Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13 China Jewel book review

China Jewel by Thomas Hollyday
Love this book right from the start because it has me looking up world maps of the race destinations and other words I'm not familiar with.
Within the first few chapters I have found myself smiling, almost laughing out loud with tears in my eyes because of a phrase or cadence I had read.
What a story, there's so much to it on many levels. This book would please all readers no matter what it is they are looking for. The mystic of Pancake...
Romance, flowers/gardening, mystery, treasure, sailing, and travel.
Loved all the locations described in the book. With just the right amounts of romance and love in the book so as not to take away from the action and adventure it's a very well rounded book.
I was surprised at many thing that happened during the journey with all the action and was craving more from the occupants on the brig at the time of the sail. Such a smooth read. Hope author will make another book from their viewpoint.
Easy to keep track of the characters and love how they are all linked together. This author's name will be put on my 'read if you want a good story and you won't be disappointed' list. I have some reading to catch up on as the author has lots more books available.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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