Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25 books read

Behind the Fire by Susan May
This book starts out with the trial of Bobbie and Emily Jessup. It alternates back in time to when the black things were discovered by Em.
I wanted to read this book because of the talk of coal mines. I love hearing how the brave men work down below the surface and the new technology that some have in place to aid the miners and keep them safe.
The book goes back to when Bobbie first discovered the paper by a man who had rented a truck and he started putting things together and found himself at many of the sites.
Em is stricken when her brother Jimmy is in the mine when the accident happens and only one man makes it out alive. He tells of the black form thinking it's poisonous gas that is forming the shape. Nobody can understand what he's talking about.
At the court trial again Bobbie testifies and then it's Em's turn and her testimony isn't what they had planned for her to say...
Love the mystery and the unknown and allowing the reader to form their own opinions.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

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