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Nov 5 books read

 The Christmas Wedding Quilt
Love the idea of this book-not only is it about Christmas, but quilting and a wedding and the fact that there are 3 different authors.
All these factors led me to want to read/review this book.
Let It Snow by Emilie Richards
This story starts out with Jo Miller returning home from overseas and being handed a package from an aunt that had passed away.
The quilt square was for Olivia's wedding, her cousin. The letter that comes with the quilt block speaks of what she had intended others to do to complete it.
The girl cousins had taken quilt lessons from their grandmother during the summer months when they were growing up.
During her holiday vacation she travels to the town of Kenowa Lake where her father had lived..
Brody Ryan, a neighbor and friend recuses her during the storm when she arrives during a northeast blizzard. They are able to catch up with each other.
Story also follows how Ryan spends his time in the town and also goes back to when they secretly dated in high school. We learn how and what broke them up...
She learns from Eric's mother who's giving her his baby clothes for Eric and Olivia's quilt more about Brody and she wonders if his father's health was the reason they broke up.
Especially like the talk of the vineyard that he runs an it's progress over the years and all the talk of the quilt she's working on-a round robin type where she will work on one section then send it off to another cousin for them to do the next section.
Kind of like how this book was written-where the next in line will pick up where the first author leaves off...
Love how each of them are so devious to do things so they will end up spending more time with one another...
She comes up with a gracious gift for him but will he see it as such???  She learns more about his business at the same time he's talking to her mother about Jo's life.
They confront one another but will they go their own way to combine forces...
You Better Watch Out by Janice Kay Johnson
Ella Torrence is an artist in Seattle with ceramic pieces. Ella is also the cousin of Jo from the previous story and she will be getting what Jo's finished for Olivia's Christmas wedding quilt. Ella had finished her section and it's soon to be sent to Rachel in Australia.
The quilt is in her car but someone had just stolen it...
Brett Hollister is a lawyer in town and things the past month hadn't gone his way... Ella runs into him and he realizes how frazzled she is..
Brett agrees to take her in his car to follow her stolen car and explains why the quilt top is so important to her. He agrees to help her the next day also because he hates to fail...
Love hearing via email from Jo and the and all about the saga of the quilt top...
Brett has issues with his job and his father and tries to relieve the pressure by playing racquetball with a neighbor.
Love her studio and the hot steamy sex scenes. With Brett's father medical emergency he is able to figure out what part of being a lawyer he wants to pursue.
Ella and Brett do run into problems as they listen to one another about their pasts.
Nine Ladies Dancing by Sarah Mayberry
Rachel MacIntosh lives in Australia as a librarian and is the 3rd cousin who will sew a border around Olivia's Christmas wedding quilt. Jo and Ella have done their portion.
When she got the quilt she knew she was in trouble. She had not quilted in over 15 years...
Leo Bennett is recovering from his best friends death and is living home while his mom Gabby took care of him. Gabby has agreed to help Rachel with the quilt top and will have her over many times to teach her new things.
Leo had taken a few classes with her in years prior and he's now a firefighter. Rachel just sees him as being rude and crude.
Loved hearing of the choices of how to finish the quilt top.
Leo confronts Rachel at work and she does tell him what happened years ago that made her not like him at all...
He holds all his pain inside, the day of the incident when Cameron died. Gabby is concerned about him and knows he needs to talk to somebody about that day.
Loved this book because it introduced me to a few new authors and loved the saga of the quilt and all it stood for.
Travel was another really big hit for me and the things I learned along the way.  Loved how the round robin worked out for the quilt and the authors.
I have read others similar to this but this one was a seamless transition.
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin in exchange for my honest review.

Miracle Road An Eternity Springs Novel by Emily March
Enjoy reading this series so when another book became available I asked to review it.
Gorgeous cover tells the story. Lucca Romano had led the basketball team to its victory. The kids were doing it for the ones they had lost.
Lucca feels as if it's his fault and take it out on himself and tosses the check that was awarded to him.
Hope Montgomery in Eternity Springs has her own pain when March rolls around. We learn of her accident also but the town has helped to put her on the road to better health and understanding.
At the baby shower we learn of the comings and goings of the others in town. Love catching up.
Lucca's mother and sister bring him back to heal at Eternity Springs and as he's settling in her dog has bit him and he leaves the cabin to confront her.
Things are confusing for them as they assume things about one another. They each have painful pasts and many secrets.
Besides Lucca who will help his mother make the place into a B&B others in the family come to help but will it be enough?
Love lessons about the stars, so much to know. Loved hearing of the charity work and how the town comes together.
Hope called Lucca out on his past to help him see it was not about him... The GPS of Life. Caving is an adventure and I love how they help heal one another. There is also a bit of a mess with Lucca's mom that the whole family gets involved with.
Love how the book got its title and there is an excerpt of the next book in the series, at the end.
I received this book from Net Galley via Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine in exchange for my honest review.

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
Emily helps run the summer rental beach properties. Her sister has graduated with a degree and is trying new techniques for the rentals.
They also deliver the VIP products, chilled wine and a cheese platter with a welcome card.
Book follows her life growing up and as a teen she meets her real father and he helps her with books to get her into college. She is accepted but now he writes back something happened and he can't send money for her.
Her mother has always just wanted to give her 'the moon and more'...  Some new relationships and some end as she grows up that summer.
Interesting to see the end result and how she put herself out there...love how she knows when she's home...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).


 This book starts out with Carrie, Carrie  MacGregor and she hates Christmas.
She runs the town yarn store after the original one in town burned down. She heads up the town knitting club also and it's just a week from Thanksgiving.
The knitters ambushed her into decorating the shop because they knew why she'd never do it herself and we learn as the story goes on the reasons why...
This story also follows Mark Leland who is returning to the town to host his 'Fact or Fiction' myth buster show...
He is torn between keeping his promise to Carrie about NOT mentioning their busted relationship or cashing in on that for the show...
Hot steamy sex scenes and he knows he lives on the west coast and she in Texas and there's no way they will ever be together and she knows she may have him one night but forever??
Loved the scenes with Christmas decorations, so very detailed!
. read vol 1-4 at the same time


This section is about Grace. Flynn and Jesse celebrating a really good Christmas despite their past and the baby is about to be born..
They are delivering a Christmas Angel gift to the family less fortunate this year. The weather man advised of the ice storm about to hit the area.
Love little tips at beginning of each chapter for a perfect Christmas.  His past once again catches up with him...
Community comes together...
I received this book from Edelweiss by  HarperCollins in exchange for my honest review.
 . read vol 1-4 at the same time

 Last section is about christine who runs the local bakery and she's just created a new cookie from her own recipe. I love this as I love to experiment myself once a year.
Her cat had recently died, she'd never have kids and her parents were in Europe to spend Christmas with his brother, who is a GI.
Eli, who she had known from high school was back in town to get a cake for his 14 year old daughter's birthday. They have a lot of time to catch up on...
Love the idea of fantasy vacation, camping and hiking! They both know they have to take things slow but their physical attraction to one another says differently.
There is no way this is going to work, they each have businesses that are so far apart from one another...the birthday party does not go as planned and it could be the end of their relationship..

read vol 1-4 at the same time

Next section of this book is about Raylene and we know from previous books that she was once married to Earl (for 35 years)  but when he found out about something in her past that she neglected to tell him about he left on Christmas eve.
She works at the Horny Toad Bar in town... She wanted closure and agreed to let Nate, a returned from the war SEAL hang up Christmas decorations for her. She also put a 'help wanted' sign in the window of the bar.
Shannan Dugan had wandered into town and applied and got the job. She had been dealt a raw hand after her grandparents had died..
Lots of mysteries and secrets and I love the talk about the cookie swap!
Hot steamy sex scenes..  read vol 1-4 at the same time

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