Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec 27 books read

Christmas Bliss by Mary kay Andrews
The wedding is planned for Christmas eve. Eloise (wezzie) is having her mother, Marion Foley help her with the dress. redoing one that was her grandmothers.
Daniel works for a restaurant. he's a guest chef, design a menu and run the kitchen for a month at a time. Wezzie had no idea the owner of the place was a female and the photo she sees on the bulletin board throws her off guard.
Wezzie travels around town to set up the food, flowers, the event and she thinks there will be surprises on the day of the wedding.
It was only to be a small family gathering but the others make it sound like a major extravaganza. Love the yard and estate sales she attends and her concept of buy and sell with a profit.
in alternating chapters Beebe has her own story-she is 8 months pregnant, runs a B&B and an old woman is in town about her divorce from Richard who then went to jail 6 years earlier.
Love her nautical Christmas tree. She confides in Weezie when she notices her swollen ankles.
Love hearing of their drama and how Beebe talks Weezie into going to NY to see what's going on.
Loved all the descriptive travel details around the holidays and all the others involved in the wedding and birth.
Weezie and Daniel have a huge decision to make when Carlita asks him to return to NY to run her restaurant.

Summer Light by Luanne Rice
This novel is about May who is a wedding planner with others and their business is in a barn in CT. Her daughter Cali is a clairvoyant and she hears from things that are hurt: animals, angels in a different time.
On a plane she got a vision of a little girl asking her to help her father-the hockey player. When the plane crash lands he is able to help May and Cali and their relationship develops. Each opens up to one another telling of their secrets-not all of them.
As time goes on they spend more time with martin at his hockey games where we learn more about the sport and at different places they travel to. May thinks he must talk to his father who's in prison and forgive him for what he did.
Each of them have hurts and secrets that they must over time learn to share with others to help them heal.
Love the travel and romance and learning new things. Felt right at home with all the technical eye talk as I also am blind.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

30 Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Every Day   By Nathalie Lussier
Liked what the author has to offer. The beginning chapter explains about the sweeteners that are alternates to what you are used to having.
As there is no nutritional information listed with each recipe the ingredients that goes into each one seems to be nutritious.
Very colorful pictures with every recipe. Carrot cake would be my favorite to try. Especially loved the story at the end and why the author choose her eating life style!


Circle of Friends Cookbook One-Pot Dinners by Gooseberry Patch
Cookbook where anybody can submit their family favorite recipe-they make it and put it in the next release of the cookbooks they produce.
Always love to glance through them and can usually pick out a dish or two that will work for our family meals.
Loved the shrimp pasta but knowing how much cholesterol is in shrimp we'll be avoiding it but we could make it with chicken or turkey instead.
Country ham and potato pie sounds good. Wish there were pictures to go with the recipes.
With our meal plan we'd not be able to have much of the food in this as they are using cheese, gravies, hamburger that is not lean, etc.

A Lonely Dog on Christmas by Patrick Yearly
This book is from the viewpoint of a dog and how stressed out everybody gets over Christmas.
Starting out with the event of Halloween and then Thanksgiving..
The dog lays out the household and then moves on to how they decorate for the holidays.
He watches as some open their gifts and are astonished when they discover what it is they got-nothing like they expected.
The ages in the family range from an infant to the older adults and more are due to arrive after church. Sounds like grand central station-at our house in the past years.
Beckham the dog despite all the chaos recalls when the girl brought him home to live with them and it's once again a merry Christmas.

Circle of Friends Cookbook  Savory Pie Recipes by Gooseberry Patch
As their other cookbooks anybody can submit a family favorite recipe, they make it and put it into their next release of the cookbooks they produce.
From previous books they are not very healthy but you might be able to substitute some things to make them nutritious for everyday meals.
No pictures to go with the recipes. Didn't find one recipe we could eat being on a very low salt, sugar, fat diet. Too many cream of ... soups or cheese is the meals.

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