told her she couldn't go on a date, nor to the prom and they left for work, her mind flung her dinner plate at the door and broke. Magic.
He is a mind reader and doesn't know yet how to control that.
They both are diagnosed with a mental condition, known as MAD and they are not to be with one another ever again and not tell anyone as well.
The Rez was a group of outcasts with powers that once had parents who worked at the casino and they had drifted away. They plotted to take over the casino.
Kaylee was the security dept head and she had plans to follow through on...
 She is manhandled by what she thought was her friend the cop, and he's turned out to be quite a different person.. Others come to her rescue but will they always?
There are problems with the medication ... I love that others have her back and she has theirs but how long can it last?
Love hearing of the locale as I've visited there and of the trip to Colorado so scenic and pretty.
Sex and power, what a combination!
I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest opinion

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