Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jan 12 books read

Santa Fe Fortune by Ginny Baird
Gwendolyn Marsh hopes to sell her paintings at the gallery and has email confirmation for $4k. Problem is when she arrives there Dan Holbrook does not agree to that price and the fact they'd be on commission.
Gwen had no idea and is angry over the details. With his idea he planned to line up clients that might want to buy her art work. Problem is he just can't get her out of his mind to do his work...
She enjoys sightseeing and as I've never been to that area, I found it quite detailed and wanting to go for a visit myself. And it's not only one date to a new location, but many...
Loved learning the information about the art gallery.  His past shows up to haunt them and she has secrets of her own that she might want to keep to herself or share. She's only there for a week.
He makes things happen with help and she is able to see another side of him. More highlights of another book is included.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The Last Chance Cafe by Linda Lael Miller
Halli O'Rourke has just left her step dads funeral and gets a package and heads to his house where her ex husband shows up wanting the stocks and bonds and money.
She takes off with his truck and the blizzard stops them in NV with the twin girls. She's got a job being a waitress and a place to watch while Jessie is away.
Chance has a hand in all this....she has to tend to the horses also.
She gets the girls ready for school and has her work and things are going well, Chance takes them all to a movie...
Wild animals .... and hot steamy sex scenes. Lots of action and adventure towards the end to help solve the mystery.
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mystic Seaport  A New England Table  by Ainslie Turner
Collection of new England recipes for the traditional meals.
Love the tidbits of information from the family recipes, where they originated and any other little anecdotes.
Many categories and mostly about the seafood that is found naturally in the waters.
Hundreds of recipes in many categories.  Love the ideas for the cod, it's one we use weekly.
Lobster roll made like a grilled cheese sandwich sounds real good about now.

Scones (Scrumptious Scones, Simply the Best Scone  Recipes)  by Sara Winlet
This recipe book is all about scones. Lots of useful tips and information before you even start baking them.
Some recipes along with photos but no nutritional information.
Some of these seem so basic but the combination of the ingredients would make them seem so special.
My favorite would be the harvest apple or anything with cranberry.

10 Mexican Style Slow Cooker Recipes by Pauline Harding
Love the idea for the chocolate cake made inside the slow cooker. hadn't expected to see that. This book does have recipes for the traditional Mexican meals.
To me they are spicy but I'm used to regular bland food. Like the sound of the combinations on the chicken dishes.

Vegan Slow Cooker - Easy, Delicious, Nutritious Hands-Off Cooking For Busy People by Dana Winters
Just browsing around looking for new things to try.
Explanation of how the slow cooker came about and the benefits of using one.
Minestrone would be the one I'd want to try. Fresh vegetables and ready made pasta and beans are what we use today.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Not sure if its the Kindle formatting but when it says 34 tsp of salt it really means 3/4 tsp. the / marks don't show up.
same with 114 cups of dried lentils. it means 1 1/4 cups.
Vegetable root soup also sounds great as I love turnips and beets.
Desserts sound rich and very flavorful and easy to make. Bonus of a gift via a link.
Surprised this little book has so much to offer!

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