Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 6 books read

101 Christmas Jokes For Kids by Michelle Zimmerman
Few illustrated colorful pictures in this book of jokes about Christmas.
Fun for not only kids but adults.  Loved knitting one and about dropping needles the best as I am a knitter.
Had us laughing for hours.

The Ghost of Christmas Present  by Jenny Massie Lykins
Alane has rented the cabin for the holiday. She needs a bit of solitude to get her sketching back.
Problem is Jared the ghost resides at the cabin. He appears and scares her into a faint. They talk
and she finds herself missing him and wanting to know more about him. All she can see is his image and he's quite handsome.
David her boyfriend wants to come up and join her but she tells him know she wants to be alone-except for Jared's company.
She finds out why he can't leave, ever. He is up on the times but they can't find a movie to watch so they listen to her CD's.
David shows up and she reads him the riot act and after he leaves she sits down and starts painting while talking to Jared.
His life is drained and he is very weak from his actions...He tells her of the curse...The new owners want to see their cabin but Jared and Alane have other plans...
Love this novella and especially the outcome...

Fields of Elysium (a romantic fantasy, book
Molly Bennett and her family had just recently relocated from NJ to CA. She takes her dog Pandora up into the woods to do some hiking and she gets away from Molly.
She does find her in a cave and goes in after her and discovers an aurora and goes through the light to find another whole universe there. 6 other guys show up and take a last swim for the summer and they talk of other things she has no idea about yet.
She does manage to get home by going through the aurora again and she knows she will never tell anybody about what she had seen and witnessed.
Molly discovers many new things about the other side of life when Weston comes with her to her side and she goes to his side.
Lots to learn in the new place and some help her.
Very descriptive details of what is behind the Aurora and that world. I found the time took forever because of all the details.
Conflicts between young love and very adult subject matters. Loved the mystical magical aspect of this book. Excerpt from the 2nd book in the series is included at the end.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Malice by Danielle Steel
This book is a bit difficult to read because of all the abuse. Her life is troubled when her mother forces her to have sex with her father.
After the mother dies she attacks him and ends up in prison. Love hearing of the charity work she does for others through the years and how
she is able to get over her past and have a love relationship with a special male.
Others do find out about her past ...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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