Saturday, March 29, 2014

Books read March 29

Slow Cooker Wanderlust: 101 Adventurous and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World by Sally Viviani.
Like how this book has featured each grouping of countries with the foods that are readily available.
Book opens up with the author explaining about why she wanted to share her love of her hobbies with others.
We are also given information about slow cooking process of preparing a meal.
Each recipe starts out with a short paragraph about the dish, serving size and the ingredient list, very easy to follow instructions on how to mix the ingredients and cook. Also which I found useful was other sides that you could include along with the meal.
I find that some parts of the ingredients could be omitted to provide an even healthier meal (especially for the diet we are on) but you'd lose some of the taste. Really appreciated that fresh herbs and spices and vegetables are used.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Combination of flavors really hits a high spot for me in this book.
Fruity beef casserole sounds like one we'd enjoy having.  Can't wait to try this one along with a few others that really stuck out as flavorful and colorful.
I received this book from the author and publisher in exchange for my honest review.
I would give this  a 5 rating if it had pictures of each recipe and the nutritional information


Crochet by DK Publishing
101 projects on 320 pages
Thought this was going to be another typical crochet manual. but I was wrong.
A book for beginner and expert crocheter. It starts out with choosing the right yarn and hook for the project.
Basics are taught with words and pictures and sometimes charts and graphs. As you progress other techniques are
taught but what I really loved about this book is the stitch glossary-where it shows a little sample of a stitch pattern along with instructions.
Embellishments are also shown in the same manner with written instruction in how to make them.
Finishing techniques are taught as the project calls for them. From babies to adults and house and home items to make, this book has a bit of everything and then some.
Basics of granny squares and all the other shapes are included and charted.
Love all the stuffed toys as I knit for a local nursing home that has a holiday bazaar each year with little items as this and slippers.
Glossary and index and so many things to make on my list.
I received this book from Edelweiss by Penguin Group (USA) exchange for my honest review.

Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking
Figure this would also be good for just a grill BBQ grill. Very useful tips on cooking with foil and how to place certain food in the packet.
Love the chart of cooking temperatures of the meat inside the packets. Takes all the guess work out of how hot things have to be.
Colorful pictures of each step by step instructions explained.  No pictures of the finished product or nutritional information.
Foil steak supper would be my favorite to try.  So many combinations and suggestions for spices. 
Lots of different main meats for meals along with breakfast and desserts and miscellaneous dishes to make. Authors other works are highlighted at the end..

Dessert Skewers - The Ultimate Recipe Guide
Book intrigued me with the topic of discussion.  There are no pictures and no nutritional information as these could probably be considered a treat for twice a year.
Very descriptive when it comes to prep and cook time. Very detailed directions on how to make the recipes and cook them. My favorite would be the grilled marshmallow and brownie one as there are only 3 ingredients and could be ready in 20 mins.
Offer of other free ebooks is included at the end.

Monsters A to Z
Illustrated children's book about the alphabet. Each letter has a picture of a monster starting with the letter with a page about what the monster does and sometimes why this monster reminded the writer of them.
Jingrel I liked the best because of the shiny trinkets connection.
Quite unique shapes for the monsters. Author's other works are highlighted at the end of the book.

Meet The Brachiosaurus: Fun Facts & Cool Pictures (Meet The Dinosaurs)  Fun Facts & Cool Pictures
Illustrated colorful children's book about the Brachiosaurus dinosaur. This book is filled with a lot of facts. Starts out with how to properly say the word.
States the things that are the same with other dinosaurs and a bunch more that make them unique to other groups.
Interesting facts about what they eat and where they traveled to over time from things left on earth to trace them.
Chapters start out with a question and the section answers it with a bunch of facts that are interesting to learn about.
Their babies and the movies and internet games they appeared in are also discussed.

Children's colorful illustrated book about the things to try to get to sleep. Their grandmother had told them to try to count sheep. They had tossed and turned and moved the pillow around.
He started counting them as they crossed the bridge in the sky til one green one stopped...He helps them cross and they help him...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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