Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 26 books read

Reclaiming Home, a Green Pines Romance by Milou Koenings
Her father and mother were flown into Boston to be seen by the best of doctors. The logs on the back of a truck had fallen onto their vehicle and they were hurt.
Katie, her sister is a lawyer and she's too busy with her work life to come to Boston to care for them. Ella lives in Boston and meets Mr. Tony Black, he owns the company whose logs were on the truck and does everything he can to make their life easier.
After some time they are ready to travel back home-she was ready to relocate to NC anyways and her job she can do from anywhere. Her step mother and father are happy the house has been redone so he doesn't have to walk up stairs because his leg still needs a lot of therapy.
Ella goes with them to help with the transportation and anything else they might need. She didn't get to say goodbye to Johnny-Tony's brother who was very sick with surgeries, she had a bond with him by reading to him.
She also has a bond with Tony but of a sexual nature and she fears her sister Katie will sue him and his company.
Ella has another conflict with Tony when he serves her to stop the protesting of knocking down a building... She rallies her friends and parents to save the town as most have lost their jobs, their houses and schooling has relocated to another town.
Community comes together to make it all work and Tony has surprises of his own despite the things Katie has put into place.
Can Ella keep her head up... Book has a lot of things I like in a love story, the action, fight for things you believe in, travel and nature.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The Friends and the Bear (Aesop's Childhood Adventures)
 Aesop the raccoon needed to find out the answer that his grandmother knew he could find out. He set out for the woods and came upon a tall and a short boy playing.
He had climbed up into a tree and when the bear growled the tall boy was able to reach the tree and climb up. He yelled at the shorter boy to lie dead and the bear did go away.
He learns about friendship in this story and there are many more from the author.

100 Bundt and Tube Pan Cake Recipes
I have always loved using my cake pan and not only for cakes.  No nutritional information and not many pictures.
Lots of variations and combinations and these could also be made in square or round pans as well. It's just using the bundt pan the cake decorates itself.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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