Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Review: Mystic Perceptions by Jacqueline Paige

My Review: 

Mystic Perceptions by Jacqueline Paige

 Loved the idea of the book and that's why I entered the contest at the author's website. is the site that has the books in that series and information on them. Love how this series starts out. It reminded me so much of the Mentalist on TV and how Simon goes about solving murder mysteries. In this book Jacinda (love that name!) has senses that come to light when she's near furniture-the wood can tell her stories of the history and what's occurred. There are two detectives that are hot on collecting information of the murders in their town and then Jac Brown is called to help them. She is brought in to help with her abilities that she tries to keep hidden. She analyzes the clues and has some other insights as to what else could link them all together. She knew one of them-a family member had used her services prior to being killed. Didn't see the romance because I was so caught up in following the mystery behind all the murders, quite happy how that all evolved. Also didn't see who the murderer was til the very end-just kinda popped out when you think the case was done/closed. Few characters and very easy to keep track of the others that make a brief appearance. Loved hearing about the sense and out of body experiences-scary for those experiencing it and the ones viewing it from the outside. There is a sample chapter of the next one in this series at the end. At end end Jac searches for information for Sandy in help with another case and that case will be the next book in the series. Can't wait to read that one!
I received this book from the author after filling out a giveaway/contest at their website.
 Also received a cool pen showing small pics of another series: the magic seasons.

Author website Hidden Senses Trilogy Information: 

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