Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 27 books read

Easy Halloween Treats for Happy Ghouls and Ghosts by Monica Sawyer
Illustrated very colorful book about food for the holiday of Halloween.
11 different recipes that are easy to make. First it tells you about the ingredients you
will need, then how to assemble them.
A lot of the recipes start with refrigerated cookie dough=those are my favorite ones to try
because the hard work is already done.

Pike Place by Marilyn Howard Tschudi
We were able to go to Pikes' Place in Seattle a few years ago and it was an adventure.
Not only the vendors and all their wares but the fishmongers stole the show when we purchased some shrimp.
Can't wait to go back again and to see the quilt store. There was so much there we did not experience.
Book starts out with Bobbi and her life growing up near Seattle. 5 in the family and they play outside in the
very early 70's, just like my family. She and her younger brother Scottie play at being the Hardy boys and solve mysteries.
Love all the mysteries and treasures she finds along the way while babysitting or just riding their bikes. Her best friend,
Lizzie comes to stay for part of the summer and she's able to actually sleep through the night again.
One day her sister Angela didn't come home from cheer leading practice nor work.
Their lives were never the same again.  Lizzie went along with Scottie and Bobbi to try to find any signs of Angela in the woods.
Love their trips around town and the investigations of the underground city of Seattle. We had driven by them while in the city but never went for the tour.
Can't believe the kids and their inquisitive minds and actions help the cops find and follow the clues...
Loved all the history of the city and state. Scary what happened to the girls...
Loved all the music lyrics as it was the same time frame I grew up on the other side of the country.

Children Book Set for Girls & Boys (Empowerment & self esteem  series level 1 and 2 reading books)   by Ally Nathaniel
Illustrated very colorful book about how to priase a child in everyday life.
First book 'Sparkly Me'  is about a girl and how she uses a sparkle and carries it with her to keep her happy throughout the day.
'Who's Under The Bed' is next. This book is about a monster and it's bedtime and he feels scared that some children are under his bed.
He knows what he does NOT like about children. Good book for letting a child know that there is nothing under their bed to be scared of.
'Fabulous Me' is the next book.  This one is about the things a girl does during the day that make it an extra special day for her. I espcially liked the beach and the stars at night.
'Dancing With The Sun' this is about a girl who feels special when she dances. She explains why she feels special and what she imagines when she dances.
'Once Upon A Pencil' is about a girl that finds a pencil and she draws on her pants and the thing comes to life. then another pencil grows out of the ground. What an imagination she has!

The Lion And The Mouse - Children's Picture Book for age 4 to 8 (Folk Tales) by Emilia V.

Illustrated colorful children's book about a lion and how he rests after a meal. A mouse ran across the lions path and the lion prepares for a fight.
The lion is by far the bigger fiercer animal and he promises to let the mouse pass and the mouse will repay him one day.
A week later the lion is caught in a net and can't get out. The mouse sees what happened to the lion...
The lion recalls the deal he made with the mouse...


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