Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oct 6 books read

An Island Just For Us by Barbara Hattimer
What first attracted me to wanting to read this book was the cover. The story and that it's about an island off the coast of Maine solidified it even more.
Elena is once again back to the island in Maine that her family of mother and father and 2 brothers stay during the summer month. This island is everything Maine, the food is astounding, the nature is just as good.
Loved going back to Maine with this book-I know exactly where this is and have visited myself and have seen movies from the same area. All the good memories: New England clam bake with rockweed, seashells, isolated island hopping.
The story is mainly about Elena and she has stayed away from the island for years but is back now. Todd and his grandmother are living in another cabin.
Both families meet and join each other at meals and parties.
Elena is in college and discusses her promise ring to Todd. He is facing his own battles within about his mother and father.
The grandmother has also her battles to fight that come to light throughout the story.
Doug and Mike-the younger brothers also have some things to overcome.  Pornography touches so many of them and not in a good way. With the help and praying to God the path is shown to them.
I received this book from The book club network ( in exchange for my honest review.

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