Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 29 books read

Something Blue  by Ann Hood
This book starts out with Lucy and her boyfriend is Jasper who is trying to hit it big in plays in NYC. They live together and besides Lucy is sketching My Dolly she also does Whirlwind Weekend Tours overseas on weekends.
Katherine in CT was to marry Andy, a doctor but she just can't do it to herself-have to relocate to Boston where they will live and she'll teach, become pregnant and for the rest of her life have dinner parties. She ran away on her wedding day and moves in with Lucy while she finds herself. She's having a blast being a single woman in NYC.
Julia is between jobs, always housesitting for others, in exchange for her to live their lifes, waiting to hit it big in movies. She auditions many times and does part time work, when she can find it. Dates many different types of men and it's steamy to hear what she does with them. She does make jewelry and sells them on the street as a hobby.
I like how each of them has a dream and they follow their heart but there is still a sadness that comes with it. Loved all the places they travel to and the experiences.
I received this book from Net Galley via Open Road Media in exchange for my honest review.

So Irresistible by Lisa Plumley
I have read some of the author's other works and enjoyed them so was happy to learn of her new one.
This one starts out with Gabriella who's returned from her coffeehouse where she is able to select the food she wants to make and serve.
She's back in the family fold again because they are in dire straits-they need her to save what is left of the family pizzerias. There's only one left out of a handful.
She's having a hard time keeping workers and she blows off steam one night at the bar that her workers frequent after hours. She meets up with Shane Marcesa and has the time of their lives sexually.
She is surprised when it's him that shows up the next day. He wants to trail her so she hires him, to learn all the jobs on the way up the ladder....he's there for his family, things they need... something happens over time to make him change his mind but is he too late?
Very steamy sex scenes.  Love hearing about the process of making the store whole-ambiance, ratio of water, yeast, temperatures, etc.
Lots of action, mystery and adventure.  Love all the recipes.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Quilting with a Modern Slant People, Patterns, and Techniques Inspiring the Modern Quilt Community by Rachel May
I just saw the quilts on the cover and that drew me to this book. I have been saving fabric for several years now and want to start putting it into a quilt. I've yet to determine what pattern to use but I've read a lot of books about quilts recently.
This book starts out with the reasoning why the author started quilting and all kinds of tips to make the process easier. Now I know why they make curved pins!  Love the process that they start out with, take things slow and practice.
The essential parts of how to start are listed.  So many aspects are discussed by many through the chapters. The important thing for me was learning about the color.
The book is so well photographed I felt like I was in a quilt museum. The designs and patterns are so exquisite.  So much encouragement and where to go for help.
Love all the hard work that went into this book. Now I can't decide, still which pattern I need for my quilt. The work is too beautiful for words.  I am used to the traditional patterns and can find myself wanting to learn the new modern way also.
I received this book from Net Galley and  Storey Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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