Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov 26 books read

Secrets on Cedar Key by Terri DuLong
Love this series and know even without knowing who the book is about that it's another keeper. It involves knitting, a city in Florida and a sense of good community feelings.
Marin has lost her husband Andrew and moved to Cedar Key with her mother now that the boys are grown and set in their locations with work. She helps her mom and others run the yarn store. She wants to run a needlework area and when the contractor has a heart attack, Worth Slater takes over.
She finds out some money was being sent to two people who she has no idea who they are and will investigate.
The part I love about this book is the atmosphere of the yarn shop to everybody who walks in the door. The weekly meeting is also a time for great food, sharing and others with a similiar need to bond with one another.
As island life goes on Marin is getting closer to knowing the truth about her husband and arrangements are made for the funeral of a friend. She confides in others who are not sure what to believe and they are there for her regardless of the outcome.
If you have not read the other books in the series you are told of the important things that happened in the past-just NOT everything so the books can be read out of order. There are a lot of characters but you tend to remember who goes with who (names and careers are mentioned) and the story is easy to follow.
Marin takes things slow and gets acquainted with Worth. They have dinner a few times and she's able to go with him to his house where he claims he and his wife, now dead, had met her and Andrew at a charity function for the college. He had left an impression on her back then... and likewise...
Love all the charity work in the book: locks of love hair cuts, and fund raisers.
Funny how the gossip travels around town and the concept of a movie being filmed in town have some scurrying to shape up their shops. Love all the chat about the shops and changes that have occurred and new owners with other ones.
Marin learns neither of the boys will be home for Thanksgiving but her BFF will come for Christmas. She does have to face what to do with the account and tries to find some answers on the internet. Many stressful days and she books a flight to Paris which Andrew and her were to return to.
Her mother tells her why she was against her buying the house and she hopes she can forgive and move on with her life and that the trip to Paris will help. So many details besides booking the flight and she's grateful to have the offer of a place to stay while there.
Travel in Paris is breathtaking, many details and I feel as if I'm there, I've always wanted to go with my daughter.
She recalls things that bring up images of Andrew and their sons and how they interacted with one another and thought he did deserve forgiveness.
Symbolism of the afghans during the war was enlightening to listen to and so much needed then.
Sparks of romance and love in Paris. Marin feels good about herself and her decision, is it the right one?
Love how the book got it's name and this series just keeps getting better and better. I'm not sure how the author can put so much into 300 pages. If another wrote it, it'd have to be 600 pages. Prefer the 300 page myself. She's got a way with words, the right ones together.
What I also really like is having many generations of families so you see how the author is able to solve the current day problems with any age group.
I received this book from Kennsington in exchange for my honest review.

The Missing Dough by Chris Cavender
This mystery series is about Maddy and Eleanor and they own and run A Slice of Heaven pizzeria. They have part time help, one is Josh the police chief's son who's also a guru at the PC.
Grant, the ex husband is killed after being a nuisance to many in town during the fair and where many were threatening him when he dropped beer over them.
The woman are sisters and often spend the night at one another houses. This case is about the money that Grant had swindled out of others in the investment firm. His mother is also dead now and she's bequeathed something to Maddy in her will. 
Rebecca is the sister who also is trying to find the money. There are ex's of Grants and his business partners that also come into the picture. Love the way the women come up with leads as to who the suspects are and how they are able to clear their names.
Love the tip at the end of the book, after the mystery is solved about left over bread dough. Love the combinations used and just the fun of experimenting...
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Serenades (Whispering Cove 9) by Nikki Duncan
This is 9th in the series and I've yet to read any of the prior ones.
I didn't feel too much out in the dark, felt right at home with the storyline. Aimee lives with her sister Carmen over the bar.
Aimee waitresses at the bar and care for her infant daughter. Others who know of the child have told her she needed to tell the father. Well she did try, several times but coudln't get through to him.
Josh is back in town for a special appearance with his band at the bar. It's Christmas and after she does tell him there are hot passionate love scenes but he has one stipulation about Christmas. When he
leaves to tend to some business Carmen thinks he's run out on her. Will he return or is Aimee going to have to carry the burden?
Love the group of musicians and think the rest have their own story in the other books in the series. Interesting the things that come into play in this book.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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