Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nov 20 books read

Aloha Rose Quilts of Love Series by Lisa Carter
Such a beautiful quilt on the cover. Laney Carrigan has just arrived in Hawaii with the hopes of meeting some of her mothers family. She was adopted and had done research to track them down.
She was to meet Teah or Elyse but Kai Barnes, SAR pilot was the one that showed up to take her to the family. He was also adopted and raised by the family.
She only had the one clue-red snowflake on a white background appliqued quilt she was wrapped in as an infant.
They didn't hit it off from the start..Love the descriptive tours.  Kai takes her for tours and they get many chances to really talk to one another and we find out they have much in common due to her writings. She can make things happen due to her connections...
She's overwhelmed with all the relatives she meets and it takes her time to get used to their ways, their ceremonies, religion and Spam. She is a freelance writer and she will do research while there on the Big Island as she's combining this as a leisure/business trip.
So much to take in on the trips around the islands, the sights, sounds, nature, flowers, sea and their talks of the war.
She was also there to meet her father and some family members are keeping secrets. Surprises in this book around every corner she takes...
After the accident God speaks to her and now she knows the route she must take...All the Hawaiian words put you in the mood as if you are on the island and there is a dictionary at the back.
Excerpt from Tempest Course the next in the Quilts of Love series is featured at the end.
I received this book from Net Galley via Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

Real Romance by Ginny Baird
Love that this is a Thanksgiving love story. This is one holiday I find gets lost with the larger than life Christmas right on the doorstep.
Maggie McCloud runs the bookstore and is friendly with others that work there. Cecil runs the coffee shop part and they have been an item for 5 years now.
She's getting the signal that she needs to hitch up with someone soon and produce children and get on with her life but Cecil is not one to hurry. He's got his own agenda.
David Lake, the optician in the strip of stores in the mall has helped her get a new pair of frames. He attempts to get Cecil's help with learning what it is woman want...
Maggie gets a letter from Cecil and now she's single again and takes things slow with David and they do have some common connections. I found the Thanksgiving dinner at her house a bit comical with her family around them.
Loved the area-snow and foliage and just fun free things to do. Hot steamy romance and sex scenes just add to this book. Like how they each have fantasies about the other...
Excerpt from the next book is included at the end along with a note from the author.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

On the Right Side of a Line by Shandy Kurth
This book is about Valen and how he has had to join the group to get protection for his family and make money.
It's a hard life on the streets and he has many interruptions from others that he once sees as distractions and then something else.
Love the beach scene and how it's described-felt as if I was there..
Love how we hear what he's thinking when he learns that his brother wants him and the family to leave...
Liked how the book is from a gang member and his point of view-I mostly read romance novels so this is a refreshing change once in a while as you can picture the scenes taking place in front of you as the descriptions are so detailed and true to life.
I felt like I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't read it fast enough as the action is fast paced.

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