Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 26 books read

ADHD Children: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment by Debra Helton
Wanted to read this book to help out my grandson with his problems. They are dealing with routine in class now and at home so it will be a process to understand it all.
The reason why I like this book is because it's simple and in basic English words it answers the basic : who, what, when, where, why and how of the disease. Patience is key. many helpful suggestions.
Hope with everything the parents, educators and doctors are doing will help him in the long run.

Her Mistletoe Protector by Laura Scott
Rachel Simon is CEO of the company and they do produce drugs. The latest is one for diabetes and after a few years things turn up that put the company in turmoil.
She had started to get threatening letters and just before her son Joey was kidnapped she had called on the detective that had helped previously with her ex husband's case. Problem was he wasn't there when the accident happened.
The kidnappers demand a millions and it's up to her to get it fast and she learns more things. Many leads arise that have her turning towards the Mafia that want her son but others that are helping say it's someone in her company.
Very action packed and a light romance and danger. Love how Nick is able to help protect her as they both have feelings for one another. Through the whole book there is a lot of faith and hope and praying to God along with talk of always talking to him.
Loved learning of the woods and deer information that is brought up.
I won this book in a facebook holiday bash and giveaway from the author.


The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy
Love that this book is the story of a baker. Elsa is the baker.
Present day: Reba is a journalist and wants to write a story about Elsa and her journey from Germany to the US and her bakery career.
Story also goes back in time, alternating chapters to when Elsa was a teen.
Such a hard life during the war. Appreciated what the bakery and items baked can do to calm one
Loved how the journalist got the other story as well. Surprise at the ending, so precious and treasured
Loved learning new things, romance and the travel involved.

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