Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3 books read

Deadline by Sandra Brown
Quite the mystery book as Amelia and her two young boys are at her father's house on the island. He had committed suicide and she can't believe it because he had so much to live for.
Steph, the nanny is with her to help out this summer with the boys but one bad storm and she's dead now.
Amelia thinks her ex is still around as no body was ever found. She hated his war wounds-the PTSD and what it had done to him-thus the divorce.
Dawson Scott moves into the rental beach house next door-he spies on her and is hoping to cross examine her at the trial and he is a journalist with a deadline for a story. They do talk and she starts to trust him, he helps out with the boys and rescues her from the storm.
There are so many aspects to this story: drugs, death. Love following all the clues to the very end.
The story also follows the murders and how they continually get away with being off the grid and hiding for over a year.
Lots of hot spicy sex scenes also.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Stir-Fry Yourself Skinny (Low Fat, Stir-Fry Diet Recipes, Lose Weight Healthy Without Diet Pills) by Sara Winlet
Had wanted to read this cookbook because the nutritionist wants us to try more stir fry meals per week. After reading the few chapters at the beginning I know this will be a keeper.
The first easy recipe does not have any sodium. Every recipe not only has a color picture but the nutrition information that we need to know prior to cooking it.
Finding it's hard now with our new meal plans to prepare dinner: cutting up vegetables, salad fixings but in the long run it's worth it.
Fresh vegetables and a daily thing in our house especially for dinner. Other snacks and meals during the day also include them.
Glad to actually have a recipe and the ingredients to fix the stir fry myself rather than relying on a mix with MSG or sodium.

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