Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct 4 books read

Maddie's Choice by Joyce Zeller
I wanted to read this book after reading the synopsis. Sounded like a book that would explain about how a cattle ranch runs, something I'll probably never see in my lifetime.
The story starts out with Maddie and how she lives in a condo in NYC. She had once traveled and at a diner sat and talked to Jonah and they kept in contact with one another over the years. Next thing she knows she's a published writer and things are not going so well in the boyfriend department.
She gets a letter from a lawyer that Jonah has left her half his ranch. She goes to Arkansas and stays for some time til her condo is refurbished. She finds the boys, Abe and Mark and their Uncle Gideon who's now back home from the war with PTSD.
She is able to cross paths with Gideon and she stays out of his way while writing in her new novel. She learns of the boys birthday, 16th and wants to throw him a bash and before she knows it the whole will come to celebrate. She has a gift for him that he's been wanting.
Besides the work on the ranch I was able to learn about the new project Jonah was experimenting with. This is amazing because my father was hired to feed the steers here in town due to this new experiment. Liked learning about the cows and their significance.
Things start going bad, rustlers stealing cattle and a bad gang might be connected. Action really heats up when some forces join. Hot steamy sex scenes. This is a great story on many different counts.
Love how she is so strong she is able to pick up where Jonah left off-his dreams of the ranch.
I received this book from Tribute Books in exchange for my honest review.

Halloween Food (Instructables Halloween) by Authors of Instructables
Loved the front cover and wanted to know how to make the treats: desserts, drinks and snacks.
Illustrated very colorful book showing step by step how to make the items. They are so real to life! Also tells why the author wanted to make them, what inspired them to do so.
Decorated Mummy Dogs would be my favorite to cook.
Candy corn would be my second favorite but it involves a lot more work.
Great book for family baking as long as the kids have supervision.

Moon Girl by Beatrix Tambunan
Illustrated colorful children's book telling a story of two sisters.
One is sun girl who keeps the sun out during the day hours so everybody can go to work, plants can grow, etc.
Moon girl takes over when the sun goes down so creatures can use the moon rays to travel and crawl outside.
Moon girl was feeling sad and not loved so she traveled to Jupiter and realized there was nothing growing there at all.
She came back to Earth and everybody was happy to see her because she does have an important job.

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