Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jan 9 books read

Island of Dreams by Katherine Stone
Pierce Rourke is an architect.  He believes in dreams-for others and he believes in love-for others.
He's designed just a place to hold a wedding.
Anna Finch is a librarian but the accident leaves many things to mystery. The book concentrates on her finding out who she
is and where she was raised. Lots of travel as the clues come in to help solve the mystery.
She is searching for something but she doesn't know what it is.
I found this book confusing because of the name changes, I just couldn't keep the characters straight.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Freezer Meals: The Make-Ahead Meals Cookbook by Aimee Anderson
This book sounded interesting as it would save time to freeze meals and just pull them out daily.
Book explains how to organize the meal into different things that need to get done.
Lots of good tips to get you started, even a party to get others involved that sound interesting.
Love the list of what can and can't be frozen and what to expect once it thaws out.
Guide how to freeze vegetables is included.  No pictures and no nutritional information.

Fish & Game Cookbook by Bonnie Scott
`50 recipes with nutritional information. Lots of wildlife meals.
Lots of sauces for fish also, this will help in preparing what we eat on a weekly basis.
Love the ideas of the sauces and seasonings to use, like a shake and bake on fish.  The other meals I was not really interested in, just the fish.
There is quite the variety of other foods listed.
No pictures but the author's other works are highlighted at the end of this book.

Vegetable Soups: Healthy, Easy and Nutritious Home Made Vegetable Soup Recipes (Simply Delicious Cookbooks)  by Royce Anderson
There are other books in the series that you can also get, this one is just about soups and stews.
Nutritional information is listed but no pictures. Lots of stock and other uses for it are included.

Big Sky Summer by Linda Lael Miller
Cassie has two kids and they are by Walker but they are not married. Walker doesn't even know they are his.
Mitch is divorced again, a good friend and he asks her to marry him. He is the manager of her music career.
Cassie Elder and Walker Parish do reveal the news to the kids and Claire bails, Shane is ok with it. They celebrate by having hot steamy sex and he informs Cassie that if she gets pregnant they will raise the kids together.
Cassie is a well known musician and had often traveled the country for concerts. A quick marriage is in order....
Major upheaval in the house as the tabloid photographers bombard them all...

The Ultimate Natural Detox Guide: Achieve Better Health, Lose Weight and Feel Great!  by Steve Craig
I've heard of others who have used many different methods to detox so thought I'd see what this way is all about.
After explaining all the different methods there are recipes to help get you started with a plan.

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