Saturday, March 1, 2014

His Hometown Girl by Karen Rock

His Hometown Girl by Karen Rock
I have read some of Karen's other works and enjoy the reads.
Jodi Chapman and her autistic son are on the track to get him enrolled into the specialized school. She has a few months to raise the money which is twice what she has saved.
She hears back from Tyler's father who is getting remarried and hopes to have a perfect child and he's reducing child support. Her boss then wants her to travel back to her hometown in VT and acquire farmland and he's promised her a hefty salary.
Love hearing all about the strategies the school can provide for her son and it's helpful being a grandmother of a child who is a  special class.
The story also follows Daniel Gleason who Jodie had  just up and walked away from 10 years prior. He hopes to make a co-op with other farmers so they all don't lose their farmland due to bad economy.
In their younger years they always competed against one another and that's not changed since she has returned. She needs the farmers to sell the land to Midland so she can get the bonus to send Tyler to his special classes.
Daniel needs the farmland and is willing to try some tactics from what he learned in college to help all the farmers out. They do meet and clash  ..... and sometimes even agree.
Daniels' sister Sue comes to Jodi and tells her of her plan to succeed at college and to help Tyler. Jodie and Daniel spend time together and the past does come up but can they move past it?
I received this book from Stephanie from in exchange for my honest review.

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