Friday, February 28, 2014

Books read Feb 28

The Cornbread Bible: A Recipe Storybook
What a treasure this book is. Not only is it a recipe book for the best loved cornbread recipes but it's also a story book about the origins and other tales about the food.
Love the differences between even the utensils used and the recipes are so easy to make.
Had just had 2 cornbread muffins at the hospital last week and know I need to make some for these cold winter days we are having.
The recipe with broccoli would be just perfect for a meal.
Some of the recipes use Jiffy as a starter.

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave by Kindle Edition.
Although there are notices posted everywhere these can do harm to you.
Everything from putting a grape in the oven to Ivory soap. There are chemical reactions that happen with the microwave radiation that occurs.
There are videos to click on to view what happens.
Shell candles looked ok but could go wrong in a quick hurry if you're not careful.
Chocolate cake or a brownie in a mug sounds like an idea for just two people, rather than making a whole big cake.

Pies: Quick & Easy Pie Recipes For Every Season 
Colorful photos of finished recipes. There is no nutritional information but the recipes are very quick and easy to make.
Rather than making the crusts you can buy the dough already made and then put it into the shapes for the item you are making.
My favorite would be the blueberry one because we always have the berries in the fridge or the freezer.

The Big Book of Green Smoothie Cravings for Cleanse, Detox and Weight Loss: Discover the Secrets of "Top 70" Green Vegetables and Fruits Smoothie Recipes for Quick Weight Loss & Fight Diseases
This book is good and healthy. It also explains what ailments you may have that could get better if you ate the right foods-or put them in your juicer.
SO much information.  Nutritional information is included for the smoothies making it easy to understand just how beneficial this all is.
Love the section towards the middle where it tells you about every fruit and vegetables and what they have in them to help your health. Also a section for diabetics!

Anti-Inflammatory Eating Plan [Kindle Edition]  by Sharon Graham
The author discusses what meals were eaten, how they were prepared and snacks. It's all in the idea of getting rid of inflammatory diseases, stabilizing blood sugar levels and hormonal imbalances.
Lots of fruit and vegetables and also wild meat and fish. Pictures of prepared food are included.
Enjoyed learning what other toppings they added to make them more appealing to eat.
Lots of resources are quoted along with actual videos.

All Girls Are Pretty - A Rhyming Children's Picture Book ( Fun Ebooks For Kids
Illustrated very colorful children's book about how others see girls and how really pretty they are. Some girls do not like their feet,
their hair or how tall they are. They must learn where the real beauty lies.

Some Owls Don't Give a Hoot: an early learning book about owls
Illustrated and colorful learning book for children and adults all about owls. Not only their species but what they can do.  Where they live, what they can do for special things, hearing, vision, etc.
My favorite of course is the snowy white owl and his habits of eating anything small, whole. We have local ones that we like to view from a distance.

Bruschetta! The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Very informative book all about bruschetta: how to pronounce it to the it's origins.
Then the recipes! No pictures and no nutritional information. The flavors would be worth the time to make the recipes.

With autumn's Return by Amanda Cabot
Wanted to read this book because of the timeframe-1800's and that it is about a part of the country I've yet to visit.
Learned so much reading this book, from the doctor standpoint to just useful information. Love the scenery and the storyline.
Didn't realize this was part of a series. I didn't feel like I was dropped into something I knew nothing about.
This story is about Dr. Elizabeth Harding  and she has started new practice in Wyoming. Her sister Charlotte is a dress designer and has set up the rooms and supplies for her and then traveled with her husband to return in the late fall.
Her other sister has lent a hand also but she's with her military husband. Elizabeth is staying with Gwen and her daughter Rose. Her office is right next door to the lawyer, Jason. He has just finished a trial where the man he represented was found not guilty but he confessed he had killed her wife after.
She finds it hard to get new clients and the old dr. puts her down but she proves to him that she knows what she's doing when she is summoned to help.
Over time she also takes on new clients that need help from her in other ways.  Lots of relationships in different levels but it's easy to keep track of everybody.
Enjoyed the book and would love to read the others in the series.
I received this book from The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.

Buzz Manning By Brett Hopson
Starts out with the guys and they are golfing trying to get into the game and win.
Then it's to college days and a lot of assumptions.  The story follows Kevin and Buzz as they move onto adulthood.
Various jobs that are interesting and how they attain better jobs. Love how they try to live off Buzz's girlfriend, and she has a car.
Crazy times for these men with no direction but to live it up everyday.
What a journey!
 I received this book from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review.

Incredibly Delicious Vegetarian Recipes from the Mediterranean Region (Healthy Cookbook Series)
Was interested in reading this book because our new diet is just like a Mediterranean one.
Healthy looking recipes but no pictures and no nutritional information.
Many categories of food to select from. Authors other books are highlighted at the end.

The Low Cholesterol Cookbook & Health Plan: Meal Plans and Low-Fat Recipes to Improve Heart Health
After visiting with a nutrtionalist we have changed our way of eating and the book concentrates on all the same factors as we have learned.
No pictures of the food prepared but the nutritional information is included for all the recipes. A 2 week plan is also included.
Excellent book on how to do it all to lower your cholesterol.

EATING OUT? Smart Diner Dining (Healthy & Tasty Series
This book explains what cuisine you might be having one night, and what foods to have and what foods to avoid so you have a healthy meal.
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end.

Country Baking Quick Breads and Muffins (Delicious Recipes)
Few pictures, no nutritional information and the recipes use a lot of butter and sugar that could be substituted for a healthier choice.
Lots of tips and help at the end of the book where there are other recipes and collection of books to also obtain.
Very large selection of breads and muffins

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